Top 10 Best Wireless Fast Chargers For Samsung Note 8 2019 Review

As for Apple, wireless smartphone charging is the latest, greatest feature in the mobile world. And it happens to be something that Samsung has long been perfecting in its exquisite line of Galaxy smartphones.

The latest in Samsung’s Galaxy flagship is the Note 8 that shoulders the rich legacy powering the characteristic wireless fast charging capabilities featured earlier in the Galaxy S8, and the finest wireless chargers available in the market today are compatible with both the old and the new Samsung smartphones, alike!

Here’s a sneak peek into the top 10 best wireless fast chargers for Samsung Note 8, but before we do that, let’s understand what wireless charging is and how it actually works – the idea sure sounds scintillating.

Fundamentally, wireless charging makes use of electromagnetic fields for safely transferring power from a source (the transmitter) to a device (the receiver) for wirelessly charging a battery. As the name indicates, wireless chargers work with no physical connection required.

Wireless charging comes in two different flavors: built-in wireless charging like that in the Galaxy S6, or a supplementary option where the wireless charging feature can be added to an existing smartphone through a wireless charging kit, much like the Wireless Charging S-View case available for Samsung Galaxy S5.

Inductive charging is the future. You still need to plug the charger into the wall through an AC adaptor, but you no longer need to plug something into your cell phone.

The feature-rich, future-ready charging system

Why choose wireless chargers for your smartphone? In essence, wireless charging offers advantages more than one.

Choosing a wireless charger for your smartphone makes sense. With the amount datafication that’s carried out by us through our smartphone day in day our gorges over the device batter rather quickly. And with 5G in the vision for 2018, the amount of datafication will multiply, meaning we consume, collect, diffuse chunks and larger chunks of data through messaging apps, social networking, app updates, installs, chats, etc. through our device. The GPS and Internet, itself, is a big data and battery killer.

Therefore, no doubt we need more power and faster charging. Though turbocharging and storage tanks are also handy alternatives to keep you backed up with enough power, they still need a cable.

Most new smartphone variants come with built-in wireless charging capabilities and you need not purchase an additional adaptor or charging case.

With that in consideration, wireless chargers are, for sure, worthy candidates, particularly when wireless charging pads come at attractive prices.

Another advantage is that you can use the same pad to charge all your conceivable devices.

How to choose the right wireless charger for my smartphone?

Given the number of options available, choosing the right wireless charger can be quite a task. However, it doesn’t have to be more difficult.

The thumb rule: buy the one with a cost you can afford and a design you fancy. Chargers available under the wireless label are generally of two type, stands, and pads. The pads’ are a good option for nighttime charging where you can simply lay down your device as you drift to sleep. Just ensure it doesn’t have too flashy and overwhelming LED that can play a spoilsport for light sleepers.

If you tend to spend most of your time at a desk, then stands’ is a better choice as you can simply prop up your smartphone so that you can see its screen.

Other features to consider include:

  • Grip: A rubber ring in the pad can ensure your device doesn’t accidentally slip around.
  • Coils: It needs just a single coil to charge your device, but you’ll notice some wireless charges with touting 3 or 2 coils. What’s the benefit? Much to your surprise, it has nothing to do with the charging speed, multi-coil wireless charges simply provide more space so that you need not be specific while trying to lay down your device.
  • Smart LEDs: Not every charging pad is nightstand-friendly. If you need a nightstand type of charger, ensure the LED is bearable for light sleepers.

Now that we are a whole lot familiar with the concept of wireless charging or inductive charging, let’s have a look at the top 10 best wireless fast chargers for Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

#1. CHOETECH Qi Certified T511 Qi Wireless Charger Pad


The CHOETECH Qi is a pretty handy wireless charging pad that flaunts several exciting features, such as an embedded anti-slip rubber. The ad is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and several another line of Galaxy variants, as well as all Qi-enabled devices.

The device offers smart charging which starts as soon as you rest your mobile on it. With just 0.3in thickness, it offers the premium appearance and absolute ease of use.


An integrated safety charging smart chip is there to avoid overvoltage, short-circuit or overheating.


The LED is a bit bright and troublesome with all its flashes, meaning you might just need to bandage it to not disturb your sleep.

#2. Samsung Qi Certified Fast Charge Wireless Charger

The charming universal blue-black Samsung Qi-certified wireless charger is hot, fast and favorite. Its micro USB inductive charging is backed by the trust of WPC (Wireless Power Consortium). It’s compatible with Note 8 and a wide range of devices that are Qi-enabled.

Its characteristic multi-colored LED halo gets a drift due to its pleasing brightness and luminosity, coupled with the obvious feature that indicates the charging status.


Sleek, attractive and portable design makes it apt for use in multiple locations


It’s fast as compared to various other available alternates; however, standard fast charging feature is not compatible with all devices.

#3. Seneo X Wireless Charger


The superfast Seneo X needs no AC Adapter and is one of the most versatile wireless chargers with the chic, sleek and elegant design. It lives up to the expectations and provides relatively faster charging than most of the other devices under the said price option.

It works well with Note 8 and all Qi-enabled devices.

The Seneo is tremendously easy to use. Seneo wireless charger turns blue for 2 seconds when connected to the power source, and turns green and stays that when it starts to charge your phone.


  • Sleek metal design that resists scratching and looks shiny at all times.
  • Fast means fast. The Seneo is up to 1.5x faster in terms of charging your device as compared to other wireless chargers at that price tag.


  • Consumers a little more power, but not high enough perhaps to be considered as over-consumption. A little overpriced, perhaps, but does the job anyway.

#4. Wireless Charger, Yootech

It’s a budget wireless charging device.  it offers a no-adapter superfast (visibly faster) charging and a high degree of compatibility with a wide range of Samsung devices conceivable for wireless charging, atop other Qi-enabled smartphones.

The youth wireless charger is compatible with most types of cases such as rubber case, tough armor case, plastic/TPU/PC case, hybrid case, etc.


Cost-efficient limitless charging experience. Decent 18-month warranty.


Slightly slower than Apple OEM charger, but completely in sync with the Note 8.

#5. Zizo Wireless Charger

The Zizo Wireless Charger offers convenient charging at a decent speed. The luminous easy-mild LED lighting indicates the charging status.

Its main USP is the sleek, slim and appealing look that appears chic and hardly takes up much space on your table or desk. Built-in Anti-Slip rubber grid prevents your smartphone from slipping off.


Sleek, slim design and great customer service in case you need to set up, troubleshoot or seek warranty for your charger.


The cable you need to connect with the adapter for wireless charging of your device is a touch short. Rest all looks fine.

#6. Samsung Qi Certified Wireless Charging Pad

Next on our list is an OEM product, the Samsung Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Pad which has been built robustly and continuously improvised by Samsung to compete with most third-party wireless charging devices.

With this modish accessory, you can easily charge your Qi-enabled devices and compatible Galaxy smartphones such as the Note 8, as well as the iPhone, without plugging in your device to a USB port.

The device makes the most of Qi Inductive Charging Technology, looks elegant with that characteristic blue-grey finish metal design by Samsung with matches the tone and rhyme of your smartphone.


The dependability of being an OEM product by Samsung, which means long durability, fast customer support, and easy replacement.


Hardly any, until the cost is not a trouble for you.

#7. Kroma Wireless Charging Pad

Kroma is a pocket-friendly wireless charger that offers decent charging speed and consumes relatively lower power, with its 2A power adapter, as compared to other similar devices.

Portable, durable and lightweight, Kroma is the perfect way to eradicate the irritation of wires in your on-the-go life.


Lightweight and supersaver device.


Not-so-stylish look and uninspiring customer support.

#8. Cubevit X Wireless Charger

The Cubevit wireless charging stand is tailor-made for your Note 8 device with its impeccable Qi power inductive charging. As with most stand chargers, it looks great and attractive on your desk, takes up less space, and makes sure you can see your smartphone’s screen while it’s charging in case of important calls, messages or notifications.

The stability and coil performance of the Cubevit are its salient features. It’s not just durable and robust, but hardly over-consumes over and provides a fast charging experience.


The QI fast charger stand flaunts built-in under-voltage, over-voltage, surge protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature control system that safeguards your device, and prevents dangerous accidents!


Does not provide fast charging experience with the iPhone or with several other wireless charging conceivable devices. No recorded malfunction or miss-function, however, is available as of now for its performance with the Galaxy Note 8.

#9. PLESON Fast Wireless Charger Cell

The PLESON offers superfast charging on almost all compatible devices and is certainly one of the coolest wireless smartphone chargers that offer a medley of high performance, extensive compatibility and attractive price. It’s a stand-in charger and is sure a decent pick if you spend most of your time on a desk or in office.


Extensive and durable compatibility with almost all types of cases, including rubber case, hybrid case, tough armor case, plastic/TPU/PC cases, etc.


Doesn’t support metallic cases

#10. Belkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Whether inductive or whatever, wireless means wireless. And who can underestimate or remain unaware of the dominance the big Belkin brand has on things like wireless networks, protocols, and a wide range of wireless devices based on one or the other technology. Belkin Qi-enabled charging page certainly stands apart from the contest with its just 1-amp output for evidently fast charging and a high degree of compatibility with all wireless charging conceivable devices.

It’s a pad-charging device with portable, silky-smooth finish and stylish look, and comes along with wall adapter as well as micro-USB-to-USB cable.


Superfast charging, portable design, the Belkin dependability, and enough space to rest your smartphone onto carelessly.

Soft charging pad avoids your device from scratching and slipping off.


Hardly any, until that cost is in your range.

The Bottom Line

Wireless charging is the future for smartphones. With numerous available options at varying prices, choosing the best fit might seem difficult. As a thumb rule, you must look to choose a product you can afford and a design you desire.

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