Top 5 Best Kids Winter Face Mask Review And Buying Guideline


When the winter session sets in, one of the best things we can do for our kids is to keep them warm. To do this, you require providing them with an array of cold gears so that they will not have to remain indoors throughout the cold session simply because there’s a higher risk of them getting sick if they move out. One of these gears is a winter face mask. This piece of clothing protects your kid from any cold or chilly weather and so they come in handy to prevent your kids from contracting the cold-related illness. With these masks, your kids will be able to stay comfortable and warm through the winter period regardless of whether they go skiing, snowboarding, running or any other outdoor sport. Below, is a list of the top 5 best winter face masks in 2019 so that you can have an idea of what you need to buy for your dear kid.

#1. ZERDOCEAN Children’s Winter

ZERDOCEAN Children's Winter Windproof Heavyweight Double-Layer Thermal Fleece Cycling Adjustable Ski Hood

This mask features a thicker dual-layer thermal fleece material that prevents heat loss all the way. It’s equipped with two drawstrings on both sides, one letting you contract it across your forehead while the other lets you fasten it across your nose. However, it’s important that you wash it prior to your first year. This mask is suitable for skiing, mountain climbing, snowboarding, cycling, trekking, running and more. Because of its versatility, one size is able to fit kids between the age of 3 and 12 years.

#2. Aegend-kids-youth-Balaclava

Aegend kids youth Balaclava Windproof Ski Face Mask for Cold Weather, Neck Warmer Tactical Balaclava Polyester Fleece Hood for Youth kids, Snowboard Cycling Hat Outdoors Helmet Liner Mask, 1 Piece

This winter mask features a comfortable fleece to provide you with ultimate protection against extreme cold, dust, windburn, UV rays and mosquitoes bite. It’s really ideal for keeping your warmth throughout the winter session. It made with a high-class material. The top-notch soft fabrics which are 88% polyester and 12% spandex that provides the best performance for Breathability, Zero-pilling, Durability, Abrasion Resistance, Wicking and static-proof function. Additionally, it’s ultra-comfort, lightweight, machine washable and packable. It’s articulated seaming with top-notch seaming threads enhances its tear resistance. Additionally, it doesn’t scratch the skin. This package of this mask includes one face mask, one hat and one scarf. It can be utilized as helmet liners minus any problem. So, this mask is really multifunctional.

#3. YR.Lover-Children’s Double-Deck

YR.Lover Children's Double-Deck Winter Windproof Cap Thick Warm Face Cover Adjustable Ski Hat

The mask includes a great versatility nature that enables one size to fit most boys and girls between the age of 3 to 12 years. It features a dual-deck wind-resistant cap that made of comfortable and warm materials making it the ideal winter partner for your children. This winter mask is ideal for frozen weather outdoor exercises as a warm face mask or fleece ski mask for hiking or snowboarding. It’s a warm fleece hat which covers your head and neck, and every part of your face apart from your eyes making it great protection for winter. The mask is machine washable.

#4. OJSCOS-Kids-Windproof

OJSCOS Kids Windproof Double Thick Fleece Hoody Balaclava Outdoor Sledding Skiing Cap

This one features an adjustable design coming with elastic strings that can be drawn from its sides in order to fit the kids’ face accurately avoiding any frozen air. This cap-like mask could be suitable for a maximum of 22-inch head circumference. It’s made with Fleece Material that is high quality, soft and comfortable with no smell but just to keep warm your kid warm. It features an all-purpose functionality that enables it to be utilized as a face cover, scarf, earmuff or warm hat. With this maks, there will be no more frozen cheeks as it will keep the face, head and neck warm. This is a must-have winter hat as is the ideal pick for early spring and late autumn and the entire winter. It provides 360 protections thus great for outdoor sports like sledging, snowboarding, skiing, sledge riding, and more. With this maks, you’ll be so happy making your kid appears like a Ninja and avoiding flue & colds.

#5. Elemart-Kid-Winter-Fleece

Elemart Children Winter Fleece Windproof Face Mask Kids Thermal Balaclava

This mask is made of Fleece fabric that is comfortable and soft to wear. Due to its multipurpose feature, it’s used to protect your neck, nose, ears and against the chilly wind. It can be utilized as a scarf, dust cover, hat, etc. In addition, you can utilize it adjusting it depending on your needs. The mask is equipped with two puller buttons that allow you to simply adjust the tightness or looseness in relation to what you want. One size is able to fit the majority of boys & girls. The mask provides the user with all-round protection. It’s snow-proof, wind-proof and dust-proof. It’s therefore ideal for outdoor activities like snowboarding, running, skiing, hiking, cycling, fishing, etc. This mask is guaranteed to keep the kind warm throughout the winter weather.


The above list of the best winter face mask for kids will definitely provide you with the knowledge you seek regarding shopping for these products. After you have gone through the list, you’re very ready with your choice to go and make a purchase. With the pick you have made out of the five, you can proceed with confidence as the list has been compiled after considering some important features including the material, versatility, machine washable, cost, how the masks look just to mention but a few. All the best!