Top 5 Best Android Auto Head Unit Detail Guideline and Reviews

The head unit is an important part of any car’s stereo system. It’s the most visible section of your car. Top-notch-quality Android head unit is responsible of how other individuals see your car’s audio system. Nevertheless, choosing the ideal stereo for your car may be a mountain to climb because there are countless brands in the market and mostly they are identical. So, to pick the best head unit, you require taking some factors into consideration. One factor should be the Pre-Amp Outputs which is the signal amount you’ll get before it’s amplified. You may adjust this output to the taste you like for a quality listening experience. Another factor is power. You require buying a powerful head unit in case you want a car stereo which sounds powerful. Thus the more powerful head is, the better the overall output.

You should also consider the usability. This is how proper the whole thing suits into its position just like you desire it to. Pick the stereo which is able to make your system of entertainment wonderful for use, in relation to your choice. In addition, the efficiency of use is also important. A nice head unit ought to be efficient to use. Therefore, don’t purchase a fancy design which will require you much more than needed to understand how to run it. Finally, you shouldn’t forget about good display. Consider the double-DIN-head-units as they possess a bigger display than the single-DIN-head-units.

#1. Pioneer AVH-3300NEX

This unit comes with a Bluetooth audio streaming and hands-free calling functionalities. It also features an interface that is highly adoptable for the user customization. It includes a straightforward and beautiful design, which is simple when it comes to maneuvering the UI. Additionally, it supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This is a solid system that just functions and was structured decently from the beginning supporting both CD and DVD.

#2. Kenwood Excelon

This is another auto head that offers outstanding audio quality which totally can’t compare to any other system. Just like the above Android auto head, this one too supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It provides the user with a Wi-Fi, HD radio and Bluetooth. Many users have given a positive feedback owing to the fact that this item is wireless Android Auto, waze ready and Apple CarPlay. Others on their reviews were very happy with its in-built HD Radio, WiFi and Bluetooth functionalities that come in handy.

#3. Sony XAV-AX5000

This device comes with Apple CarPlay feature which is a secure way to utilize the iPhone in your car. Just interact with Siri and send or receive texts, directions from AppleMaps, do phone calls, listen to voicemail and music all in a manner that lets you stay concentrated on the highway. Android Auto feature that allow you bring Android comfortability in your car. Simply, plug-in through USB and appreciate everything from Google maps to Google apps and Touchscreen receiver. You can enjoy Android Auto’s functionalities by voice or touch command and make or receive your phone calls, enjoy your best music with less interruption and intrusion for you to drive safely. With Bluetooth feature, you can enjoy hands-free audio streaming and calling. It has a screen size of 6.95″ and back-up camera input that lets you add a rear facing camera which can help with back visibility, parking or towing.

#4. Android-7-Car-Stereo

This one includes the latest android 7 Operating System and strong Handware. It has an in-built A9 Qd. Core that’s 1.6 GHz CPU, Wi-Fi, Mali400Mp2 GPU, Bluetooth and GPS module. It comes with a great multimedia core and a top-end navigation unit on your vehicle. This stereo supports DVD/CD playing, USB drive having double USB ports, SD card having double SD card port not forgetting phone mirroring. In addition, there are numerous ways through which you can share your video and music. This is your ideal help for driving as it do OBD II scaner which is purchased independently, support reverse camera input, control of the steering wheel & the dash cam recording. It also supports AGPS and GPS navigation.

#5. Alpine iLX-207

This is a digital media receiver that comes with FM/AM plus High Definition radio tuners but without CD player. With Alpine iLX-2017 you’ll be able to appreciate integrated Siri, phone calls, maps, music, and applications. It’s built with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for additional wireless functionalities. It features a 7’’ VGA display that comes with an in-built touchscreen. It’s additionally SiriusXM Bluetooth and satellite radio ready.


Sometimes, you may find yourself overwhelmed with so many Android auto head units available on various types, brands and models. Making the wrong pick of this unit may cost you time, cash, and likewise greatly affect your car’s sound system. So, it’s important to ensure you do sufficient research prior to spending your cash on any Android head unit. But, you must know that the ideal head unit is going to provide you with double screen height to realize better navigation. Surely, above-listed Android head units will help you simplifying your selection. The 5 among the most well-known Android car head units accessible in the market presently included in this review would really assist you to buy your best unit.