Top 5 Best Paper For Copic Markers Review and Buying Guideline in 2019

You could be out there in the market searching for the ideal paper for Copic markers. If you’re, you should note that the best paper must have the best-quality characteristics of Copic Markers. As such, the soundest papers for Copic Markers ought to be sufficiently thick in order to prevent any ink-bleeds. However, for you to simply pick and buy the most outstanding papers for your Copic Markers, find a well-composed list of the top 5 best Papers for Copic Markers in 2019.

#1. Alcohol-Marker-Pad

Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad, A4, 50 Sheets by Copic Markers

This is really among the ideal Papers for Copic Markers since it’s coated with excellent texture and favourable features. With this product, you’ll be finding the paper’s density so good. In addition, by utilizing this item the intricate re-working isn’t normally possible although the ink colours blend very well. Alcohol-Marker-Pad is much loved due to the enhanced brightness level when the ink has dried up onto the surface of the paper. Many buyers also love it because of how it’s able to visually improve the colours, the silky and smooth textured papers but it’s quite costly.

#2. XPBC 8-1/2-Inch by 11-Inch-Express-Blending-Card

Copic Marker XPBC 8-12-Inch by 11-Inch Express Blending Card, White, 125 Per Pack

This item has been added as a favourite as a result of the outstanding silky texture on the papers’ surface. This is because the ink holds on very bright and appealing. On top of that, the unique silky texture makes the marker inks to blend very well. Most users commented this product blends better compared to the majority of its rivals. The great silky and ultra-smooth paper’s surface provide for fast drying of the alcohol-based ink to remain a bit damp for a moment. This product is ideal for marker blending. It’s also compatible with laser and inkjet, archival and acid-free. The package includes 125 8-1/2 * 11-inch white cardstock sheets. However, the Copic markers aren’t included.

#3. SKBK9X12-Sketch-Book

Copic Markers SKBK9X12 Sketch Book - 9 X 12 - 50 Sheets - Wire Bound

This one is the best in the market due to the strong assistance it offers for a developing artist who handles Copic Markers. It has been among the top-selling sketchbooks making it suitable to be utilized with Copic Markers. When you buy this one, you’ll find it very convenient when it comes to portability. This product blends through well using the ink although the papers are considerably dense. It’s fair in the price rates. One of its users commented that his son could not make use of anything else apart from these Copic products. This is because the product is so amazing. He added that it takes his artistic abilities to another higher level. He highly recommended it to others who haven’t tried it before.

#4. Bee-Paper-Bleedproof-Marker-Pad

Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pad, 11-Inch by 14-Inch

This product is well known for its affordability and quality. It features an acid-free structure while its pages are thick and smooth and arrive in a firm white colour. The included ultra-smooth feature of this sketchbook allows you to utilize markers while experimenting with different media, usually concurrently, minus minding about bleeding excessively. The sketchbooks measure 8-1/2 inch by 11 inch and are accessible with an option within 30 sheets to 50 sheets, for only some few dollars. However, in case you want a larger book, it similarly comes in 11-inch by 17-inch size which gives you a generous amount of area to work on.

#5. RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook

Crescent Creative Products 8.5 11-inch RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook, 8.5 x 11

A lot of work has been done to making sure that this product is one of the best qualities in the market. This sketchbook will come in a small size of eight and a half inch by 11 inch. It’s hardbound making it convenient to carry along any place you go. More than that, the marker of this paper utilized Rendr no-show technology which not only limits bleeding but also ensures that your output can’t be seen from the other side of your page. This implies that you may easily utilize the two sides of every paper minus having to mind that it may ruin the other part. Really, this makes it be an environmentally friendly product. The binding applied in this book is Smyth-sewn and very heavy, thus meanwhile enhancing its durability. This paper is additionally lignin and acid-free, and lets you work with blended media.


These are the top 5 best Papers for Comic Markers in 2019. Hopefully, this list has informed you enough and is going to help you purchase the ideal papers for Copic marker. So, you can feel free to choose and buy one among to above sketchbooks as they have wonderful features which will ensure you realize remarkable results. This way, you’ll take your art abilities to another level.