Top 5 best solar powered cell phone chargers in 2019 review

Are you looking for solar powered chargers? You have finally reached the right spot. A solar charger can control your phone and any gadget that uses a USB module. Read our Solar Charger Audits to find out which one works best for you.

Here some of the best  solar powered cell phone chargers

# 1. DizauL solar powered cell phone chargers

Solar Charger, Dizaul 5000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank WaterproofShockproofDustproof Dual USB Battery Bank for Cell Phone, Samsung, Android Phones, Windows Phones, GoPro Camera, GPS and More

This is the solar powered battery charger that I have selected, and I was extremely pleased with its performance. It has dual USB ports that are protected from water and earth with elastic tips. The Dizaul weighs just 2.5 pounds, so he does not add much weight to my pack, and he can cut himself on the lashes of my bag so he can charge while climbing.

Charging a smartphone takes about two hours. The Dizaul loads best in solid sunlight on. Once you’re back on the network, it takes six to seven hours for the AC to turn on. A single word of caution, make sure that you do not leave this or a lithium particle-powered object in a hot vehicle, as this can definitely reduce the battery charge.

The Dizaul is our best choice for the best charger for solar cell phones due to the various positive buyer audits and environmentally friendly materials.

# 2. Flynn tech solar powered cell phone chargers

Portable Solar Charger - Solar Powerbank – Portable 10,000mah Charger - Best Waterproof Solar Charger for Phones, USB devices, Tablets & MP3 PLayers - For Indoor & Outdoor Use - Compass inc

It is safe to say that you are fascinated by climbing, outdoors and travel in general? This power bank is perfect for you to keep your phone or other gadget turned on while moving, as constant sunlight gives these devices unyielding intensity.

With this solar charger you can charge your phone immediately, and the battery is delivered 100% reliable. An inherent flashlight encourages you to meet double night light needs and shows you the power bank’s state of charge.

This convenient solar charger is designed for outdoor campers and is prepared to meet all capacity requirements with your 10,000 mAh battery and minimal solar board. The included short-circuit insurance extends the battery life and prevents gadgets from being cheated or overheated during connection.

Strong against solidification and against high and low temperatures, humidity and other climatological problems; Since it is a green product, it loses its vitality from the sun itself, and thus no waste is delivered

The best choice for a compact charger for your phone is the fact that it maintains the wired charging connection while charging with remote control is beneficial. In addition, because it is waterproof and solid, it can withstand rain, falls, high humidity and even water fog!

# 3. BigBlue solar powered cell phone chargers

BigBlue Solar Battery Charger 20000mAh IPX4 Waterproof Dual USB Ports Emergency Solar Powered Charger with 6 LED Light Fast Charging for Cellphone Tablet and More Devices (Black)

This one has  Sun power battery that can be revived by solar or power outlet. However, the solar charge is not recommended as a major source of energy since it depends on sunlight flow and board rate of change, which can result in a long charging time. Includes both cheat and short-out insurances to protect you and the charger.

Mainly comfortable configuration. You can easily balance the backpack with the included snare on the backpack without having to hurry your hands. The waterproof and dustproof IPX4 highlights make it perfect

# 4. Elzle solar powered cell phone chargers

15000mAh Solar Charger with Cigarette Lighter, Elzle Solar Power Bank Dual USB Backup Battery Pack Charger, Outdoor Solar External Battery Charger with 2 Led Flashlight for Smart Phone, More

Made from solid and robust rain spray and shock proofing, this versatile solar charging cradle is durable, dust-proof and has metal snare for all hands, or it can be placed anywhere on the backpack.

It has built-in cigarette lighter capacity: it is exceptional for a smoker. The cigarette lighter can discolor a sheet of paper or paper without much stretching, and this would be valuable on the field if you did not have a lighter.

In the meantime, you can charge two devices with 2 USB ports. The solar charger provides incredible accommodations for you and your companions who need charging facilities.

# 5. Nectack solar powered cell phone chargers

Nekteck 14W Solar Charger with 2-Port USB Charger Build with High efficiency Solar Panel Cell for iPhone 6s 6 Plus, SE, iPad, Galaxy S6S7 Edge Plus, Nexus 5X6P, any USB devices, and more

Utilizing the intensity of two powerful solar boards, the Nekteck 14W Solar Charger is your next companion when you’re away from home. Just travel with the charger’s bungee circuits connected to your backpack. Dual USB activation ports allow two devices to resuscitate instantly with an extreme 2 amps yield current. No matter where you go, the Nectack solar powered cell phone chargers will be ready for you.

SmartIC Technology is the latest charger that has its own microchip that honors the gadget connected via USB PIN signals, yielding full power and full charge speed. Not all charging ports are equivalent. Standard ports charge Apple or Android gadgets at full speed. With the Smart IC innovation, each port identifies your gadget sharply, trying to boost acceleration to 2.0 A per port or 2 A in general.

Our last note about this review

The above solar powered cell phone chargers are what can save on your go. Choose the one that suits your needs