Top 3 Best Hiker Hat For Men In 2019 Reviews

Men’s hiking hat is of great significance to you as it acts as a defense to the powerful sun rays while enjoying the adventures’ outdoor events. If you are a keen lover of trekking, you need to look for the best hiking hats which can suit you so as to enjoy the event. Fortunately, you can choose from the following best hiker hat for Men 2019.

Top 3 Best Hiker Hat for Men 2019

#1. The Sombriolet Sun Hat

This is one of the best men’s hiking hats with Classic’s full circle brim of traditional features. Apart from that, it has modern features which you cannot afford to miss it. One of them is the UPF rating of 50 which provides a wide range of UV protection. As you pipe along the
brim, the hat can stay firm In the event of a gusting wind. Another excellent attribute is the foam which ensures that it floats on water if it accidentally falls on it. Generally, the features of the cabriolet sun hat include a classic look, high level of UV protection, retaining shape in wet conditions and it recovers from any compression.

#2. The Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat

The ultra adventure is an exciting hat with am an attractive specification which comprises of 12% polyester and 88% nylon. Moreover, the hat offers both breathability and sun protection which is associated with the materials. The

With a UPF rating of more than 50 as well as a six-inch cape, there is plenty of coverage which you can benefit from the hat. Nevertheless, the hat has a sweat band which assists in wicking the moisture away. To be precise, the hat has the following advantages:

  • Breathability, a neck cape, excellent coverage from the brim and very strong UV protection
  • It is also beneficial because of the features such as the sunglass lock and the chin strap1. The packable mesh Breezer Hat

#3. The Packable Mesh Breezer Hat

The Breezer hat, which is among the top most, has some striking similarities to both the sun runner hat and the sombriolet sun hat. The hat features a wrap around mesh utilized for breathability. The lid and brim which the hat is designed with are also one of the excellent features which should be embraced as you look for the best hat. With a high SPF rating, be rest assured that there is excellent sun protection if you wear the cape. As the name suggests, the mesh Breezer is specifically designed in such a way that it is both sturdy and packable. This is the best weapon of choice specifically for people who love plunging their heads as they are adventuring on the wilderness. Therefore, this hat is suitable for people who want to explore the world’s nature.


Even though the hats mentioned above have something to offer, the Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat is at the top of the list. This because of the excellent features mentioned. In addition to that, it is sturdy. Hence, it is enough to deal with various hardships, compression, and water.