Top 5 Best Fitbits for Swimming in 2019 Review

Swimming needs one that is prepared well before getting yourself in a mess. Fitbits are therefore necessary for you when swimming. Currently, the best Fitbit in the market is Fitbit Charge 3, Fitbit Flex 2 and many others that will be previewed here as the best Top 5 Fitbit for Swimming.
They are perfect picks for one who is new, casual exercisers with all the best value that are required for functionality. If you are one of the interested people looking for a smart watch, then Fitbit addresses most of the problems that you may encounter when swimming.
Here are the Top 5 Best Fitbit for Swimming.

#1.Fitbit Charge 3

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The Fitbit charge 3 is the most recommended one because of its designs that are blended, and attractive. Its display is bigger, and have more of information as compared to others. It is made to be water resistant and thus at a bigger rate recommended for swim tracking. However, its battery life has been improved hence giving you an assurance to stay for long.
If you like expensive and attractive fitness trackers, running watches, then your choice is right here and made readily available for you in the market. Compare the price which is cheaper than other Fitbit, thus it usually fits your economical needs at all cost. If you are in need of one, don’t hesitate just go for Fitbit Charge 3.

#2. Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2, Black (US Version)

This is an improvement of the original Fitbit Flex that is designed to be small and you can wear it as a pendant in an optional accessory necklace. It is more improved over water resistance thus best swimming. It is fitted with an in-built lap that is made to count. It also made with an automatic recognition exercise, and a great battery.
It is made in a Sleeker design that makes it Comfortable to wear all the times, materials that are Waterproof thus it is recommended for swimming. This means that the battery will stay long since it is waterproofed.

#3. Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, Black, Large (International Version)

It is also an improvement of the original charge that was available then as Charge-HR with its standard model Charge. This is a reason to improve its rate of working, monitor which has standards that are made to simplify things. The improvements have been quite a number which includes; a larger display that allows greater at glance of information, interchangeable bands that allow easy dressing up of charge 2.
Its Built-in GPS is lacking, however, it has connected with GPS that usually use your phone where necessary, The Charge 2 provide also a Cardio-Fitness Level score that is based on y VO2 Max. It is a useful metric that gauges your fitness and has a way of keeping your tabs on progress. It has new additional features, a Breathe mode, that is designed to make you relax when swimming. It is also water-resistance thus a recommended one for swimming.

#4. Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta Smart Fitness Activity Tracker, Slim Wearable Water Resistant and Sleep Monitor, Wireless Bluetooth Pedometer Wristband for Android and iOS, Step Counter and Calorie Counter Watch

As same Flex 2, the Fitbit-Alta HR covers largely the basics in terms of tracking activities. This Alta HR has been updated from Alta version that adds a heart monitor rate without sacrificing its small form. It is made of discreet design, leather options, interchangeable strap, and stainless body made of steel. It is fixed with an OLED display that makes you view your statistical data in your wrist directly, with additional smartphone notifications.

Its most added feature includes; Sleep Insights, Sleep Stages that uses the heart monitor rate and accelerometer data that enhances your track when in sleep mode. These features make it appear attractive and with its additional waterproof materials, thus, it is the best choice for you.

#5. Fitbit Ionic

Montre Sport Fitbit Ionic Gris Graphite

As far as the Fitbit Ionic is to be considered, it appears with all full-fledged smart watches. With this type of Fitbit Ionic, you will have the best of your tracking activities well done. It is also made to be lightweight and comfortable all the times you have it on your wrist, Solid exercise tracking which includes swimming, sleep tracking and typical Fitbit activity. Made also of gorgeous screen that makes it attractive and colorful. Its battery is Impressive and long-lasting.


Many of these devices have been designed for casual gym and swimmers. This means that they are fine for the majority casual joggers, and most preferred for swimmers. Their functionality is made to fit the condition at which they are used for, featured are improved to give you an assurance of its performance.

As we can see above-discussed product bears all materials being waterproof, thus they fit your need and you need not to worry when swimming thus if you are in this category, just get yourself the best Fitbit that at the same time is readily available.