Top 5 Best Maybelline Tattoo Brow Ink Pen In 2019 Review

These days anyone with very thin and sparse eyebrows can have them looking fuller beautiful without spending too much. This is possible with the help of the tattoo brow pens. There are so many advantages that come with the use of the tattoo brow pens. One of the advantages is that the use of these pens is cheaper as compared to other options for solving the problem of thin and sparse eyebrows. Also, the use of the tattoo brow tattoo pen is something that can be done by an individual at home.

The selection of the best tattoo brow ink pen has never been easy. This is because of the existence of too many brands of tattoo brow ink pens in the market today. Also, this is due to the many similarities that these ink pens have that make it hard for a person to isolate the unique one from the rest. This article has a list of the 5 best brow tattoo ink pens that are worth purchasing.

#1. Tetyana-Naturals-Tattoo-Eyebrow-Pen

Tetyana naturals Tattoo Eyebrow Pen Waterproof Ink Gel Tint with Four Tips, Long Lasting Smudge-Proof Natural Hair-Like Defined Brows All Day (chestnut)

This tattoo -ink-pen creates pretty natural looking & established brows which elegantly frame the face to compliment every other makeup you wear. It’s also smudge-proof and waterproof all day. This is due to the fact that the durable formula used makes sure that the makeup is going to last throughout the day minus fading or smudging
through rain, sweat or even any water sports.

This tattoo brow in pen is very easy to utilize. Beginners and even professionals have always loved this tattoo pen as it’s so simple to draw & fill by the use of the 4 tip design. In addition, it’s simple to remove. The brow gel tint comes off simply with an oil cleanser or makeup remover. There’s also a cash back guarantee. So, in the case for any given reason you’re not happy with the product, you can instantly enjoy a refund 100 per cent of your cash.

#2. Arishine-Eyebrow-Tattoo-Pen

Arishine Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Microblading Eyebrow Pencil Tattoo Brow Ink Pen with a Micro-Fork Tip...

This happens to be the ideal tattoo eyebrow ink pen. It creates quite a natural appearing and defined eyebrows which beautifully frame the face complimenting all your makeup looks. It’s also waterproof and straightforward to wipe. The durable formulation in this product guarantees that your makeup is going to last throughout the day without fading or smudging because of sweat, water sports and rain. It’s also very easy for you to use as it’s so simple when it comes to drawing & filling utilizing the 4 tip design. Lastly, it’s long lasting and waterproof, fade-proof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof all day long, you don’t mind about losing your makeup.

#3. Microblading-Tattoo-Eyebrow-Pen

Vanelc Microblading Tattoo Eyebrow Pen with Four Tips,Waterproof Ink Gel Tint Drawing Eyebrow Pencil,Long Lasting Smudge-Proof Natural Hair-Like Defined Brows All Day (Dark Grey)

Just like any other good tattoo brow ink pen, this one creates incredibly naturally and well-defined brows which beautifully frame the face while complimenting all the makeup looks.
On top of that, it’s smudge-Proof and waterproof throughout the day. This is because it includes a long-lasting formulation that makes sure that your makeup is going to go through all day long minus fading or smudging due to rain, sweat, or even water sports. For beginners, this tattoo pen is very easy as far as drawing and filling are concerned because of its 4 tip design. Additionally, it’s pretty simple to remove as it comes with both the oil cleanser and makeup remover. Also, there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee included.

#4. Music-Flower-Eyebrow-Tattoo-Pen

Music Flower Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Microblading Eyebrow Pencil Tattoo Brow Ink Pen with a Micro-Fork Tip Applicator Creates Natural Looking Brows Effortlessly and Stays on All Day (Chestnut)

This tattoo brow ink pen gives you a naturally looking and well-defined Brows which beautifully frame the face while complimenting every makeup looks. Just like the ones mentioned above, this one is also waterproof and very straightforward to wipe. However, you shouldn’t rub the eyebrow so hard. To create hair-like strokes, here you require to do pretty light strokes. With that, it’s going to take some practice to understand how to draw minus appearing too dark. Whenever the cap isn’t in use, do keep it tight while storing it upright in order to prevent drying. Conversely, when you’re using it, keep it upside down while letting the tip get liquid. For any given reason you’re not happy with this product, you shouldn’t worry as there’s a 100% money back guarantee.

#5. Blitzby-Liquid-Eyebrow-Pencil

Blitzby Liquid Eyebrow Pencil With Four Tips, Waterproof Ink Brow Gel Tint Long Lasting Smudge-Proof Natural Hair-Like for Eyes Makeup

This Liquid brow pencil has a durable gel tint formulation that is ideal for drawing naturally looking hair-like eyebrows which work with all makeup looks. With this ink pen, there’s no smudge or fade brows. You’re guaranteed that your brows are going to stay in position without fading, smudging or streaking. This ink pen is designed to help you to make beautiful brows which frame the face minus budging through sweat, rain, water sports or even unintentional rubbing.

This product includes an innovative 4 tip design that assists both beginners and professionals to conveniently fill in their eyebrows with complete control. In addition, it’s very simple to remove because of the makeup remover and oil cleanser to extract the eyebrow that is felt tint during the end of the day. It also comes with a 100% satisfaction warranty


These are the best Maybelline Tattoo Brow Ink Pen that any lady can feel proud to have. This is because of the amazing work they can do to any kind of eyebrows making them look full, real and very beautiful. These ink pens can make anyone say goodbye to any other options for brow treatment. Hence every lady wanting to solve the thin eyebrow problem in a very cheap way should buy herself one of the discussed Tattoo Brow Ink Pen.