Top 10 Best Men’s North Face Waterproof Jackets of 2019

Whether you are heading for the great outdoors on a camping trip or looking to stay dry on your city commute, North Face jackets are well known for their high quality, longlasting outerwear made for weathering the elements without sacrificing practicality or style. Here are the top 10 men’s waterproof jackets from North Face in 2019:

#1. The Resolve II Jacket

The Resolve II is an instant classic among waterproof jackets and is packed with features to keep you protected from the elements. This relaxedfit jacket comes with a breathable, waterproof, seamsealed shell and elasticbound cuffs for even better insulation.


  • Tons of color options for this classic jacket
  • Stow able hood design is marriage of both style and utility


  • Ideal as a raincoat rather than a winter coat

May need to go up a size for a more relaxed fit

#2. The Gotham III Jacket

The Gotham III is built to last through any harsh weather. This modular, waterproof, relaxedfit down jacket features a detachable faux fur trim on the hood, tons of pocket storage, and inset ring knit cuffs to keep you insulated from cold temperatures, rain, and snow alike.


  • Animal cruelty free jacket with all the benefits of a down jacket with fur trim
  • Highly modular to suit many different styles and needs


  • Might skew
  • slightly large

May require extra layering in cold winter climates for most benefit

#3. The Presley Insulated Jacket

The Presley jacket is a sleek take on the classic varsity jacket look that utilizes breathable, seamsealed DryVent 2L technology. With zipup pockets, a storm flap with snap enclosures to cover the front zipper, and an adjustable hood, this simple, lightweight design is engineered to keep you dry and stylish any time of the year.


  • Lightweight but warm, stylish varsity style jacket
  • Fleecelined pockets


  • Not ideal for super cold climates
  • May be a touch too thin for some wearers

#4. The Millerton Jacket

The Millerton is the perfect jacket for a rainy day or going for a job on a cool spring morning. This waterproofed nylon design retains heat while providing ventilation through a breathable, lightweight lining. It’s so light, you can roll it up and fit it in your backpack before going on a hike.


  • Perfect rain jacket for spring, summer, or fall
  • Lightweight and durable craftsmanship


  • Not ideal for cold winters
  • Some may prefer a jacket with a fleece lining

#5. The McMurdo III Parka

The McMurdo III is an ultra warm, waterproof and windproof design with a relaxed fit, perfect for keeping out the elements during the colder months. The breathable, seam sealed DryVent 2L shell keeps you warm and dry all winter long with plenty of modular components to suit your needs. Comes with a zip off hood and detachable faux fur hood lining.


  • Wind and waterproof
  • Modular construction with lots of storage built in


  • Zippers are very small and might be hard to grab with winter gloves at times
  • Runs a bit wide for tall, slender wearers

#6. The Inlux Insulated Jacket

The Inlux is an insulated, waterproof, breathable, seamsealed shell with luxurious fleece lining, hand warmer pockets, underarm vents for optimal body ventilation and cooling, adjustable cuffs, an adjustable, drawcord hem, and Heatseeker synthetic insulation to keep your warm and dry during cold, rainy months. The front zips up fully with a hookandeye enclosure storm flap to keep it secure.


  • Lightweight and fleece lined, perfect for spring or autumn
  • Breathable yet snug fit


  • Sleeves are insulated but not fleece lined
  • No removable hood

#7. The Apex Elevation Jacket

The Apex Elevation is the perfect waterproof jacket for the great outdoors and is designed with the outdoorsman in mind. This lightweight, durable synthetic jacket incorporates bold, stylish colors, tons of zippered pocket storage, and a detachable, collarstowable hood to meet your rainy day needs.


  • Stylish color combinations
  • Relaxed fit allows for layering underneath if needed


  • Great for moderate winter temperatures but not extreme cold
  • May need to go up a size for a better fit or for layering

#8. The Carto Triclimate Jacket

This standardfit, windproof, waterproof, 3in1 jacket comes with a removable insulated shell and a breathable outer shell made with DryVent 2L technology with taffeta lining. Compatible with other zipin items from The North Face.


  • Extremely modular winter jacket
  • Durable, yet sleek design that prioritizes both warmth and mobility


  • Could use more storage in the jacket itself
  • May need to go up a size to accommodate tall wearers or those who prefer a more relaxed fit

#9. The Arrowood Climate Jacket

This relaxedfit, synthetic fiber, 3in1 jacket comes with a lined, waterproof shell and a removable inner jacket made of fleece. The shell incorporates DryVent 2L technology and a taffeta lining, and is compatible with other zipin/zipout apparel items from The North Face.


  • Perfect jacket for spring, fall, and mild winters
  • Waterproof lining in pockets


  • Sleeve lining tends to pull out of sleeves when removing
  • Hood is not particularly lightweight and flexible as some might prefer

#10. The Fuseform Dot Matrix Jacket

This imported, lightweight jacket has been engineered with FuseForm construction, which uses a weave of lightweight yet strong fibers to allow for minimal bulk and while maximizing durability. The dot matrix fade pattern is very contemporary and stylish, as well.


  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Highly durable with lots of room for mobility


  • No insulation, as this is a shell jacket
  • May need to go up a size for layering

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