Top 5 Best High lift Transmission Jack in 2019 Review


When it comes to traveling we rarely think about inconsistencies along the way. In fact, we tend to forget the basic car accessories that might help us along the way. Getting stuck along the journey with no options can really feel bad. One of the most important things to have is a transmission car jack. The type of jack you choose should be easy to use, stable, and have the ability to work fast. In this review, you will find the top 5 best high lift transmission jacks.

#1. Goplus Low Profile Transmission Jack

Goplus Low Profile Transmission Hydraulic Jack Low Lift for Auto Shop Repair (0.5 Ton)

When you are looking for a transmission jack and you don’t want to spend a lot of cash, this Goplus transmission Jack could just be the best option. Constructed from solid steel, this jack is robust, easy to use and has a lifting capacity of 1, 100 pounds. Since it has a hydraulic cylinder, it is unlikely to be affected by wear and tear.
With this Jack, you will be able to lift your load with lower pressure hence prolong the service time. Apart from having an adjustable height function, it also comes with a titled saddle to install it in any position. More so, its caster wheels are durable.

While not all transmission Jacks are made to last this one is durable. Its paint is high quality hence not prone to corrosion and rust. This also protects it whether you are working outdoors or indoors. Whether you need to install or remove car transmission, this is the ideal tool for the job.

#2. Mophorn 1100 LB/ Ton Transmission Jack

Mophorn Transmission Jack 1100 LB 12 Ton Capacity Hydraulic Transmission Jack 2 Stage 360° Swivel Wheel Transmission Jack Lift Heavy Duty Lift Hoist with Pedal with Double Spring (Double Spring)

If you own light truck or vehicle then this jack is meant for you. Mophorn not only works with lot efficiency but you’ll also love the outcome. As a foot paddled jack, it provides one of the most efficient transmissions. It also has chains to make it stable.

The Mophorn 1100 LB is a durable model hence you will enjoy its services for the whole duration. It has wheels that can make it swivel and provide portability. Since it has a wide base, it’s very much portable. Its loading capacity can go up to 1000lb.
It comes with a foot operated pump and pedal that allows you to align and position it with both hands. It has a strong heavy duty construction to make it last longer. Although its loading capacity is small, it’s stable, easy to use and easy to move from one point to another.

#3. Strongway Two Stage Telescoping Transmission Gas

Strongway 2-Stage Telescoping Transmission Jack - 12 Ton Capacity

When working with heavy transmission units it’s important to ensure that your transmission jack is up to the task. Although it’s good to purchase a cheap jack and save money, this might cost you a lot in the end. Thankfully, the Strongway transmission Jack is built to last long and hence will provide you with service in a mechanic or home garage.

Robust and durable, it’s made of strong steel and painted with lead-free paint. This makes it resistant to rust and suitable for both outdoors and indoors. By using lower oil pressure it will experience less wear and tear which is common in cheap jacks.

Since it’s versatile, you can use it to remove or install transmissions in cars and light trucks. It also comes with a universal head to boost the tilt range. Apart from its broad base, it also has steel caster wheels that will make you move it to where it’s required with a lot of ease.

#4. HTJ-1000 lb Hi-RiSE Transmission Gas

HTJ-1000 1,000 lb Hi-Rise Transmission Jack

If you are looking for one of the top-rated transmission jacks then look no further. This popular jack has a half a ton of lifting capacity with a height that ranges from 37.5 to 72 inches. Its saddle comes with a good tilt of 40 degrees.
This means it can fit any transmission. It also has a pressure of between 60 and 160 psi and strong metal construction that will give you confidence while performing the task.

Apart from being adjustable, it comes with an easy to use formula hence you will love the way it rises to greater heights while in use. Overall, it’s durable, easy to use and stable with wheels for easy movements.

#5. Mallofusa Hydraulic 1,500 Transmision Jack

Mallofusa Hydraulic Transmission Jack Telescopic 2 Stage 1500 LB Capacity Double Spring Transmission Jack with 360 Swivel Wheels Lift Hoist


When looking for a brand new transmission jack, not just any jack will work for you. The versatility, quality, and price play a very important role. If you are looking for these then this jack is the best. Unlike most transmission jacks, this jack has a lifting capacity of 1,500 pounds.

Fitted with two 31 inch safety chains it has a lift range of between 33” and 70”. The work of the chain is to ensure that the transition to the saddle is secured for easy movement. Ideally, everything about it is made for your convenience.

Since a garage can sometimes be large, this portable transmission gas will really help you. It has a base with 4 caster wheels that will enable you to move your transmission around the garage with ease. When you are ready to buy a convenient tool for transmission, then consider buying it.

Our Last words about this review

If you regularly deal with heavy loads or you have an auto shop, then these jacks will provide you with the services that you need. By picking one from the list you will surely love the results.