Top 10 Best Garden Sprayers In 2019 Review

Is the market full of garden sprayers that you are unable to choose one that fits you?

Well, your struggle has ended because here is a shorter list of 10 best garden sprayers for you to choose from. Sprayers help you take care of your garden. Whether you are spraying to control pests or water it, there are top cheap but high-quality sprayers. As you shop at the store, there are factors to consider before buying a garden sprayer. For instance, look at its capacity. It should be appropriate for the size of garden you intend to spray. Always go for what you can afford, but should be quality.

#1. Sprayer For Water-Based Cleaners, Sealers, Release Agents And Curing Compounds-

It has a capacity of 3.5gallons. It is made of stainless steel thus no rusting. Its identity code by the manufacturer is S103E  It has a wide mouth making it easy for you to fill up. The product stands any chemical or solvent you use. The hose pump is sturdy and the lock system efficient to ensure no spillage. Cleaning the equipment is easy. Consider dismantling the pump and the hose for better results.

#2. Smith Contractor 190216 2-Galon Sprayer For Weed Killers, Herbicides And Insecticides

The design is amazing with the pump, hose, and nozzles well-constructed. It is unique due to its fountain-designed nozzle. Actually, you can choose the type of nozzle you want because they are five. There are foaming, poly adjustable, bras adjustable and two flat pans. This makes it ideal for commercial spraying. It is safe for users because the pressure valve does not allow chemicals to reach you. Your palms and fingers are safe due to the good grip.

#3. Solo 418 One-Hand Pressure Sprayer, 1liter

The fact that it is a one-hand tool means fatigue is no problem. The 1-liter capacity makes it light thus portable. However, it is only good for spraying small gardens. It is definitely one of the cheap garden sprayers in the market. It is capable of standing harsh chemical and adjustable to spray in any direction.

#4. Chapin 61900 4-Galoon

It comes with a well-sized mouth to make filling faster. It is appropriate for DIY tasks and for commercial purposes. You can always know when the sprayer is empty because it is translucent. Your shoulders will be fine because the strips of the sprayer are padded. Its stainless steel nature makes it shine throughout. There is no clogging because the filtration of the solvent occurs in three stages.

#5. Xpro Coby 1. Handheld Garden Pressure Sprayer 0.3 Gallon

It has an attractive design with spectacular colors. It is made of strong material and is compact to stand drops. You can always use it to eradicate pests in your garden and apply fertilizer. It is adjustable enough to exude the solvent depending on the pressure you apply. The nozzle sprays in any direction you choose.

#6. Smith 190285 1-Gallon Bleach And Chemical Sprayer For Lawns And Gardens

It stands substances of all kinds, due to the material it is made of. The grip is efficient to avoid slipping through fingers and prevent blisters. The hose is long enough to ensure you cover a wide circumference. The Viton seals make it an even better sprayer.

#7. Chapin 20000 Poly Lawn And Garden Sprayer For Fertilizer

The wide opening takes care of spills to ensure no wastage of substances. The clear, strong hose ensures you see whatever is happening in the system thus able to identify problems. The brand is available in a wide range of capacity giving you the liberty to choose what fits your spraying needs. It is sturdy making it safe.

#8. Roundup PRO 190410 2-Gallon Sprayer For Applying Fertilizers

This brand is manufactured by Roundup. It is ranked third best along with Smith’s because both models are good and perform almost the same way. The equipment is safe and resistant to chemicals. The pull-button valve lets out pressure before you open the tank. No solvents will spill on you. The five nozzles make the sprayer suitable for several needs. This saves money, as you do not have to buy different sprayers. There are two flat fans, foaming, brass adjustable and poly adjustable nozzles. You only need a few strokes before you see the chemical oozing out of the nozzles. Thus, spraying is less tiring, so you can cover a bigger garden area.

#9. Chapin 20002 Poly Lawn And Garden Sprayer For Fertilizer

It seems Chapin and Smith are popular brands in garden sprayer market. This is an amazing product from Chapin. You will have consistent spraying because the filter system is perfect. It is portable with a see through the tank that ensures you keep in check the levels of the solution. The handle has a comfortable feel.

#10. Field King For Lawns And Gardens

Fountainhead sprayers own it. There is nothing as devastating as getting wet when spraying. The brand does not do that to you, thanks to the leak-free pump. It is also user-friendly due to the padded strap and waist belt. It has four types of nozzles, which make it flexible. Fixing the Viton seals does not require any skill.


Sparing any garden is enjoyable when you have the right sprayer. Always consider the size of the garden to choose the best sprayer. You will definitely find a good sprayer among the top 10 best garden sprayers in 2019 Review.