Top 5 Best Maybelline Tattoo Brow Pen In 2019 Review

These days anyone with very thin and sparse eyebrows can have them looking fuller beautiful without spending too much. This is possible with the help of the tattoo brow pens. There are so many advantages that come with the use of the tattoo brow pens. One of the advantages is that the use of these pens is cheaper as compared to other options for solving the problem of thin and sparse eyebrows. Also, the use of the tattoo brow tattoo pen is something that can be done by an individual at home.

The selection of the best tattoo brow pen has never been easy. This is because of the existence of too many brands of tattoo brow pens in the market today. Also, this is due to the many similarities that these pens have that make it hard for a person to isolate the unique one from the rest. This can make things even harder if the person who wants to purchase the brow pen has never used them before. This article has a list of the best brow tattoo pens that are worth purchasing. This article also contains the list of the unique traits that each and every tattoo brow pen has.

#1. Eyebrow-Tattoo Pen-Lily-Angel

These eyebrow tattoo pens have the ability to create a natural look with less effort. This is because these eyebrow tattoo pens are very easy to use. A person can easily use the Lily-Angel waterproof-Micro blading Eyebrow Pen even when in hurry and end up looking very good. They also save a lot of time. The Lily Angel waterproof Micro blading Eyebrow tattoo pen has the ability to make someone look more attractive as compared to the use of other options. As if that is not enough, Lily Angel waterproof Micro blading Eyebrow tattoo pen comes with a warranty that makes the client feel more confident when purchasing them. They also come with the user instructions that guide the first time users on how to effectively use the Lily-Angel-waterproof-Micro-blading-Eyebrow-Pen to draw perfectly shaped and natural looking eyebrows.

#2. Eyebrow Pen-Waterproof-Microblading

Eyebrow Pen-Waterproof Microblading Eyebrow Pen Smudge-Proof Liquid Tattoo Pen-Four Tips Long-lasting Chestnut Eyebrow Pen for Eyes Makeup (01# Chestnut)

The waterproof micro blading eyebrow pen comes with the eyebrow tattoo liquid. This eyebrow tattoo pen has a fork tip that creates natural 3-dimensional eyebrows which are mostly black in colour. The eyebrows drawn with the waterproof micro blading eyebrow pen are waterproof. This means that they can’t fade when washed with water or by sweat. The eyebrows drawn by the tattoo pen are also long-lasting. This means that they do not fade easily and can stay fresh for a whole day even after they come into contact with water, sweat and other components that may make them fade. This helps a person stay worried free all through the day. Also, a person needs no makeup during the day and instead of applying the makeup, the time is used to do other activities. These waterproof micro blading eyebrow pens save time and energy.

#3. Maybelline TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen Makeup

Maybelline TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen Makeup

The Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow tint makeup pen draws hair like strokes that make a person have good looking and naturally filled eyebrows that every lady desires. This is because the Maybelline tattoo Studio brow tint makeup pen is designed in a very unique way that allows it to fill the spaces of the natural eyebrows to come up with perfect eyebrows. The makeup that these eyebrow tattoo pens derive can stay up to 24 hours without fading, smudging or transferring to other places. This is why most ladies prefer Maybelline tattooStudio Brow Pen to other pens.

#4.Tattoo-Eyebrow-Pen-with-4-Tips-Long-lasting-Waterproof Brow-Gel-and-Tint-Dye-Cream

Tattoo Eyebrow Pen with Four Tips Long-lasting Waterproof Brow Gel and Tint Dye Cream for Eyes Makeup(1#Chestnut)

This tattoo eyebrow pen has the latest design that is, it has a very tiny fork like the brush that helps in drawing amazing hair like strokes. The resulting drawing looks like 3-dimensional real hair. When using the brush, one is allowed to control the strength and slowly and lightly draw the hair like strokes. Also one can repeat as much as she wants to come up with the desired eyebrow intensity. The purchasing of the Tattoo eyebrow pen also comes with 100 % satisfaction since it has a warrant. This warrant allows a person to return the tattoo eyebrow pen if he or she is not satisfied.

#5. Music-Flower-Liquid-Tattoo-Eyebrow-PenMakeup

Music Flower Tattoo Eyebrow Pen with Four Tips and 3 Colors Long-lasting Waterproof Brow Gel for Eyes Makeup(3Pcs)

The other cheaper way of getting good looking micro-blade brows is with the use of the Music flower liquid tattoo eyebrow pen. The use of this pen allows a person to have very thin strokes that cannot be differentiated from real eyebrows. In fact, no one can never be in a position to tell if the drawn eyebrows are not real.


These are the best brow pens that any lady can feel proud to have. This is because of the amazing work that they can do to any kind of eyebrows making them look full, real and very beautiful. These pens can make anyone say goodbye to any other options for eye treatment. Hence every lady wanting to solve the thin eyebrows problem in a very cheap way should buy herself one of the discussed brow tattoos as soon as possible.