Top 5 Best Razor Scooter Battery Charger Review And Buying Guideline


For so many years, particularly among the youngsters, Razor scooters have always been popular gifts for Birthdays or Christmas. These zippy small scooters are compact, lightweight and full of fun in riding. Little children adore the experience of traveling free and fast and even bigger kids can’t appear to have enough of the tech has driven speed devices. Kick scooters have usually been available for decades, though the original designs had limited in common in relation to the present day battery run Razor scooters.

Accordingly, Razor batteries are made for longevity. Actually, a few models have the capacity to travel to a maximum of 15 miles on one battery charge. Nevertheless, you still require a charger for recharging the battery whenever it’s exhausted. Presently, finding the ideal Razor scooter battery charger may be a difficult task. For that reason, this article has prepared the top 5 best razor scooter battery chargers in 2019 to make your work easier the moment you want to buy one.

#1. iMeshbean-24V-2A-Electric-Scooter-Battery-Charger

iMeshbean 24V 2A Electric Scooter Battery Charger for Razor E100 E200 E300 E125 E150 E500 USA

This charger is exactly what you’re looking for. Actually, iMeshbean happens to be a registered trademark. The “Newgate–iMeshbean” is the exclusive authorized dealer of iMeshbean imprinted products. This razor scooter charger is able to generate an output charge of 24V, 2.0A. It includes three Ports Inline Female Connector. Additionally, it’s an ultra-fast charger with a rate of two to three hours charging interval. In fact, it’s a faster Charge compared to 24V/1A, 2. It comes with an indicator light that shows you that the charging process is done. For safety, it features a short circuit camouflage.

#2. LotFancy-24V-1.5A Electric-Scooter-Battery-Charger

LotFancy 24V 1.5A Electric Scooter Battery Charger for Razor E100, E125, E150, E175, E200, E300, PR200, E225S, E325S, MX350, Pocket Mod, Sports Mod, Dirt Quad Rocket, Crazy Cart, eSpark, Mini Chopper

The following are the specifications of this charger: It’s input AC 100 to 120V 50 or 60Hz while the output is 24V 1.5A which is also 1500mA. When it comes to safety, this charger is very safe, UL listed and short circuit or overvoltage protected. It’s important to note that this Razor scooter battery charger only suits Lead-Acid battery. The connector is three-prong inline female. It’s a battery charge for Razor Dirt Quad, Razor e100, e225, e200, Razor e300, Razor Pocket Mod, e325 Electric Scooters, Razor Pocket Rocket, Mini Chopper, Razor MX350 and many more. It features an indicator Light with red light switched on when charging and green light switched on when completely charged. The charge time is approximately 4 to 6 hours. Additionally, it comes with a One-Year Warranty and Cash-back satisfaction guarantee so you can with confidence.

#3. Antoble-24V-2A-XLR-Electric-Scooter-Battery-Charger

Antoble 24V 2A XLR Electric Scooter Battery Charger for Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus HD US, Ezip Mountain Trailz, Jazzy Power Chair

This brand-new replacement product functions as greatly and with 100 percent OEM Compatibility. The input is AC 100 to 240V 50 or 60Hz while the output is DC 24V 2A. Another great feature about this charger is that it’s a faster charge compared to 24V/1.8A, 24V/1.5A and 24V/1A. It comes with short-circuiting protection that suits most electric scooters. In addition, it includes a LED Display that shows green when charged fully and red when it’s charging. Also, it has a 5ft US power cable included. It features well-known compatibility with electric scooters such as eZip Mountain, eZip Trailz, Trailz Bicycle, Men Bicycle, Women Bicycle, eZip Trailz, eZip 4.0 Scooter, eZip 500 Scooter, eZip 400 Scooter, eZip 750 Scooter and eZip 900 Scooter.

#4. ABLEGRID-12V-Wall-AC-DC Charger-Adapter

ABLEGRID 12V Wall AC-DC Charger Adapter for Razor Electric Scooter Power CORE E90 CORE 90

This charger comes with an attractive contemporary design. It is a fully tested unit and so it functions well and in excellent working condition. It has enhanced safety measures. It’s non-OEM and 100 percent compatible, the input voltage is 100 to 240VAC, 50 or 60Hz. For quality assurance, the ABLEGRID Charger happens to be certificated with ROHS and CE standard. It features high-quality protection against overcharge, overcurrent, overvoltage and short-circuiting.

#5. Razor Battery Charger

Razor Battery Charger for the e200, e300, PR200, Pocket Mod, Sports Mod, and Dirt Quad

This charger charges batteries for the Razor e200, Razor e300, e200S Electric Scooters, e300S Electric Scooters and Razor Pocket Mod, that is, Bella, Bistro, Betty, etc., Razor Pocket Rocket, Razor Sport Mod, Razor MX350 and Razor Dirt Quad. The charger comes with a battery charge interval of 8 hours. Lastly, the input of this piece is AC100 to 120V 50 or 60Hz 1.2A while the output is 24V 1500mA. So, this charger is worth the investment.


The above review has been tailored to help you decide on a knowledgeable ground the best battery charger for your razor scooter. All the top 5 battery chargers highlight in this review are of high quality and have been included after careful consideration of the important factors of a top-notch battery charger. With this information, therefore, buying for the real razor scooter charger ought to no longer be a daunting task. You just pick one that you think will serve your needs the best and proceed to make a purchase. After that, your youngster or even you can enjoy the great experience. All the best!