Top 5 Best Hair Dryers Of 2019 Review

Are searching for a good hair dryer? Or are you confused by the many models that are readily available? Well, by the time you are done reading this top 5 best hair dryers in 2019 reviews, you will have an idea of what suits you or the person you may be planning to gift.

To complete this list, we looked at the most important elements, which include heat/temperature, material, design, weight distribution, quality, ergonomics, comfort, and durability. Without wasting time, let us start the countdown.

#1. KIPOZI 1875W Nano Ionic Professional Hair Dryer

The KIPOZI hair dryer is not only good for home use but also for the salon, beauty shop, and other commercial uses. It boasts a powerful electric motor that helps to disperse the heat.

It features an 1875-watt element that heats up fast and good weight distribution for easy handling. The handle feels nice and light and is unlikely to slip even when held with oily or wet hands.

This dryer is more silent than most of its competition but is more powerful. It has a 3-heat setting and 2 speeds to cater to various requirements. The 8ft long cord provides a good reach while the air filter can be removed for cleaning.

#2. Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer

Getting professional results from a hair dryer doesn’t mean you have to go to the beauty center or salon. With the Revlon hair dryer, your hair will dry fast and look nice. Although small, the unit is rated 1875 watts and works on different hair types.

It is compact and light for comfortable carrying. The unit boasts of 2-speed setting and 2 heat settings to offer you the best options. For the course of very wet hair, you may prefer a higher setting.

The ergonomic design not only improves handling but also allows you to operate it for a longer time without getting too tired. The small nature and lightweight make it a good choice for traveling.

#3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

BaByliss is a popular brand in regards to hair dryers and blowdryers. Of the many varieties it has on the market, this handy hair dryer is among the company’s best. It is suitable for personal use, travel, and commercial applications.

The unit uses nanotechnology, which maximizes efficiency and minimizes static and friction. This ensures there are no flyaways and the hair stays flat and smart. It has a powerful 2000-watt rating to handle any kind of air.

The heavy-duty construction can endure long operation, knocks and bangs, and everyday running. Reasons, why it is a top seller, include good performance, reliable speed, lightweight, compact, and easy to operate

#4. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Anyone who is familiar with hair dryers will most likely know about the Revlon brand. The company offers a broad range of high-quality products. A good example is the One-Step hair dryer and Volumizer.

The 1100-watt unit delivers good heat to handle even the wettest and coarsest hair. Selecting the desired temperature setting is easy while the ion technology prevents static, frizz, and flyaways. This leaves your hair looking smart and professional.

Courtesy of the volumizer, you can use the hair dryer close to the scalp without causing any harm. It has good heat distribution, a nice handle, and your hand will not get too tired after long use.

#5. Remington D3190 Hair Dryer with Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Technology, Purple,

Remington Hair Dryer with Ionic + Ceramic + Tourmaline Technology,

Finally, we have the Remington Hair Dryer. It has a heat rating if 1875 watts and is one of the power units. The accessory is safe on all hair types and has a variable heat setting different needs.

It also includes Ceramic Tourmaline Technology for faster drying of hair, preventing frizz, and reducing static. The 125V AC hairdryer feels powerful courtesy of the strong motor and fan. It also has a non-slip texture for comfort and safe handling even with oily or wet hands.

You get the 2-speed setting and 3-heat setting to pick from, and this is determined by the state of your hair. To boost its good looks, this one comes in a cool purple color.

Our Last word about this review

There go the top 5 best hair dryers of 2019 review. We spend quite some time researching and comparing the most popular choice. By looking at the key features such as heat, speed, performance, handling, and efficiency, we managed to rank them from the very best to the best. and as you can clearly see, they are supported by numerous 5-star reviews as well as positive comments and reviews.