Top 6 best hologram projector 2019 review

We are living in a modern world where we have different means of picture display options that we can use and a good example is a projector. When it comes to choosing the right projector machine that we can watch with our kids, many of us go wrong in making the right decision. This is why I have gone ahead and come up with a list of some of the most influential projectors you can pick from in your search.

#1. Gideon Dreamwave Ocean Wave Night Light Projector

Transform your homeroom into an amazing oasis all thanks to the Dreamwave Light Projector. Owning this will guarantee your children an amazing bedtime experience through the 3-colored lighting effect; special feature in the device. With the projector, you can be able to listen to music through an inbuilt speaker as an added feature of the device.


  • You can listen to music through an inbuilt speaker
  • Different power sources which include batteries and AC


  • Automatically shuts off in an hour.
  • Looks cheap.

#2. Laser HPI Projector

Most of us are usually intrigued by the appealing sky, which is why we have this special machine for that effect. Small and Light in weight giving you the portability advantage with an elegant lighting effect. With this in your wall, you can be assured of an amazing display which will make you feel as if you are in space.


  • Get to experience up to about 6 different kinds of stars
  • Easy to use


  • Costly in its price.
  • The projector’s bulb is irreplaceable.

#3. SOAIY Color Changing Show Projector

Get to experience the amazing color changing display that comes in 8 different modes effective to suit your different moods, with the Color Changing Aurora.


  • Real display experience.
  • Up to 8 modes of projection.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Not enough sound from the speakers.

#4. Homestar Sega Premium

Discs Double Pack #1 for Sega Toys Homestar Planetarium

Of all the projectors available, this is one of the best in the customer market. A benefit of this type of projector is it will give you an amazing picture experience of up to 60,000 different stars.


  • 60,000 Display experience.
  • Special features such as inbuilt timer and adjustable focus.


  • Expensive.
  • Limited modes in a display.

#5. Borealis Fding Lamp

Aurora Borealis Projection Night Light Diamond Style Color Changing Sea Star Projector Light with Bulit in Speaker and Audio Cable for Bedroom Living Room As Decorative Lighting

If you love the SOAIY projector and some of its incredible features then you might also be interested with this as well. Its features include the amazing LED experience, up to 8 different modes of picture display and an inbuilt speaker.


  • Inbuilt sound system.
  • Different modes of projection.


  • Comes in one color; red
  • Expensive

6. Abco Tech Multicolor Light Projector

Abco Tech ABC2050 Tech Multicolor Ocean Wave Light Projector, 12 LED, BLUE, RED, GREEN, MULTICOLOR, MP3 iPhone Speaker LED Night Light

When one is looking for a projector, there are factors they need to highlight and the price is one of them. However, the Multicolor will guarantee you and your kids the amazing picture experience on some of the treasures found under water.


  • Inbuilt sound system.
  • The different power source that includes AC and batteries.


  • Even at minimal, the sound is quite loud.
  • Even with an inbuilt speaker, not an ideal choice to listen to songs.