Top 3 Best Window Fans 2019 Review

Are you tired of clingy and suffocating rooms? Are you looking for an affordable solution to increase the ventilation in your rooms? Rather than looking at the structure of the rooms or the shape and size of the rooms, it is the time that you look at the option of window fans. The fans can easily increase the amount of ventilation in any room. They can cause the flow of air which would replenish the room with fresh air and increase the ventilation in the room. If you go to buy a window fan online, you will find numerous options online. Among these options, you have to select the one which would be best for your needs.

We would now go into the details of Top 3 Best Window Fans 2019 Review to provide you with the correct choice for the window fan.

#1. Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan

If you’re looking for dual blade fan, this is one of the perfect options for you. Owing to this very reason, the amount of ventilation which it provides is also more.

Some of the features of this fan include:

Dual operation:

As we stated above, this fan consists of dual fans. This ensures that the ventilation provided is also double.

Different speed settings:

You have 2-speed settings to choose from. Thus, you would be able to choose it according to the temperature.

Reversing the direction of air:

You can also use it as a resource to fan as well.

Water resistant water:

The fan comes with a water resistant motor which ensures that it is highly durable.

Easy to fit:

The dual fans are designed in such a way that they can fit into the various window frames quite easily.


  • Dual fans
  • Two different speed settings
  • Reversing the airflow possible
  • Water resistant motor
  • Covers a larger area


  • Improper Fitting
  • Fitting Clips might be needed

#2. Avalon Twin Window Fan

The next window fan on our list is also dual Blade window fan. Thus, you can easily cover a larger area as well. The features which this particular window fan provides are more as compared to the earlier one.

Some of the features of this dual blade fan are:

Different speed settings:

This dual blade fan provides you with 3 different speed settings to choose from.

Reversing the flow:

You can reverse the airflow with the flick of a button and you would be able to use it as an exhaust fan as well.

Thermostat available:

This fan also comes with a thermostat with temperatures between 60F to 80F. This ensures that you are able to easily control the temperature.

LED lights:

The indicators are in the form of LED lights. This makes it easier for you to track the airflow as well as the temperature and also the other settings.

Double mortars:

For the 2 fans, there are 2 different motors. This ensures that you are able to get higher power in this particular fan.


  • Dual motors
  • Dual fans
  • Reverse the airflow possible
  • Easy LED indicators
  • Thermostat included

#3.Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan

The best fan on our list is again a dual blade fan.

Some of the features of this fan include:


This fan comes with remote control. This would ensure that you are able to control it easily from your sitting space rather than always walking towards the fan.

Controlling the direction of airflow:

With the remote control, you would also be able to control the direction of the airflow.

Different speed settings:

You can choose between 3 different speed settings.

The thermostat can be programmed:

The programmable thermostat makes it easier for you to set the temperature.

LED indicators:

The LED indicators offer you a direct glimpse into the settings of the fans.


  • Programmable thermostat
  • 3 different speed options
  • Remote-controlled operation
  • Can reverse the airflow
  • Clear LED indicators

Owing to a large number of options which are available, this can be a pretty confusing task. We would today not only provide you with a guide to choosing the right window fan but also share with you the Top 3 Best Window Fans 2019 Review to make your decision much easier.

What is a window fan? Why should you buy one?

A window fan is a fan which is designed in such a way that it can easily fit into the frame of the window. This ensures that you do not have to hang it from the ceiling or make any other elaborate preparation in order to install the fan. The window fans also are pretty small which ensures that they would not occupy a lot of space in your room and neither they would require elaborate arrangements.

In order to ventilate your room and to bring the temperature down to affordable levels, window fans have become more of a necessity. Installation of the ceiling fan is pretty cumbersome and requires a lot of arrangements to be done whereas if you’re looking at the option of a window fan, it is pretty easy to install it.

Owing to this very reason, you should opt for a window fan.

How to pick the best window fan?

When choosing the window fan, you have to look at a few options before selecting the window fan. In addition to that, there are a few factors which you have to look at, like:

Dimensions of the Window fan:

Since it would be installed directly in the window, it is important to look into the dimensions. You have to coincide with the dimensions of the window and you have to decide the position of the fan in the frame of the window. Once you are able to do that, it becomes easier for you to understand whether that is compatible with the window frame or not.

The power of the fan:

There is always a power rating of the fan or the area which it can cover. You have to look at this area and compare it with the room in which you are installing.

Single fan or dual fan:

When you’re looking at the window fans, you would be able to find the option of the dual fans. If you’re having the larger room, the dual fans might become necessary.

Once you are able to look into these 3 aspects, it becomes easier for you to shortlist the right type of window fans for your room.


When you’re looking for a window fan, instead of just browsing through the different options and being entirely confused, just follow the options given in our Top 3 Best Window Fans 2019 Review and you would be able to find the best one.