Best Digital Tire Pressure Gauges of 2019 Review

If you craving for quality tire gauges, you should invest in the digital pressure gauges. It is a worthy addition to your garage and your car service will be a lot easier. Digital tire pressure gauges give great inflation to your tire for optimum service.

A properly managed tire pressure gives you good mileage, improves efficiency in fuel consumption, and a stable ride.

Here we put together a list of 5 great digital tire pressure gauges to choose from. It is definitely worth investing in one of these devices.

#1. TEKTON5941 DigitalTire Gauge

TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge, 100 PSI

Tekton 5941 is one of the best digital tire devices and our favorite pick for our list. It is user-friendly even in poor lighting, this device will serve you well. It is fitted with a lighted nozzle and a display screen for this purpose.

The Tekton digital gauge is fitted with a push button, that turns the units on and off automatically. This feature shuts off the device if it remains inactive for more than 30 seconds. This allows you to save on your batteries.

The gauge is fitted with a non-slip surface for a perfect firm grip. It also has an ergonomic design making it an easy fit in the hand. These two features make the Tekton 5941 not only effective but also convenient to use. The product does not have a warranty package but is a very affordable price.

#2. AccutireMS-4021B Digital Tire PressureGauge

Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

The Accutire MS 4021B is a hardcore digital gauge with amazing features. The gauge is a strong construction that has a firm rubber-coated handle. The head of this pressure gauge is angled. The rubber handle allows for an easy grip.

This pressure gauge is fitted with a large LCD display that is easy to read. This is a great feature to look out for when shopping for a good digital pressure gauge. This is important for readability, convenience, and accuracy.

The Accutire MS-4021B is affordable price compared to other pressure gauges whereas it performs as well as a heavy-duty machine. Its rugged design is an added advantage to give it a long life. It is also fitted with the automatic shut off feature. The gauge does not come with a warranty.

#3. Astro3018 Digital TireInflator

Astro 3018 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge and Inflator with Stainless Steel Braided Hose

Astro 3018 Digital Tire Inflator is an easy-to-use device that serves as both a pressure gauge and an inflator. It is highly priced price but it is worth every penny paid. It has amazing features that include the provision to observe and adjust pressure during the pumping process.

The Astro 3018is is fitted with a tire pressure monitoring system that allows maximum accuracy and an easy to change chuck system. The monitoring systems enable you to make accurate readings. It displays BAR, PSI and KG measurements.

It has two positions levers. One position deflates the tires whereas the second one inflates. Its large LCD face is backlit and portrays a clear digital readout. Moreover, its sleeve is covered with rubber for durability and comfortable use. The product has a limited warranty for defective parts.

#4. MichelinMN-12279 DigitalProgrammableTire Gauge

Measurement Limited Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Gauge with Light

MichelinMN-12279 DigitalProgrammable Tire Gauge is a medium priced Michelin product that offers you much more than its cost. The pressure gauge sells price. It is one of the best pressure gauges to have at your garage.

This programmable device is easy to use for both professionals and amateurs. It is equipped with a white led flashlight and comes with a storage pouch. Its display resolution is convenient at a 0.1-PSI and great accuracy of +/- 1% plus 0.5 PSI.

The gauge also retains setting once made. You can program both the rear and the front to your desired pressure and it will remain set until you change it yourself. Its grip is lined with rubber for a soft but firm grip. It comes with a limited warranty.

#5. AccutireMS-48B Digital

Measurement Limited Accutire MS-48B Digital Combination Tire Thread Depth Gauge and Tire Pressure Gauge

The Accutire MS-488 Digital is also an impressive digital multi-functional device. This Accutire gauge does not only measure the gauge but also it measures the depth of the tire thread. Its feature makes this gauge the best choice to maintain a great tire condition.

The Accutire MS-488 gauge measures the tread depth of the tire up to 32 inches. It measures ranges of 0 to 19/32 and an additional 1/32 inches increment. The device is fitted with an easy to view, extra-large digital display unit.

The gauge measures a maximum of 99-PSI air pressure. It is has a unique color bar that notifies you when you need to replace your tire pressure. It is surprisingly affordable at a low price for such an amazing device. It has a limited warrant for specific parts and mechanical malfunctions.