Top 5 Best Portable Baby Bed Travel In 2019 Review

Having your baby to sleep nicely on her house turf may be very hard. This is why if preparing for an upcoming tour you feels a bit worried about ensuring that your baby has a decent night’s rest. Fortunately, portable travel bed may be your lifesaver for fast overnights to Grandmother’s house, travelling to a different destination, or if you’re well brave, also a summer touring to Europe. There are so many of these products in the market and if you haven’t bought one before, then it may be challenging to purchase just the ideal one for your little one’s needs. However, to help you in the purchasing, below find a list of the top 5 best portable baby bed travel in 2019 review. From this list, you can choose one that fits your needs best.

#1. Fisher-Price-Ultra-Lite-Day-and-Night-Play-Yard

Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard, Silver


Fisher-Price-Ultra-Lite is the ideal travel bed for babies. It’s the only baby travel bed to provide an inclined baby bassinet. This highlight is perfect for newborns as it lets babies sleep within a curved and supported place as their typically curved spines fancy. The detachable bassinet stuffing and its headrest is washable by a machine which makes it simple to clean up the diaper messes and spit-up which occur so regularly in baby’s initial days. After spending countless hours scrubbing the baby’s messes out of non-washable toddler gear, it’s so great to toss your baby’s mess directly into your machine and have it come out clean and fresh again. The added pouch provides space to keep diapers. It fits well inside your car’s trunk and makes a wonderful alternative for road tours or overnight visits to the baby’s Grandma’s house.

#2. BABYBJORN-Travel-Crib-Light

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light - Silver

A Babybjorn baby travel crib isn’t just light but also has a wonderful and comfortable design which makes travelling hassle-free. This crib is an outstanding pick for people who are searching for a simple-to-use model on every type of adventure whether it’s a road trip, picnic or travelling for adventure. Setting the bed up is ultra-easy and it folds up very fast having no loose sections to attach. Also, there’s yet another great feature in that this bed has a detachable & washable material making it cleaning hassle-free. Further, this model is great for babies & kids aged between 3 months and 3 years.

#3. Phil-and-Traveller-Crib

phil&teds Portable Traveller Crib, Black

This baby travel bed is an ideal travel bed for flying. You’ll love how small it is. Actually, it closes up to the extent of a yoga mat. The super-lightweight Phil-and-Ted’s Traveller-bed is the best while on a flight. The bed weighs only 6 pounds. There’s a great possibility that it weighs even less than the baby. This full-sized bed provides perfectly mesh surfaces and features a self-inflating air mattress. Also, it features a soft cotton sheet for keeping the baby comfortable. The special zippered mesh front is a surprisingly nice highlight to have because it opens entirely for pleasure playtime, or for nursing or parenting the baby to get to sleep. The only drawback is that the crib takes a few moments for setting up and takes down because its assembly is needed at every destination. However, in the case of portability is essential to you then, it should be a great trade-off.

#4. Nuna-Sena-Mini-Travel-Crib

Nuna Sena Mini Travel Cot Navy TC06005

Nuna-Sena-Mini-Travel-Crib features a nice mattress. It’s constructed with a long-lasting, lightweight aluminium steel frame. It also includes high quality and super-breathable mesh surfaces. This unit forms a cosy and safe sleep atmosphere for toddlers and babies. The vented and quilted mattress allows air to circulate everywhere the bed which is an essential safety trait that also assists to keep your baby from too high temperatures. You will further love the fact that its zippered mattress top is fully machine washable, a trait not discovered on many models.

This baby travel bed is best for babies of ages 0-18 months. The bed weighs precisely 17 pounds which makes it a great pick for small toddlers and babies. The Nuna-Sena-Aire-Travel-Crib, a sister to Nuna-Sena-Mini-Travel-Crib, is likewise an exceptional pick that features a mattress (and natural sheet) added. Its huge size and massive weight of about 22 pounds make it a little difficult to move with but can deserve it in case you like to utilize it on a big toddler as it’s recommended for between ages 0-3 years.

#5. MiClassic 2-in-1 Rocking-Bassinet-Travel-Crib

2in1 Rocking Bassinet One-Second Fold Travel Crib Portable Newborn Baby,Grayv

This is yet another wonderfully built baby travel bed which makes sure that your charming baby stays comfortable and healthy while travelling. This bed possesses all the comfort and safety features which your baby requires no matter the means of your transport. In making it convenient for storage and transport this system possesses a unit second opening & folding system which lets it fold in a compact carrying bag. Additionally, the bag offers your kid the ideal encounter by its rock mode which soothes your baby and also the stationary style that makes sure that your baby gets some nice sleep.


Acquiring an ideal baby travel bed spares you the stress that’s caused by taking your baby with you while on a journey. They will additionally provide you with the comfort you merit both outdoors and indoors. Whether searching to purchase a travel bed for your baby, or for your twins, you just require looking at each of the above-listed and choosing the model which fits your requirements best.