Top 10 Best Surveillance Cameras In 2019 Reviewed

Security has become one of the most important issues today. Finding the security system that best suits your needs can be difficult. In this review, we give you the knowledge you need to choose the best surveillance cameras that keep you and your family safe. A surveillance camera is a device that records the events that occur in its field of vision and that you can see live. It allows you to monitor your family and pets, giving you a sense of control as well as being alert to any activity. Some even have the ability to control the temperature of your home thanks to the internet or send you motions alerts through text messages and emails.

#1. Blink X.T Outdoor/Indoor Home-Security Camera System

Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 3 Camera Kit - 1st Gen

You can protect your entire home thanks to Blink’s technology. This device has an excellent motion detector that will send you a short clip to alert you about what happens in your house in real-time. This wireless camera is very easy to install and you can configure it from the app that is available on iOS&Android. This system requires iOS 8.1 or Android 4.4 KitKat or higher.

#2. AmcrestProHD PTZ

Now you can be in touch with those you love the most, no matter where you are! This weatherproof camera has a premium HD 1080p quality allows you to monitor your home without any kind of problem. With this Power Over Ethernet (POE) camera, only connect it to 1 cord for both power and Ethernet. You can watch from any angle with a wide 116 rotating field of view!

#3. Netgear Arlo Camera System

The Arlo Wireless Camera System is considered one of the best surveillance cameras as it beats the traditional way to take care of your home! This system allows you to DIY security to monitor your home. This camera provides you live streaming and you can access through your phone, computer or tablet. Keep an eye on your home from any angle thanks to its 100% wire-free. It has night vision and alerts you in real-time about any movement.

#4. NETATMO Presence, Outdoor Security Camera

NETATMO is an outdoor security camera that integrates an excellent feature and it is people, car and animal detection. It offers you remote viewing and integrated smart floodlight. The Alert-Zones system allows you to select specific areas for alerts and be aware of what happens in any area of your home! You can configure this camera according to your needs and always be aware of what is happening in your house.

#5. Canary All-in-One Home Security Device

This modern device will be in charge of monitoring in real-time the temperature, humidity and air quality of your home. It connects via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Automatically arms and disarms when family members come and go. Streams live and recorded video and audio straight to your phone. This camera allows you to check up your kids and know what your pets are up to at any time, no matter where you are.

#6. EZVIZ FULL H.D 1080p Outdoor I.P PoE -System

This is one of the most complete surveillance kits. This system has four cameras that cover a view angle of 99 and offers you 8-channel NVR. The best part of this kit is that you can easily install it. The access to the channels is through an app that you can download into your phone. The cameras are weatherproof and work in temperatures between – 40 F to 140 F.

#7. Foscam FI9828P 1280x960p Weatherproof-Wireless Outdoor Security-Camera

This Wireless Outdoor Camera most important features are high-quality video and motion detection. You can monitor your properties through your phone or laptop just by an app. Do not worry about the durability of your camera because it is weatherproof! The night vision IR. light range is up to 8 meters during night time. During the daytime, the range is much larger, 20+ meters. It is an excellent choice to monitor your family or your business.

#8. Arlo Go Mobile HD Security Camera

If you are an adventurous person, this is the perfect camera! This device is an excellent travel companion that will allow you to use it in remote places where there is no access to Wi-Fi. This excellent and modern option is 100% wire-free and has 3g / 4g / LTE connectivity, night vision, weatherproof; you will also enjoy it’s 7 days cloud storage included, mobile alerts and 2-way audio.

#9. Nest Cam IQ, 2pk

If you are looking for a weatherproof smart camera this is the best choice. It has a zoom system that allows you to follow the movement. Another new tool is facial recognition; it will send you an alert when it detects someone you do not know or if your children arrive early from school. HD Talk and listen system lets you be clearly heard by people in your home no matter how far away you are and gives you 1080P HD video quality. And being one of the cheap surveillance cameras, it is also easy on the pockets.

#10. Arlo Security System – 2 Wire-Free H.D Cameras

Arlo security system offers you a wireless and discreet device that can be located anywhere on your home and it works with motion detection. You can purchase a plan that includes motion alerts & pushes notifications. It is waterproof and 100% wireless. It has night vision and records in HD quality. It can take short clips and send them through an app directly to your phone so you can be aware of everything that happens in your home.

How to choose the best product?

You should do a cost-benefit relation to find cheap surveillance cameras, keeping in mind features such as:
– Field of vision: to know how many cameras to buy.
– Resolution: allows you to have a clear image.
– Night vision: to record any activity that occurs in the dark.
– Wi-Fi capability: because it is less susceptible to being disarmed.

Finally, it is important to be aware of the technological advances and the multiple security options for your family. You should keep constant monitoring of your home that allows you to be calm anywhere.

Whether you want to go on vacation or stay several hours away from home, these tools provide you total control of your home. If you do not have a surveillance system yet, do not hesitate, is a great investment for any homeowner and your family will thank you!