Top 3 Best Golf Shoes For Women In 2019 Reviews

Any experienced golfer will tell you that good quality golf shoes are a must-have gear for every golfer. This is mainly because of the grip that they offer. When hitting the ball, it is very important for your feet to be stable and well grounded. Moving them when taking a swing means reduced stability as well as lower accuracy. Good quality golf shoes eliminate this problem as they enhance grip even when playing on slippery ground.

Top 3 Best Golf Shoes for  Women 2019

#1. PUMA Women’s Sunnylite Golf Shoes Spike Less

PUMA’s sunny like golf shoes for women are not just lightweight, but they are also stylish and comfortable. These women’s golf shoes have a yoga mat sock liner made out of authentic yoga mat material which is durable and super soft. The innovative sock liner provides users with all day comfort and cushioning to keep their feet and toes relaxed all day. The shoe is also made out of synthetic fiber while the sole is made out of reliable rubber material. And although it is advertised as spike less, it has small spikes which help enhance grip and traction. Other handy features of the women’s shoe include;

  • Designed with a microfiber synthetic leather that provides extra comfort and durability
  • Designed with fusion foam which is lighter than the conventional midsole and offers long lasting durability and a comfortable fit.
  • It also comes with a carbon rubber that offers long-lasting durability and excellent grip.
  • It has a Gripzone Traction feature for enhanced grip and traction throughout the swing for stability.

#2. ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid Lace Up Golf Shoes

Though the brand has limited models, they are quite noble. The Biom model is a bit simple in architecture but very comfortable and stylish. To start off have a durable rubber sole and are made of out of authentic leather. The shoes have well placed small spikes for enhanced precision and traction.
The exterior also features high-quality leather known as Hydromax leather. It is resistant to water which means you can be sure of dry feet regardless of the condition of the golf course or the weather. It is also very supple and extremely soft which ensures that it adjusts according to your feet.
Ecco also makes use of a technology known as BIOM to improve safety and overall wearer experience. The technology is mainly used to design shoes that conform to the motion and structure of the natural foot. Because of this and other reasons, this women’s golf shoe feels like was designed for your feet. Actually, they move in coordination with your feet’s motion.

#3. Adidas Women’s Adizero Sports II Golf Shoes

These top selling shoes are available in 4 different colors. They have a spikeless sole and the synthetic upper part is designed with a mesh for improved ventilation. The synthetic sole with lugs also offers enhanced traction and moderate arch support which is ideal for any woman golfer who doesn’t need specialized and extra support.
Another great feature of this women’s shoe is that it is designed with an exclusive technology known as Puremotion. The technology ensures the shoe seamlessly conforms to the motion of your feet. It’s molded cleats are also very effective at providing traction and flexibility when swinging or walking. The interior, on the other hand, features a full-fledged sock liner for stability, injury prevention, and comfort. The insole also has a high-quality foot bed that provides more energy and better impact cushioning. With the Adidas Women’s Adizero Sports II golf shoe will no-longer complain of discomfort during breaks.

How to pick the best Golf Shoes for women


It doesn’t matter how amazing those shoes look, if they do not fit, you will not play comfortably. Modern golf shoes not only give you more space for your toes and feet to breathe, but also feel secure and tight. Your ideal shoes should be a bit tighter as you will need support when hitting the ball. If they are too lose you can easily lose stability or slide when taking a swing.

The right size

To determine your size check other shoes that you already own. This information may not be exactly correct because golf shoes are usually a bit different depending on the manufacturer, but it will give a rough idea of the sizes that you should try.

Consider Waterproof Shoes

If you play early in the morning when the grass is still wet or if you play in an area where it rains often, you might want to consider investing in waterproof shoes. Though they are slightly pricey, they are definitely worth every extra penny as they offer comfort and warmth even when the course is wet or it is raining. Go for those with genuine leather as they will not only provide you with extra support but will also repel water effectively. Style


Consider going for a shoe that suits your needs. Golf shoes for women range considerably in appearance and design. There are athletic style shoes, golf sandals, and dress style shoes. Try them

Try them

Try swinging while wearing shoes. This will give you a rough idea of how it will feel when playing with them. Try this with several other pairs until you get the one that offers the style, comfort, and price you are looking for.

Golf Shoe Materials

When purchasing your golf shoe, it is very important to consider what type of materials the shoes were made from. Manufacturers usually use different materials and this is what determines the price and quality of the shoe.

Frequency of Play

If you spend a lot of time playing golf, as a woman golfer you will need shoes that are going to provide you with a lot of support, breathability, and comfort.


The lighter the shoe, the more comfortable it will be.

Spike less or spiked?

Spiked golf shoes will give you various advantages such as increased comfort, versatility and saving in weight. On the hand, the main benefit of spikeless shoes is that they enhance the grip of the shoes as you walk.


These Top 3 Best Golf Shoes for women are not just the most reliable golf shoes today but are also the best rated. They are breathable, have durable traction and are breathable. They are also flexible and stylish enough to be worn even off the golf course!