Top 5 Best Impact Drivers Detail Guideline and Reviews

Among the must-have tools in your home are the impact drivers. This is regardless of whether you’re a DIYer, hobbyist, an expert contractor or even a seasoned woodworker. Just like with several power tools, it’s usually a good idea to buy these tools from reputable manufacturers or brands. However, apart from the reputable brand, there are other considerations you should take when buying an impact driver.

One of these considerations is the motor. This is actually the first factor which you require to consider when picking an ideal impact driver because it determines the driver’s capabilities and performance. There are two types of motors; the brushed and the brushless types. So, you should decide which one is better for you to go for. But, brushless ones are more expensive though they are more effective and also generate less heat. Brushless motors hold smart electronics which help to limit thermal overload while optimizing performance. Conversely, the brushed motors may not possess all these abilities although they are more cost effective.

Another important factor to check out for is the driver’s torque. Normally, the torque amount which impact drivers give to fasteners is among the things which make them even better compared to the standard drills. Nevertheless, this torque is going to vary between one brand to the other and various impact sizes of impact drivers. For the 12 Volts drivers, you may anticipate to realize a torque ranging from 800 to 1,200” pound while the 18 Volts designs are able to give a torque ranging from 1,350 to 2,250” pounds. The other factors to consider should be the voltage, speed/RPM and ergonomics. With this in mind, below find the top 5 best impact drivers in 2019 review.

#1. Ryobi-One+ P236

This impact driver utilizes a 1 out of 4” hex chuck which accepts different bit tips though its huge torque with 1,600 inch-lbs maximum which’s its most amazing feature because it implies that it can support nearly any particular impact driving use. It additionally offers 3,200 RPM maximum which is importantly higher compared to numerous other drivers in this category. This impact driver is very convenient and efficient when in use. It also includes a magnetic tray which catches the bits and fasteners to free your hands in order to manage the driver. There’s a guaranteed firm grip even under slippery conditions because of the rubber over mold on its pistol grip. You can likewise utilize it efficiently in low-light states thanks to its tri-beam LED lights which light up your work surface.

#2. Milwaukee 2656-20 M18

This is a very affordable and a highly performing impact driver which delivers an outstanding 1,500 inch-lbs of torque. It additionally has comparatively higher RPM ranging from 0 to 2,750 and IPM of 3,450 because of the four-pole and frameless motor. This 1 out of 4” hex-chuck power kit utilizes REDLINK intelligence in ensuring total unit communication within the driver, the battery, and the charger to ensure overload security and to guarantee optimum performance. Its robust design makes this impact driver a highly long-lasting unit and it further includes a LED light for illuminating dark & low light working areas. The manufacturer offers a 5-year limited guarantee.


Their model is a 20 Volts max delivering a maximum torque of 1,375 inch-lbs that make it very steady impact driver. It’s further a variable speed system that provides RPM between 0 and 3,000. Although it’s the heaviest design on this list, it’s still an important compact and lightweight impact driver comparing it to other options in the market.

Also, it utilizes a fast release 1 out of 4” hex-chuck and it’s also a comparatively cost-effective system. This driver is actually ready to be used when you buy it since it includes both the charger and battery.

#4. DeWalt DCF887B

This is a highly rated model which many professionals highly. The impact driver is described as a quick driving and fast handling impact driver that blends speed, power and finesse in order to drive in long and tiny fasteners nearly effortlessly. This device uses a 20 Volts lithium-ion battery having a strong brushless motor. It provides three-speed settings which makes it a flexible and a quite power tool.

It has a gross weight of about 2.4-lbs with a comparably shorter length. This device is also compact and lightweight meaning that it’s a great performer for working within tight spaces. The 1 out of 4” Hex-Chuck additionally has three LED lights having a twenty seconds delay when you’ve released the trigger which will be pretty handy if working within dark locations and an important belt clip. It comes with a 3-year limited guarantee.

#5. DEWALT-DCF885C1 20V Max

This impact driver everything needed to handle all tasks which need driving in long fasteners. It‘s a 1 out of 4-inch Hex-Chuck driver which will support up to one-inch bit tips that makes it very versatile tool. Also, it will produce a torque of 1,400 inch-lbs maximum which ought to be sufficient for most uses at the workshop or for home improvement. It has huge power and essentially larger battery which offer long run moments. On top of that, it’s an ergonomic driver because it weighs 2.8 lbs only and it’s compact since it’s only 5.5’’ long from the front to the back. This impact driver features a fast charger to improve its efficiency as well as a 3-year limited guarantee.


Impact drivers are probably among the tools which you will utilize the most at your workshop. Whether you’re driving or drilling it’s normally very handy. But, you still require ensuring that you have the ideal impact driver out of the numerous options. By considering the above-mentioned factors you ought to buy an impact driver which will fit most of the projects whether you’re a professional or a DIYer. Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you before making the ultimate decision to buy one.