Top 5 Best Phone Mounts In 2019 Review


Mobile phones are awesome devices which make our lives comfortable every day. They let us communicate with our family and friends, enjoy the music at any time we want and to get full GPS maps for them to assist us to travel conveniently to our destination. Unluckily, as wonderful as these gadgets are, they can additionally destroy us if we aren’t careful. Phone mounts can hold your smartphone at an eye level for you not to be occupied in your hand.

There’re a diversity of various models created by different producers. Every one of these arrives with their personal set of specifications and highlights and this makes it hard for buyers to pick the most ideal phone mount. The below review, therefore, will assist you to find one which best satisfies your needs.

#1. UP UPKJ Universal Bike and Motorbike Mount for SmartPhones

Universal Phone Holder & 5200mah Detachable Power Bank 2 in 1 on Bike, Motorcycle for All Smart Phones,GoPro and GPS Navigation Between 4-6 inches with 180 Degrees Rotation

This mount can’t only be utilized on the handlebars of bikes and motorbikes but can additionally be attached to the handles of strollers, shopping carts, and mopeds. By so doing, this enables you to take your smartphone comfortably about anywhere you require to go. This mount is about 3-inches wide, 6.5-inches long and possesses a breadth of up to .7-inches that lets it mount phones which are up to 6-inches. The added feature of this mount is that it possesses black foam cushions which will assist keep your cell phone secure while you ride about your day doing your usual routines.

#2. Tao-Tronics Universal-Bike-Mount

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder, Universal Cradle Clamp for iOS Android Smartphone, Boating GPS, Other Devices, with One-button Released, 360 Degrees Rotatable, Rubber Strap - Black

Created to be fitted on the handlebars of motorbikes, bikes and still on the baby strollers’ handles, this holder is simple to install and holds your phone closer to you all the times. This set can mount devices with a width of up to 3.94-inches & can be twisted an entire 360-degrees, so you may adapt the phone’s angle for the ideal viewing encounter. Another excellent feature of this set is that it possesses a single-click release which lets you unlock the cell phone and carry it with you. This is an exceptional way to have your phone precisely where you require it.

#3. Visnfa Universal Android & iPhone Smartphones Mount

visnfa Bike Phone Mount Anti Shake and Stable Cradle Clamp with 360° Rotation Bicycle Phone MountBike AccessoriesBike Phone Holder for iPhone Android GPS Other Devices Between 3.5 to 6.5 inches

This universal holder is created for cyclists that lead an aggressive lifestyle and require to carry their smartphones out with them. It includes a safety clamp which holds all 4 corners of your phone to put it precisely where you set it on your bicycle’s handlebars. And because this set is a universal holder, it’s going to hold a diversity of gadgets within 3.5 and 6.5-inches of width. This implies that it will mount just roughly any Android or iPhone. Another essential trait of this holder is that it lets the smartphone to be tilted an entire 360-degrees.

#4. Okra Bike Mount Handlebar Smartphone Holder

Okra Bicycle Motorcycle Phone Mount Holder [Extra Secure] Bike Handlebar Holder for iPhone Android all Smartphones Devices (Universal)

Very easy to set up and simple to utilize, this holder is going mount a broad spectrum of various smartphone designs such as Samsung Galaxy, the iPhone 6 & HTC phones. The mount possesses a rotating angles bottom that lets you customize your smartphone’s angle when it’s attached and it further allows you to turn the smartphone in a number of separate positions. This model fastens safely to your bike’s handlebars by the use of silicone bands which hold the tool tightly in place. These specs let you utilize the GPS on your smartphone to travel where you require to.

#5. Mongoora-Mount for SmartPhones

Bike Phone Mount for Any Smart Phone iPhone X 8 7 6 5 Plus Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 S7 S7 S6 S5 S4 Edge, Nexus, Nokia, LG. Motorcycle, Bicycle Phone Mount. Mountain Bike Mount. Bike Accessories.

This Mongoora holder is created for pretty aggressive bicyclists who require to take their bikes and their cell phones out on the road or out into the wilderness. It possesses a universal construction which is going to suit a broad variety of various gadgets including Nexus phones, iPhones 5s to iPhones 7s, LG phones and any other device up to 3.7-inches of width. It’s universal construction also implies that it is going fit a diversity of handlebars on bikes and motorbikes from .9 to 1.3-inch of diameter. While attached, your smartphone can be turned a complete 360-degrees. The manufacturer supports this top-quality item having a no-hassle cash-back guarantee.


This review of the top 5 best bike mounts available in the market in 2019 is tailored to enlighten your mind when it comes to shopping for the best bike mount for your riding needs. The above-reviewed bike mounts are among the very best in terms of reliability, budget, accessibility and the general security of your smartphone. With one of these mounts, you will have your phone at the closest sight as possible. Using this guide, therefore, go out there and buy one for yourself.