Top 5 Best Paper Towel Holders of 2019 Review

When looking for paper towel holders, you need to go for quality pieces. A good choice will stay stable during use, comes in an elegant design so as not to undermine the room’s décor, makes installing and pulling out the paper towel easy, and is also resistant to fading, corrosion, rust, or stains.

After scrutinizing the market, the following pieces, in our opinion, are worth the money, time, and effort.

#1. Prodyne M-913 Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

Made of heavy gauge stainless steel, this holder is what you likely are looking for. It is strong to handle the paper towel, pulling, insertion and as well as movements. And considering it is brushed stainless steel, chances of corrosion, fade, or rust is unlikely.

It comes in a matte black color to complement the surrounding and other things. This is boosted by the rubber accents. For better stability and to prevent falling, the unit has a solid construction.

You can mount it under the cabinet or on the wall using basic tools. This will also take a few minutes. Thanks to its space-efficient design, it is suitable even for small spaces for instance in a studio, small apartments, caravan home, and other places.

#2. mDesign Brushed Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder and Dispenser- Holds Jumbo Rolls,

mDesign Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder & Dispenser, Mounts to Walls or Under Cabinets - for Kitchen, Pantry, Utility Room, Laundry and Garage Storage - Holds Jumbo Rolls,

Handling your paper towels will be easy with this accessory by mDesign. As you can see, it is very simple in design and this improves usability. You can mount it under the cabinet or to the wall in a very short time.

For extra strength and elegance, it features brushed stainless steel. This material maintains its integrity for a long time, doesn’t rust/corrode, and is also tolerant of moisture, water, oils, stains, dirt and more.

Other than, in the kitchen, this holder is also useful in the bathroom, laundry room, garage, utility room, and pantry among other places. It is lightweight for easy handling and easy to take care of.

#3. OXO Good Grips SimplyTear Brushed Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder

OXO Good Grips SimplyTear Standing Paper Towel Holder, Brushed Stainless Steel

The OXO Good Grips paper towel not only looks stylish but is also one of the best in the market. It is made of durable and elegant brushed stainless steel to endure daily use, moisture, movements, and more.

The accessory’s simple design makes installing the paper towel easy even by a beginner. Removal is also easy thanks to the simple mechanism. The unit’s measures 14 inches high and 7 inches in diameter making it perfect for standard paper towels.

It has a firm base for good support and steadiness during use. To prevent wastage it also features an edge and a spring-activated arm. It is a good pick for the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, and other places.

#4. Kamenstein 4554ASB Tear Patented 14-inch Paper Towel Holder with Rounded Finial, Silver

Kamenstein 4554ASB Perfect Tear Patented Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder with Rounded Finial, 14-Inch, Silver

Coming in a patented design, this paper towel is popular in many offices and homes. It is easy to mount on the wall and pulling the paper towel is simple. The good design and ingenious ratchet system stop the piece from unraveling and leading to wastage.

It looks stylish to suit different decors and is also very versatile. You can place it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, garage, pantry, playroom, workshop, camper, RV, craft room and other locations.

The holder can accommodate most paper towels found in the market and has a smooth finish to prevent damage. The high-quality construction helps to extend its usability and lifespan.

#5. Umbra Tug Modern One-Handed Stand Up Paper Towel Holder with a Weighted Base, Nickel

Made using durable materials, this paper towel holder is worth buying. It’s strong, reliable, easy to use and also stylish. The simple style makes inserting and pulling the paper towel easy. For extra support and stability, it features a weighted base.

The nice color and finish will match most surroundings whereas the standup design makes installing it even in small spaces simpler. The nickel finish is perfect for most home designs including traditional and modern.

Installation takes a short time while the sleek finish enhances the cleanup. Thanks to the patented design, loading a mind using standard paper towels on the unit is noncompliant. Key advantages include good stability, easy to use, lightweight and compact.

Our Last word about this review

The above pieces made it to these top 5 best paper towel holders of 2019 reviews for several reasons. One, they are built form tough materials to endure the operation. Two, they are stylish and modern looking to boosts the ambiance in the home. Three, they come in simple designs for easy installing and removal of the paper towels. Other advantages include lightweight, stable, durable, and good quality.