Top 5 Best Waterproof Bike Trunk Bag In 2019 Review

When you go cycling, there’s no need to carry loads on your back. Ensuring that your bicycle is installed with a waterproof bike trunk bag makes it convenient to ride while taking heavy luggage. They moreover, aid to counter back pains and other discomforts connected to carrying weighty packs on your back. Bicycle trunk presently is famous among cyclists because they’re perfect for making commuting and touring enjoyable. When searching for the most ideal cycling trunk bag, check out for design, the construction material, capacity and other additional enhancements. To make your riding smooth and memorable, you require a powerful bike trunk bag. The below reviewed are the top 10 best waterproof bike trunk bags in 2019 review.

#1. ArcEnCiel-Water-Resistant-Bicycle-Rear-Seat-Double-Pannier-Bag

Unquestionably, having high-quality luggage carrying bags set up in your bicycle spares you a lot of troubles. The ArcEnCiel double bike trunk bags are made to do away with all your problems associated with carrying a heavy load when riding. Built from extra-heavy-duty canvas, these bags are wear and shock resistant and also waterproof. Unlike other accessible trunk bags, these are trunk bike bigs with sizes to accommodate 45L. Thus, best even for more plentiful sized loads with a weight of up to 130-pounds. Fitting these bags is simple with flexible straps and improved with a holder on top for simple carrying. Reflective strips put on the sides guarantee secure riding during the night and includes a rain cover.

#2. Kolo-Sports Multi-Use Durable-and-Waterproof-Nylon-Bag

When searching for a waterproof bicycle trunk bag, acquiring this multipurpose unit is a wonderful deal. If you’re in the search for such a bike bag, Kolo-Sports happens to be an outstanding pack that can be utilized in a variety of pursuits. It can function as a normal bag and similarly be installed on a bike to be utilized as a pannier. It includes an ergonomic design which makes it ideal for hanging in the bicycle minus affecting your cycling experience. In addition, this bag has multiple pockets that are great for putting a variety of belongings. The construction appreciates durability because of the premium nylon that is strong and waterproof. The unisex design causes this trunk bag ideal for both all individuals and excellent gift.

#3. COTEetCI-Bicycle-Rear-Seat-Carrier-Pannier-Bags

COTEetCI Bike Bag Bicycle FrontRear Pannier Cycling Rack Pack 30L Bicycle Trunk Bag-Black

If you’re a cycling enthusiast, then, you ought not to fail to own these trunk bike bags by COLEetCl. These bags are powerful and long-lasting featuring 600D PVC design that is waterproof and tear-resistant. Consequently, you can normally depend on their long-lasting nature and the strength to accommodate heavy luggage. Including the size of 30L, its pockets are roomy and improved using U-shaped zippers for decent closure. Apart from architectural strength, the bags appreciate wonderful patterns and design not to mention retro saddle make which is classy and stylish. They are fit for any bicycle and are outfitted with reflective strips to facilitate a successful ride at night.

#4. BicycleStore Mountain-Road-MTB 25L-Bicycle-Pannier-Bags

BicycleStore 25L Mountain Road MTB Bicycle Pannier Bags with Rain Cover Bike Rear Seat Bag Luggage Pack

When riding, there’s no essence of carrying your bag on the back. What you require is a convenient trunk bag that can be utilized as a normal or even a cycle bag. This BicycleStore-25L trunk bag is an ideal selection to guarantee that all your belongings are secure and is simple to carry. Furnished with a holder at its top, carrying is simple and very comfortable. Furthermore, the retractable and adjustable rope & water bottle make mean it’s excellent for outfitting fundamental items. The endurance of this bike bag is high joined with water resistance because of the polyester construction. Broad security stripes are perfect particularly for individuals cycling at night.

#5. BlueTop Bicycle-Back-Seat-Tote-Bag-Pannier

BLUETOP Bicycle Rear Seat Rack Trunk Bag Bike Cargo Bag Bicycle Cycling Luggage Bag Shoulder Strap Bag Handbag Outdoor Travel Tote  3 Side Reflective Strip  Bottle Pocket  Strong Velcro  2 Colors

The BlueTop Bike trunk bag is a profoundly versatile bag that can be utilized as a shoulder bag, a handbag and likewise as a cycle pannier. In order to suit these activities, it’s designed with a smart design to present an artistic look. The materials utilized are water polyester to shield your belongings from the damage of water and further powerful for durability. The back and front Velcro straps enhance a quick installation and freeing hence making it a comfortable bag. Due to this, the bag may be utilized as a bike pannier and also as the normal bag at the time the bicycle is parked.


Waterproof trunk bags are great bike accessories that are perfect for individuals who love to carry loads. It doesn’t matter if or not you’re going camping, touring or commuting, they’re excellent compared to when you’re only depending on the rack. Improved with a diversity of features, they’re absolute bicycle bags to own. So, with the help of this list, you will be better equipped with the know-how during your search for the best trunk bike bag for your next pursuit.