Top 5 Best Critical Cycles Review and Buying Guideline In 2019 Review

Unless you have done it before, choosing a reliable critical cycle can be very confusing and tricky. Here, you don’t just choose the first critical cycle you find, otherwise, you may end up regretting making that purchase in the future. So, searching for a classic and professional critical cycle that comes with a sturdy design and extra highlights is never simple. Certainly, that needs an accurate and precise understanding of your best type of cycle, which you’ll be happy while riding it. However, till when you comprehend what you need to ride can you discover the excellent match of your brand-new critical cycle. You may require a cycle for touring, training, commuting, or even for your everyday rides within the town. Additionally, you may go for more hardy cycles which can support with ease the complex terrain, bumps, roots, dirt, and grass which comes with it.

#1. Original-Fixed-Gear

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Bicycle, India Matte BlackBabylon Gold, 47cmX-Small

The Original-Fixed-Gear is a lightweight, stylish and swift one-speed road bike that’s amazing for both attacking the city streets and the leisurely rides within the neighbourhood. This cycle features an adjustable flip-flop back hub that lets you instantly switch from fixed gear to enjoy a connected experience on the road to a free-wheel to appreciate cruising and coasting.

In addition, it includes a long-lasting, completely Tig-welded top tensile steel structure and fork that’s constructed to last and the front alloy double pivot brakes that facilitate quick stopping. Another feature is the 40-mm deep-dish wheels having Thickslick 700 by 28C tires giving you exceptional contact and control on the road. On top of that, there’s a drome saddle that gives you a blend of style and comfort. This cycle ships while 90% assembled and is available in 7 sizes not to mention the manufacturer’s guarantee on components and the frame.

#2. Retrospec Cub

Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike No Pedal Bicycle

Retrospec Cub is crafted using sheer will to cultivate confidence into your kids while allowing them to master balance and the bike riding. In addition, it includes steps-through and foot-to-the-floor frame design, which makes it pretty convenient and easy for your children to ride gaining added confidence. Moreover, this Critical Cycle includes a hassle-free minimal assembly, maintenance-free and air-free tires that don’t go flat and also a CPSC compliant for affirming your kid’s protection and safety. This amazing mini cycle improves coordination and the balance of your kid at important developmental stages, helping them to get seamless progress towards a pedal cycle.

#3. Retrospec Chatham

Retrospec Chatham Men's Beach Cruiser

This is an eye-catching and affordable beach cruiser that provides the rider with a classic and simplistic style. Whether you stay in the outskirts or near the beach, this cycle will surely feel wonderful and have the appearance you’ve perpetually wanted. Featuring broad tires, this impressive bike comes with soft foam grips and wide saddle to enable your riding to be sufficiently comfortable having not to worry about stiffness and back or neck injuries. Furthermore, this bike is outfitted with a nice coaster brake unit, for convenient braking and optimum maneuverability of your bike.

#4. Harper -Speed

Retrospec Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

Surely, this happens to the ideal cycle for a rider who needs a fixie’s sleek style and outstanding efficiency of a ride. It comes with a top-notch tig-welded, hand-built, top-tensile power steel frame that absorbs any bumps on the road not to mention that it’s as long-lasting as possible. It features 30-mm deep-v rims, KMC chain, Kenda commuter tires, 2-sets of brakes and VP freestyle pedals and every of the component needed to experience an uncompromised and smooth ride. This bike has a net weight of 220-lbs.

#5. Retrospec Beaumont

This features a lightweight and hand-constructed step-through steel frame form having an elevated riding position intended for leisurely riding, urban commuting and exercise. This bike is furnished with RevoShift shifters for twist and Shimano seven-speed drivetrain to provide you with ultimate precision, control and speed. It also comes with top-notch rear and front direct pull brakes for keeping you secure and in good control of your riding all the time. Included also is the Kenda 700 by 35C tires that are able to grip the ground to always enjoy a sure-footed and smooth ride. The cycle comes 85% assembled and with instructions and assembly tools so that you can comfortably finish assembling your bike!


Clearly, there are endless options for critical cycles on the market today. These cycles are popular for their convenience and value they offer to you as a user. That said, you can choose one from the above-mentioned critical cycles for your outdoor pursuits and you’ll be assured of quality, classic and convenient riding experience. In other words, if you’re searching for a beautiful and classy cycle, then go for one of these Critical Cycles and you’ll never regret.