Top 3 Best Lightning USB Charging Cables for iPhone 7

Why buy Apple’s lightning USB charging cables at such a high price when you can get some of the best ones at a relatively cheaper price. Besides, even if you buy it from Apple for your iPhone 7, there is no guarantee that it will not suffer the same fate of your current one. So, are you going to pay so much every other month? Or will you get your hands on the best, affordable and durable non-Apple lightning USB charging cable to end all your worries?

What is it and why you need one?

Before we discuss the best lighting USB charging cables for iPhone 7, let’s just quickly look into what exactly is this. Lighting connected was introduced by Apple in 2012 and it replaced the 30-pin dock connector. These connectors can connect with your iPhone to host computers, camera, external monitors, USB battery chargers and other such peripherals. The reason why it is an absolute must to get your hands on this type of connector is because of its many advantages like its compatibility with USB 3.0 and its bi-directional feature. Besides, this type of connector is extremely powerful and fast which will give you a great user experience.

What to look out for when buying it?

When choosing a non-Apple Lighting USB Charging Cables, besides looking into the basics (durability, power, the length of the cord etc.) there is one more crucial thing that you need to look out for. You will notice that a cheap lighting connector will stop working with your iPhone 7 as that is how Apple has designed their devices. Thus, when buying one do look for only “MFi certified” ones. This means that the product falls under Apple’s licensing program and is definitely legit and will work effectively with Apple devices.

Top 3 Lighting USB charging cables

Now that you know everything about buying the best lighting connector for your iPhone 7, to further help you out here are 3 of the best ones available in the market currently:

3. Swiftrans Lighting USB charging cable

This MFi certified cable is 4.9 feet in length and is nylon braided which means it is quite durable. It is compatible with other Apple devices also and is only 1.4 ounces in weight making it perfect for the everyday use.

2. RAVPower 4-Pack 3ft iPhone Cables

This MFi certified lightning connector is made with TPE which makes it non-toxic, environment-friendly and recyclable. The best thing about this lighting connector is that it has a larger grip making it hard to bend which thereby increases the durability.

1. Anker PowerLine+ Lighting Cable

This 6 foot, MFi certified is a heavy duty charging cable that can be compatible with also other Apple devices. The best thing about this one is that felt carry pouch which lets you adjust cable length as and when needed.


There you have it, how to select the best lighting USB charging cables with the top 3 ones that will work effectively and accurately with your iPhone 7.