Top 5 best iPhone Xs / X Cases, Covers and Accessories of 2019 review

Many accessories will help to protect and extend the life of your iPhone. The most common are cases that protect the shell and absorb shock, affect, and other things. Screen protectors combat scratches, dents, knocks as well as impact. Although there are many products on the market, not every accessory guarantees you of the best protection and performance. This review list displays the top rated cases, covers, and accessories for iPhone Xs and X.

#1. TangDirect Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone X, 2-Pack

iPhone X Screen Protector, Tempered Glass Screen Protector, 3D Full Frame Curved Edge

Made from tempered glass, this protector by TangDirect will ensure your iPhone X’s screen doesn’t get damaged. It will stop scratches, stains, dents, without undermining the operation. It fits nicely on the phone and doesn’t leave air bubbles in between.

It has a hardness rating of 9H for maximum protection and longevity and maintains high clarity even after long exposure to the laments. It is very thin and lightweight to prevent adding unnecessary weight to the phone.

The oleophobic and hydrophobic screen coating offers protection from fingerprints, oils, greases, smudges, moisture, sweat, dirt and more. It cleans easily and you just require wiping with a microfiber cloth.

#2. Trianium (3 Packs) Screen Protector Designed for iPhone Xs and iPhone, 3 pack

Trianium (3 Packs) Screen Protector Designed for Apple iPhone XS & iPhone X 2018 2017 Premium HD

This glass protector by Trianium is one of the thinnest and lightest in the market. It is just 0.25mm thick and fits on iPhone X and Xs 2019 models. The HD screen gives good clarity and ensures the phones’ functionality is not interfered with.

The high-quality piece is made of premium-tempered glass to combat bangs, scratches, chips, cracks and more. It is also resistant to sweat, moisture, fingerprints, greases thanks to the hydrophobic and oleophobic characteristics.

Fitting it on the phone takes little effort and a few seconds. And once installed, it does not move or look odd. You don’t need adhesives and removal is straightforward. It comes in a 3-pack to serve you a longer period.

#3. Maxboost Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone XS and iPhone X (Clear, 3 Packs) with Advanced Clarity

Maxboost Screen Protector for Apple iPhone XS & iPhone X (Clear, 3 Packs) 0.25mm iPhone XSX Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Forget screen protectors that make your phone screen look dull. With this piece by Maxboost, not only will you get exceptional clarity but also chances of your phone’s screen getting scratches or chipping are greatly reduced.

It is made of the tough glass material that can put up with everyday operation, falls, vibration, shocks, the elements and more. The super thin glass (0.25mm) protector matches your phone’s screen and doesn’t leave spaces or feel too tight.

The Open Edge design has better protection than other types and is case-friendly. It also does not affect the phone’s sensitivity thanks to the 3D Touch. It is hydrophobic and oleophobic meaning that fingerprints, sweat, oils, and moisture will not affect it and is easy to wipe. It comes in a 3 pack for longevity and versatility.

#4. Trianium Clarium Series Transparent Case for Apple iPhone Xs (2019) and iPhone X (2017) Glossy Black/Clear

Trianium Clarium Series Designed for Apple iPhone XS Case 2018 iPhone X Case (2017) (5.8 Display) with Reinforced TPU Hybrid Cushion

Boasting of a 5.8-inch display, this case is perfect for iPhone Xs (2019) and iPhone X (2018). It is among the easiest to fit and remains intact throughout. Fitting just as removal is easy and requires little effort and time.

The case has a rigid back panel that absorbs the knocks, falls and impacts instead of the phone. This protects the shell as well as the sensitive internals. For extra protection and good impact/shock absorption, the case is reinforced with TPU Hybrid Cushion.

The enhanced handgrip improves handling even with wet, sweaty or oily hands. It comes in a glossy black/ clear finish for elegance and a smooth interior to stop scratches.

#5. Vena [vCommute] Military Grade Drop Protection Flip Leather Cover Wallet Case for iPhone XS (2019) and Iphone X (2018) Space Gray/Black

With this wallet case, your iPhone Xs or iPhone X will serve you for a longer time. It absorbs the impact, shocks, and vibrations thanks to the high-quality leather and TPU construction and superior engineering.

The military grade protection makes it perfect for use anywhere including the rugged outdoors. According to the maker, it can survive drops as high as 4 feet. Credit goes to the TPU, Corner guard technology, and Dual-layer polycarbonate.

It fits nicely on the phone and has a smooth interior for better protection. You also get hidden slots for placing things such as bank cards, business cards, credit cards and more. Thanks to Space Gray and black color, this wallet case improves the appearance of the phone.

Our Last word about this review

The above pieces have thoroughly been reviewed to confirm that they will actually protect your phone from bangs, impact, shock, dent, and other kinds of damage. What’s more, they will not interfere with the operation or functionality of the phone. They fit right and ensure there is no restriction to the different ports. Use this top 5 best iPhone Xs / X Cases, Covers and Accessories of 2019 review to extend the lifespan of your phone.