Top 10 Best Magnetic Car Mounts In 2019 Reviewed

Car accidents, the number is increasing drastically every day. This is a man-made tragedy which calls for intervention. The magnetic car mount has been one of the most appropriate solutions to the proper handling of the mobile phone when driving. The demand has increased in the current market due to its convenience and making it easy to take a phone call while driving. The car mounts offer a safer and less distraction when communicating. It holds the mobile device at an appropriate location in the vehicle where the driver can be able to answer calls without the need to change his focus from the read in front. It maintains the driver on focus, therefore minimizing the risk of causing an accident when you are reaching the phone. It is important to note some features of the magnetic car mount when purchasing one. This is to avoid any inconveniences when you are driving. Some of the features you need to observe include; ease of installation, visibility, durability, magnetic power, and safety. Its compatibility with other devices should also be a key feature to check out. In this article, I will be evaluating the top best magnetic car mount to help you get a clear view and understand the type of mount you can get for your vehicle.

#1. Wiz Gear Universal Flat Stick On Dashboard Magnetic Car-Mount

This is among the best mount available. It is easier to use as you will only need to mount it on your car and you’re good to operate. It does not block the windshield of the car or the air vent will still give you maximum comfort in your car just as usual. It has a reinforced magnetic holder which is the key feature that differentiates it from other mounts. This magnetic field causes an intensive force that will keep any smartphone on the hold. It can hold any device including the Apple, and Microsoft devices.

#2. Koomus Pro-CD-M Universal CD Slot-Magnetic Cradle-Less Smart-Phone

It is one of the cheap car mounts in the market. It has been designed to with interesting feature that gives you extra entertainment while driving. They include a CD slot, air
vent and a dashboard mount. They are very easy to install you do not need any skilled personnel to mount it on your car. They are designed to have a protective casing on it. This will ensure that your smartphone does not get broken.

#3. Magnetic Mount, Wiz Gear [2 PACK] Universal Air Vent-Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder

The design of this car mount makes it one of the best magnetic car mounts you can get in the market. Its simplicity makes it easier to install in any vehicle with no special skills required. It has a powerful magnetic head that will give you the assurance of holding any smartphone and ability to give you maximum satisfaction while driving.

#4. Wiz Gear Universal Air-Vent Magnetic Car-Mount Holder With Fast-Swift-Snap-Technology

It has a powerful magnetic mount on it. This helps you have the best time in your drive with no interruptions. It has a rubber base that protects your device from cracking. It is one of the cheap magnetic mounts available.

#5. Vano Magnetic Car Mount, Universal-Air Vent Cell Phone Holder For iPhone 5 6 7

This mount has a design that is compatible with most cars. This feature has makes it be among the best magnetic mounts in the market. It has a rubber figure that is used to hold your phone. This ensures that the device does not get any crack by the sides.

#6. Wuteku Ultra Slim Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

It is among the best car mounts which come with a GPS easy to use on a dashboard. It is your solution to safety. It is designed to be hand free mount. It powerful magnetic fields will hold your phone in place no matter how rough the road can be.

#7. NOVOLAND Universal Cell Phone Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount Holder

This one is the cheap magnetic car mount available. It will give you a 360-degree rotation ensuring that your phone is held on position even in tough drives. Its strong magnetic field provides a stronger grip of your phone.

#8. Lpow Magnetic Cradle-Less Windshield Long Arm Car Mount

It has the strongest magnetic field. This ensures that your phone will not fall off the mount and interrupt your communication. It has the ability to hold any type of mobile device with its magnetic force. It has a long arm designed for comfort and easy receiving of calls. This makes it one of the best magnetic car mounts.

#9. Magnet Phone Holder, NOVOLAND Universal Magnetic Cell Phone Car Dashboard Mount

This type of mount has been created with the strongest magnetic field in the industry which makes it have a better grip for your phone and cannot interfere with your communication. It is a cheap magnetic car mount to use in your car.

#10. Magnetic Car Mount-Air Vent Phone Holder 360 Rotation Strong Aluminium-Universal

It has been designed to have an air vent phone holder and a rotation of about 360 degrees. This mount has an aluminum universal that is built for holding smartphones and even mini tablets. These features make it one of the best magnetic car mounts in 2019.


The above are the top 10 best magnetic car mounts that you can view and select the one which perfectly fits your vehicle. Thanks.

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