Top 5 best iPhone Xs Max cases and protection accesories of 2019 review

Since the launch of iPhone Xs Max in the market, many accessories associated with the smartphone have been released. Their main goal is to improve the functionality and offer extra protection to the phone. You will come across screen protectors, cases, phone holders, charging pads and much more. In this review, we will briefly go through some of the popular accessories.

#1. Silk Wallet Case for iPhone XS Max with Slim Protective Vault Grip, Red Rover

Silk iPhone XS Max Wallet Case - Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 [Slim Protective Vault Grip Credit Card Cover] - Red Rover Red Rover

Dropping or banging your phone against other objects is inevitable. You, however, can minimize the damage (crack, dents, chipping, stains, and shock…) by fitting a wallet case. This one by Silk fits perfectly on the iPhone Xs Max and other phones.

It may look simple but provides excellent protection to the device. Credit is given to the tough material and air-pocket corners. The textured sides improve handling even when held with wet, sweaty or greasy hands. The case does not fade or lose its roughness even after long usage.

The wallet case also has slots for placing cash, bank cards, credit cards, transit card or even cash. In addition to the case, you also get a screen protector film as a bonus. This will ensure scratches, bangs; moisture, fingerprints and other things don’t harm the screen.

#2. TORRAS 360-Degee Rotation Magnetic Car Mount, for iPhone Xs Max/ Xs/XR / X / 8/7 / Samsung Galaxy Note 9/Note 8/S9 / S8 / and More, Black

TORRAS Magnetic Car Mount, 360° Rotation Air Vent Cell Phone Holder Car Cradle Mount Compatible for iPhone XsXs MaxXR X 87 Plus Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 Note 9 Note 8 and More - Black

Save yourself the trouble of trying to reach your phone while driving. With this car phone holder by TORRAS, you not only have easy access but also improve your safety. It works with many phones including iPhone Xs Max, X, 8, 7, and Samsung Galaxy.

The piece fits easily into the car vent and doesn’t require any adhesive to attach it. Simply slide it inside the vents. It has a 360-degree rotation angle for easy viewing from different angles and for easy adjustment.

The four extra strong neodymium magnets provide a firm hold on the phone and chances of it falling even driving over rough patches are reduced. To prevent impact and absorb shock, the holder features a silicone clamp.

#3. Aslanda Tempered Glass Screen Protector for phone Xs Max – 3D Touch Glass with 9H hardness

Aslanda iPhone XS Max Screen Protector( 3 pack, Clear ) iPhone XS Max Tempered Glass Screen Protector. 9H hardness Supporting 3D Touch Best Glass for Your best iPhone

With this screen protector by Aslanda, you will worry less about your iPhone XS Max screen cracking, breaking, staining, or getting scratches. Made of high-quality tempered glass, this protector can handle everyday operations as well as rough handling, bangs, and impacts.

The glass has a 9H hardness rating and is among the toughest in the market. It also provides good unobstructed views thanks to the high clarify (99.9% transparency) glass. What’s more, it does not affect the sensitivity of the phone thanks to the superior 3D Touch glass.

It fits easily and nicely on phone Xs Max and does not need glues or adhesives to attach it. The very thin profile does not make the phone any heavier whereas the oleophobic and hydrophobic nature combats moisture, fingerprints, sweat, and oils.

#4. Maxboost DuraHold Magnetic Car Dashboard Mount Holder for iPhone XS Max/ XR /X/ 8/ 7 / 6s Plus/ SE, LG/ Samsung Galaxy Note 9/8 / S9/ S8 and more, Black

Maxboost Dashboard Mount DuraHold Magnetic Car Mount Holder for iPhone XS Max XR X iPhone 8 7 6s Plus SE,

The Maxboost Durahold mount holder is what you need to safely and conveniently operate your phone while driving. It is available in universal design and should work with many phones including iPhone Xs Max, XR, X, 8, 7, Samsung Galaxy and LG.

It’s extra strong courtesy of the robust materials and superior engineering and will not break or crack even in extreme driving conditions. The unit fits in most dashboards with minimal difficulty while the tough magnetism maintains a firm grip on the phone.

The highly- flexible rotation gives you views from different angles and allows you to vary the viewing angles. It works on both smooth and textured dashboards and is easy to clean.

#5. Silk Slayer Slim Protective Kickstand CM4 Q Wallet Case for iPhone XS Max, Black Tie Affair

Silk iPhone XS Max Wallet Case - Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 [Slim Protective Kickstand CM4 Q Card Case Grip Cover] - Black Tie Affair

This wallet case will work with your iPhone XS Max and will extend its lifespan. The simple yet elegant piece has a nice fit and is very lightweight. The smooth interior prevents scratches while the thin profile doesn’t interfere with handling.

It has a textured surface for a firmer grip on the phone. Furthermore, it feels smooth on the hands and does not promote sweating. The case isn’t affected by body oils, fingerprints, sweat, and other things.

To store cards (business, bank, credit, transit…), it features a kickstand. You can also slip in cash in the wallet case for better safety and convenience. The manufacture throws in a screen protector film as a bonus.

Our Last word about this review

The above accessories will help to extend the life of your iPhone Xs Max. They will protect the shell or screen from falls, impact, moisture, dirt, dust and the elements. The holders allow you to operate the phone with minimal distraction. Additionally, they will not interfere with the visibility, handling, weight, or functionality of the phone. Use this top 5 best iPhone Xs Max Cases, Covers and Accessories 0f 2019 review as your buying guide to own the best.