Top 5 best Laptop Stands for DJ Mixer & DJ Controller in 2019 review

One of the important accessories for a DJ is the laptop stand. It allows you to place your laptop, mixer, and other related accessories in a good position. The last thing you can imagine is straining to reach the mixer, trying to stabilize the mixer because the stand wobbles too much, or heaving to struggle with a heavy unit.

When choosing a unit, it is essential to go for only the best stand. It will be very portable, stays firm throughout, can handle different equipment, and is durable. In this review, we will look at the top 5 best laptop stands for DJ mixer in 2019:

#1. Pyle Pro 28- 46-Inches Universal Device Stand for DJ Laptop, Mixer

Coming in a universal design, this stand can handle different kinds of mixers, laptops as well as other devices. It’s designed for people who want convenience and improved functionality. It is made of high-quality metal for long life, good support and reliability.

The rugged design suits it even for heavy units whereas the simple design improves the setup. It is lightweight for easy assembly and folds to a smaller size for better transportation or storage.

To cater for different needs and users, it has an adjustable height of between 28 and 46 inches. The heavy-duty tripod keeps it firm and stable throughout whereas the lightweight and foldable nature makes it travel-friendly.

#2. Universal Laptop Projector Tripod Stand –with Adjustable Height (22-35 Inches)

When talking DJ laptop stands for mixers, the Pyle brand is well known. Of the different types it has on offer, this universal tripod stands ranks among the top. It is suitable for use with laptops, mixers, computers, sound media equipment, recorder, music notes, projectors, books and more.

It is made of durable ABS plastic and has a basic design for easy assembly. And like other units on this reviews, it has an adjustable height (22-35 inches) to suit varies uses. The sturdy tripod stand design keeps it safe and steady during use while the collapsible nature improves portability and storage.

It has a slim profile to save space whereas the versatile design suits it for indoor as well as outdoors. Other than DJs, it is also a good choice for students, musicians, engineers, performers, and teachers.

#3. Rockville RXS20 Portable Mixer Stand with Adjustable Height & Width

If you want a practical and versatile stand for your laptop, mixer, notebooks and sound equipment, then you will like the RXS20 Mixer Stand from Rockville. It can be used indoors and outdoors, thanks to its versatile design, and is among the easiest to operate.

The strongly built unit can handle a maximum weight of 300 pounds whereas the rubber feet keep it stable and prevent unnecessary movements. Once done with it, you simply fold it flat for better transportation and storage.

The unit is made from tough steel to bear the weight and regular use and has a soft padding to protect the equipment. The height can change from 24 to 36 inches whereas the width ranges from 13.8 to 23.6 inches.

#4. Laptop and Piano Keyboard Stand by Griffin

Boosting of a versatile steel construction, the Griffin stand can handle different kinds of laptops, mixers, and studio equipment. It has a simple design and platform for easy placing of the equipment and a soft surface to protect the items from scratches, dents and other things.

Assembling the 2-tiers unit is easy even if new to it. You only need to follow the included instructions. Once set up, it stays firm it prevents accidental falling of the equipment. And since it is height adjustable, it can be used for short, medium and tall people.

The rubber feet stop it moving unnecessarily while the adjustable width of 29-45 inches can handle most mixers and laptops on the market. By folding into a small T-shape, the stand fits conveniently in a case or carry bag.

#5. Hola! Music HPS-300B Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose DJ Tripod Stand

This multipurpose stand is ideal for use with mixers, laptops, notebooks, keypads, audio equipment and more. It is made of heavy-duty steel for good support and longevity and takes a short time to assemble.

The versatile stand is fit for home and professional use and has a plate measuring 11.5 x 15.5 inches, which makes it perfect for most everyday application. The height adjusts from a low 33 inches to a maximum level of 53 inches. Selecting the best position is easy and simple.

Although it can handle heavy equipment, the stand only weighs 11 pounds. This together with the collapsible natures boosts portability and storage. The legs maintain good stability to minimize slippage or accidents.

Our Last words about this review

With the right laptop stand, placing your mixer and other related accessories is much easier. It provides good support, has a decent dimension, and is easy to assemble. The unit is also lightweight, compact for easy carrying and storage, and durable. To own a good product, all you need is to follow this review and make a pick.