Top 10 Best Sleeping Bags In 2019 Reviewed

While going on a camping or spending the night outdoors, can we think of being without sleep for the whole of the night? It is next to impossible. But just lying down on the ground can make us vulnerable to different issues like insect bites, getting wet from the damp grounds etc. For avoiding all such problems, the perfect solution for sleeping can be solved through the sleeping bags which are not only safe but also comfortable. They are also the perfect items that can be used by the children during their summer camps or at the slumber parties. List of the top 10 Sleeping Bags

#1. Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

With zips present on the left side, it will mostly fit people having a height up to 6’2”. Being imported, it is filled with 100% polyester material and the polyester cover is of diamond rip-stop. It also comes with a polyester liner. The Comfort Smart technology of Coleman ensures a durable and comfortable sleeping bag of great quality. It is specially designed for temperatures between 0 degrees to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The bottom can be unzipped for providing extra ventilation during the warmer nights.It is specially designed to keep the whole body warm. The adjustable strings help to adjust the hood comfortably around the head. The heat loss is blocked through the zipper and one gets plenty of space to move his feet.

#2. Mountaintop Lightweight Envelope/ Mummy Backpacking Camping Sleeping Bags

It is an ultralight polyester sleeping bag with 1 kg of hollow cotton filling. Individuals within the height of 6’11” can easily fit into it. It provides extra space for stretching the feet. It is comfortable during the cold weather and is ideal for dry conditions. The lowest temperature in which it can be used is 32degree F. It can be carried in the compression sack and can be machine washed. It comes with an amazing warmth-weight ratio. The professionally designed bag for hiking and camping also saves both space and weight. The adjustable straps make it easier to carry the bag. It can be folded easily due to its flexible nature.

#3. Hyke&Byke Down Sleeping Bag

It is a down sleeping bag for 0 degrees and helps to save both space and weight. The duck down filling is ultra-light and of premium quality to synthetic fibers. Besides having the best insulator, it has also got the highest warmth-weight ratio to beat the cold. The bag is extremely durable and the two zippers provide the space for wide shoulders and a large foot-space. The sizes that are available for the same are Regular and Tall.

#4. Becozier Sleeping Bag

It is imported and made up of 100% polyester. Being extremely light it not only saves space but is also easy to carry. It is stuffed with the hollow fiber of heavy duty, but the surface is waterproof and windproof. It can be easily washed in machines. It is best used in the temperatures of 41-72 degrees F and when unzipped, it is transformed into a blanket or a sleeping pad for 2 persons.

#5. OutdoorsmanLab Sleeping Bag

The innovative sleeping bag provides ample space for getting a good night’s sleep. With the hollow fiber filling and the shape and design of the quilt, one can stay warm in the temperatures between 32F and 55F.  Being water resistant and weatherproof, it can keep one both dry and warm. The lightweight and compact nature make it easy for carrying. The 2 elastic straps on the back ensure that the user lies on the pad throughout the night.

#6. TETON Sports Celsius XXL-18C/0F Sleeping Bag

It is a huge, warm and cozy bag perfect for all the seasons. The shell is sturdy and durable and the double-layered construction increases the warmth. The add-ons for the camping gears are also available. It is specially rated for being used in the coldest of temperatures. It is much bigger in both length and breadth than most of the bags.

#7. QEEMLON Mummy Sleeping Bags for Adults, Boys & Girls, Teens

Besides providing unparalleled comfort, the system of double zipper allows opening the portions of foot and torso separately. The hollow fiber insulation along with the warm collar ensures the needed warmth. Being lightweight and compact it is portable and is also durable due to the micro-polyester material and also has an adjustable hood.

#8. TETON Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

This huge sleeping bag is made up of materials of high quality and the flannel liner inside it longs for years. This liner also provides added comfort. It is specifically rated for the cold temperatures at 0degrees. The canvas shell and the fiberfill provide a great construction for eliminating the cold spots and the zips on each side facilitate ventilation and easy access.

#9. Coleman Brazos Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

Being imported it is made up of 100% polyester and the fill is also of polyester. It is specially designed for the temperatures between 20-40 degrees F. it fits the maximum height of 5’11”. The tricot knit lining provides needed comfort and the bag can be washed in the machine. The fiber-lock construction helps to stop the shifting of insulation and improves the life of the bag.

#10. Coleman Green Valley Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

It is made up of 100% polyester and the fill is 100% cotton. It is imported and fits the maximum height of 5’11”. It is designed for the temperatures between 30-50 degrees F. Heat loss is reduced by the thermo-lock system and the zippers. The bag can be easily cleaned through a machine wash.


From the list given above, one can select the sleeping bag which will fit both his situation and need. He can go through the details and the specifications of the selected product for getting more detailed information about the same.

Sleeping Bags and their Necessity

When it comes to the issue of camping, taking rest is only possible with the sleeping bags. It is a lightweight and insulated quilt which not only covers a person, but the sides can also be closed with the help of a zipper just like a tube. It is a lightweight and portable bedding solution for the ones who are planning to sleep outdoors. The water-resistant and the repellent cover protect the individual against the chilly winds. The surface of the bottom of the sleeping bags is generally cushioned for providing a comfortable sleep to the individual.

Picking up the Best Product

Today, a variety of sleeping bags are available in the market, but one should know the right stuff that should be checked before picking up the best of the sleeping bags. While selecting a sleeping bag, one should consider some of the points like.