Top 5 Best PC Tower Stand Review and Buying Guideline

If your PC tower sits on the floor, then, you unmistakably require looking for something so that it can sit on. This doesn’t matter if the floor has carpet or not. At this point, a PC tower stand comes in handy. Computer tower stands provide sturdy support for your powerhouse and shield it against moisture, dirt, dust, and scratches. However, when choosing your specific computer tower stand the options can be daunting. That’s said, then, this article will prove to be essential to you. Below, you will find a list of the top 5 best PC tower stands available in the market in 2019 that are chosen after considering a number of the important features.

#1. Syba® Computer Tower

Syba® Computer Tower Case CPU Stand with Rolling Wheels for ATX Case Adjustable Width

In case you’re on a budget, and so not willing to pay any more cash in the tower stand upgrades, then you should consider this top-performance piece. It will offer rock-solid functioning for a long time and withstand long-term use. The unit is made of durable high-quality plastic that makes sure that this stand is sturdy enough to stand up for a sensible weight amount.

Its width is can be adjusted to ensure that this stand is going to snugly suit your tower. You’ll effortlessly be able to move your PC tower any time you want because of the included rolling wheels. These wheels are designed to go for a lifetime while rolling well on whichever ground you keep them on. Syba® Computer Tower is a proper option if you’re in the lookout for something manoeuvrable but durable.

#2. PC Crate

PC Crate - PC Stand & Cable Organizer

You can save yourself any risk of damage by buying this strong tower stand if you really care about your PC. This unit is going to raise your computer tower and keep it off of dirt, dust and other harmful components on the ground. This stand is created from high-quality reinforced plastic which can let it go through numerous years of intense service. The stand measures 22-inches by 11-inches by 6-inches and is capable of holding a maximum of 350-lbs meaning it ought to be in a position to carry any type of PC that you may put on it. On the back of the computer crate, you’ll get a hole for channelling the cables from the PC tower. This makes sure that everything is neat and functions like airflow vents. However, the stand is somewhat heavy. Even though, it won’t simply move in case you knock it accidentally.

#3. Pc-Case-Desktop-CPU-Stand

Pc Case Desktop CPU Stand Computer Holder

This unit scores high marks because of the sturdy design and sleek movement. The computer stand is sensibly priced making it affordable for any buyer. With the stand, you can fix its width to suit your specification. Also, you can adjust the stand to a width between 16-cm and 26cm or 6.3-inches to 10.2-inches. While this stand was being constructed, it was made sure that you can effortlessly move your PC tower about when you require to by featuring simple-to-move wheels. Its wheels are decently built and will operate greatly on any floor. It’s created of premium gauge plastic making it long-lasting enough to stand up any serious beating.

#4. ATX-Computer-Case

Mobile Desktop Tower Computer Floor Stand Rolling Caster Wheels and Adjustable Width from 6 to 10 Inches

This is a double lock chair that is a top quality design. It’s among the most suitable units at a really inexpensive cost which makes it a worthy investment. The unit is small but serves its purpose optimally. The stand can support a maximum limit of 66-lbs which makes it be one of the strongest stands in the market. With it, you’re able to modify its width between 6-inches and 10-inches for it to match the measurements of your PC tower. In addition, it includes 4 skid-proof casters to facilitate simple mobility. They are decently constructed to ensure that they aren’t slippery when put on smooth floors.

#5. 3M-Adjustable-CPU-Stand

3M Adjustable CPU Stand (CS100MB)

This is another outstanding unit for raising your PC tower and protecting it from harm caused by water, moisture, dirt and dust. It’s crafted from a long-lasting plastic material which is to wear and tear-proof to any of the harmful elements. With this unit, you’ll be free to modify the width between 3.75-inches and 9.25-inches in order to suit your tower properly. This tower stand is capable of supporting computers with a maximum weight of 50 lbs and comes with a generous capacity which can hold the majority of PC sizes. The stand includes 4 simply mobile wheels which let you move it about with ease. 2 of its wheels may be fastened to hold the tower in place minus any movements. The stand was designed with a stylish and sleek structure making it a wonderful addition to your PC’s style.


Having gone through the above list, you’re now sufficiently familiar with a number of PC tower stands. Therefore, you can proceed and pick the unit that you found fit for your tower and appreciate what other people have been appreciating all this time.