Top 5 Best Running Face Mask Pollution Review and Buying Guideline


Running has several cardiovascular health advantages which are very well known to all of us. However, running particularly in cities and towns now poses a lot of health risk. This is because of the way the smog and pollution have increased which means that it can be pretty harmful to your well-being breathing in most of these toxins. Since running in such hazardous environments can expose you to too much health dangers, one way to ensure that you exercise and at the same time remain healthy is to put on an anti-pollution mask while running. Another way is to relocate from these places to safer areas. But, you don’t have to relocate yet. So, you need a pollution mask. If that’s the case, here find a list of the top 5 best pollution masks in 2019 from which you can choose one to buy.

#1. Debrief Me

Debrief Me Lightweight Breathable Neck Gaiter Mask for Face Protection from Sun Dust

This pollution mask is 100% safe because it’s made of very high-quality material that also guarantees a lot of comforts. This is a soft and lightweight gaiter face mask that is designed to keep your face protected against any form of pollution. It’s created to offer the best shelter upon sun, dust, polluted winds, pollen grains, storms, mountain climbing and fit for travel.

It’s a multi-function making it ideal for everyday protection. In addition, the mask is soft clothing meant to give you a fresh breathe, not forgetting that it’s non-slip meaning that it will keep your face like a shield upon all the pollution forms and it’s good for men & women. This mask is suitable for every time of the year. It’s washable and portable making it great for indoor and outdoor use. So it’s good for hiking, running, skiing, fishing & hunting, and also motorcycling. It includes a universal size which means that anyone can utilize it.

#2. Cevapro-Upgraded-Dustproof-Masks

Cevapro Upgraded Dustproof Masks, Dust Mask with Extra N99 Activated Carbon Filter

This pollution mask comes with the best protection. It features an activated carbon filter that helps to isolate 99 percent of particulates and dust, chemicals, fume, smoke and particles. This means that it can be used as a dust-proof, anti-vehicle exhaust, PM2.5, anti-pollen allergy and ideal for cycling, running, hiking plus other outdoor pursuits. The running pollution mask has an ergonomic design that helps solve well the issue of slipping off while running, cycling or working. Its general size fits most individuals’ heads due to the adjustable Velcro. This outdoor mask is not only great for running but also for house decorating, hiking, biking, skiing, woodworking, cycling.

#3. Full Seal Pollution Mask

Full Seal Pollution Mask for Men & Women

This mask is a military-grade with activated carbon filters that are able to block 95 percent of pollution, dust, smog, pollen and germs. This mask is designed with a valve to make your breathing effortless. It comes with movable ear straps plus nose clamp for fitting an array of faces. The mask is created using the full seal tech that helps it to fit well increasing the sealing impact. It’s also supported with a lifetime guarantee.

#4. Alpure Anti-Pollution Sports Mask

Alpure Anti Pollution Dust Mask, Activated N99 Carbon Air Filter for Maximum Filtration

This mask is known for its powerful filtration. It includes N99 rated filters having 6 layers that are capable of removing 99% of any suspended pollution elements within the air we breathe including exhaust fumes, smog, dust, smoke, mould, pollen, spores plus other pollutants. The mask features efficient ventilation of 2 exhalation valves to eliminate excess moisture and carbon dioxide. It can be used for all sports activities including running, cycling, walking, motorcycling, skiing, Moto-X, paintball, public transport, lawn mowing and others. Additionally, it’s made of soft neoprene to offer ultimate comfort having a totally flexible nose strap and huge Velcro headband. The mask has a conventional size meaning it will fit the majority of people.

#5. Sireck-Dust-Mask

Sireck Dust Mask, PM2.5 Anti Pollution Dustproof Respirator Safety Half Face Mask

This dust mask is characterized by perfect design. It features a flexible nose clip and hanging ear structure making the mask to not easily fall off. In addition, it includes a double air-breathing valve that enhances smooth breathing. This half mask is created of nylon, lightweight and soft material that is quick when it comes to drying; it’s stretchy, breathable and very comfortable in wearing. Additionally, it has mask filter feature that makes it safe and an activated carbon filter that can separate large amounts of dust, viral influenza, PM2.5, exhaust, haze, industrial emissions and other dangerous substances within the air. Because of its versatility nature, it’s ideal for the majority of people as it can be customized to fit most of the head types. This dust mask is also applicable in many outdoor sports apart from running including cycling, hiking, camping, climbing, city snowboarding, speed walking, skiing and motorcycle.


As a running enthusiast, there’s nothing important than knowing that you have all the gears ready for the road any time you need them. However, sometimes the environment can limit you because of things like bad smells, dust and other pollutant elements. To avoid these restrictive moments, it’s good that you have a face mask that will enable you to run normally without jeopardizing your wellbeing. With the help of this list, you’ll be sure to find the best one for your running needs.