5 Best Dog Shampoo in Philippines

Dogs are beloved pets all around the world, and in the Philippines, it’s no different. As a pet parent, it’s essential to keep your furry friend clean and healthy. Bathing your dog with the right shampoo is a crucial aspect of their overall health and hygiene. In this article, we’ll discuss the best dog shampoo in the Philippines, its benefits, and what to consider when choosing the perfect shampoo for your furry friend.

Why is Choosing the Right Dog Shampoo Important?

Choosing the right shampoo is important because it affects your dog’s overall health and well-being. Using the wrong shampoo can cause skin irritation, dryness, and even allergies. Additionally, choosing the right shampoo can help alleviate certain conditions, such as fleas and ticks, skin allergies, and dry skin.

Best Dog Shampoo Philippines: Factors to Consider

When choosing the best dog shampoo in the Philippines, there are several factors to consider. Let’s take a look at some of the essential factors to help you make the right decision for your furry friend.

  1. Skin Type: Just like humans, dogs have different skin types that react differently to various products. Some dogs have sensitive skin, while others have dry or oily skin. Choosing the right shampoo that suits your dog’s skin type is vital to avoid any adverse reactions.
  2. Purpose: Do you want to clean your dog’s coat, get rid of fleas and ticks, or treat a skin condition? Knowing the purpose of the shampoo will help you select the right one for your furry friend.
  3. Ingredients: Always check the ingredients list on the shampoo bottle. Look for shampoos that have natural ingredients and avoid those with harsh chemicals that may irritate your dog’s skin.
  4. Fragrance: Some shampoos come with fragrances that may cause allergic reactions in dogs. Consider choosing fragrance-free or hypoallergenic shampoos to avoid any adverse reactions.
  5. Price: The price of the shampoo is another important factor to consider. It’s crucial to choose a shampoo that fits your budget without compromising on the quality.

Saint Roche Premium Organic Dog Shampoo

Saint Roche Premium Organic Dog Shampoo Philippines

It is the most chosen dog shampoo by dog owners. It comes with three scents that you can freely choose depending on what you want your dogs to smell like. They offer Heaven Scent, Mother Nature, and Happiness. All equally capable of meeting your dog’s needs.

This brand offers numerous benefits for your dogs. It is formulated with natural moringa oil extract which serves as a natural antibiotic that gently treats your dog’s skin wounds and itchiness. It also has an ingredient that will protect your dog from pests with the natural eucalyptus oil extract that serves as a pesticide. It also consists of oatmeal oil extract that helps eliminate dogs’ odor for up to 14 days. It helps to regrow a dog’s fur by extracting natural moisturizer from aloe Vera that is loaded with vitamins into your dog’s pores. 

This product is usually used for dogs with thick fur yet is compatible with any dogs.

Saint Roche Premium Organic Dog Shampoo is the best with its complete formula shampoo for your fur babies. It is proven effective and received numerous 5 stars reviews. It is composed of 100% natural ingredients assuring the gentleness of it for your dogs. It is completely hypoallergenic and proven effective to remove dogs’ fleas, mites, and ticks while preventing them from coming again. It has a lovely fragrance fur parents love plus it makes a dog’s fur undeniably silk and smooth. It is also foamy and well-loved even by dogs.

Saint Roche Shampoo comes in a bottle with 1050 ml for only 460.00 pesos.

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Bearing Groomers Choice Conditioner for Extra Mild and Softer Dog’s Coat

Bearing Dog Shampoo Philippines

The dog shampoo is an effective tick and fleas shampoo. It helps dogs to prevent and kill pests while maintaining healthy dog fur. 

Bearing shampoo offers maximum care for your fur babies. It has a 0.10%

Cypermethrin is best for killing and preventing pests on your dogs such as ticks and fleas. It is easy to use and will leave your dog’s fur with a smooth, silky, and long-lasting scent. Last, it is well recommended for puppies 3 months old and above. 

It is used by any breed of dog as it is carefully formulated to solve common dog skin concerns. 

Bearing anti-tick and fleas shampoo is one of the fur parents’ trusted brands for their fur babies. It meets their satisfaction and agrees with its effectiveness. It is proven effective to kill dog pests and promotes smooth, silky, and fluffy fur. It also has a long-lasting well-scented smell which keeps dogs away from odor. It has a foamy texture and bathing your dog becomes even more fun. It is very convenient to use as you’ll only need to mix 1 cup into 1.5 Liter and wash it onto your fur babies. 

This Bearing Dog Shampoo is made available with 1500 ml for only 627.38 pesos.



Vet’s Best

Vet's Best dog shampoo philippines

Introducing Vet’s Best. It is an oatmeal-medicated shampoo that is best for dogs with itchy, dry, and flakey skin which are the most common problems and worries faced by fur parents. This product is proven effective by satisfied users and dog owners. 

Vet’s Best Oatmeal Medicated Shampoo is an all-in-one solution for your dog’s skin problem. It helps to eliminate dandruff while being gentle to your dog’s skin. It is formulated with natural tea tree oil and Colloidal oatmeal which is used for flaky, dried, and itchy dog skin, and salicylic acid to prevent and eliminate dandruff. It helps to stimulate healthy glow dog skin as it calms itchiness and moisturizes. Aside from this, it also helps tighten the skin pores and clear them to prevent itchiness. It is a tick control product assuring the safety of your dog away from ticks. It is advisable to use for puppies and dogs up to 12 weeks of age or older. 

Vet’s Best Oatmeal Medicated shampoo is best for any breed of dog. It is veterinary formulated assuring the compatibility of its formula and benefits to meet your dog’s needs. It is advisable to use it for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing.

This product is a proven solution for your dog’s skin problem. Many users have approved and agreed with its effectiveness. Its ingredients are all well-chosen as it is all undeniably suited to cure specific dog skin problems. Fur parents had found the best shampoo for their fur babies! It made your dog’s fur look silk and smooth. 

The product comes in a bottle that contains 16 fl. oz. It is affordable for the amount of 1,000.00 pesos only



Vet Remedy

Vet Remedy Dog Shampoo

Vet Remedy is highly hypoallergenic pet shampoo. It is a 5-in-1 solution for the fur baby’s problem in a bottle. It is best and recommended to cure and soothe dry and irritated skin. 

Vet Remedy Shampoo is proven effective with numerous benefits it offers. It removes the odor of pets and leaves a long-lasting scent with its lavender oil. It reduces itching and prevents ticks as well as eliminates the parasites from growing. It has a tea tree formula that helps nourish a pet’s fur and coat. It helps pet owners achieve smooth fur for their pets while maintaining their pets’ dandruff-free fur and most importantly, it has cleansing and conditioning properties that help relieve dry skin. 

Vet Remedy Shampoo is well formulated not just as a solution for your dog’s fur but also suitable for cats too. It has ingredients that are both effective for the dog or cat fur making it very convenient to use. 

The dry and irritated skin of our pets may be a common problem yet we don’t like our pets feeling irritated too because of it. For that, this product is highly recommended. As it is a 5in1, pet owners like us won’t need to spend on different shampoos to cure different skin problems. All that we need comes in one bottle therefore there is no doubt that it always received complete 5-star reviews. 

This product comes in an easy-to-handle bottle. For 1000 ml, it is available for only 550 pesos and can be used for all your fur pets.



Vet Core+ Active Dog Shampoo (Deltamethrin) 400ml

Vet Core+ Active Dog Shampoo (Deltamethrin)

The Vetcore+Active Dog Shampoo (Deltamethrin) is proven effective for dogs’ bacterial skin issues and eliminates fleas, ticks, and lice. This brand aims only to provide maximum protection for your fur babies. It effectively fights bacterial infection and even kills and prevents fleas and flea larvae & eggs. 

Vetcore+ Active Dog Shampoo is well formulated with natural plant extract and essential oil. It is best for sickening heartworm carrying mosquito larvae and eliminating pests for your dogs. It offers the maximum benefit and serves as tick and flea protection with a long-lasting scent that will last for up to 2 weeks with just a single-use. As it is made from premium quality ingredients, it is a well-proven solution for your fur babies’ skin problems.

This product is suitable for dogs. Its ingredients are well compatible with dogs’ skin issues.

Vetcore+Active Dog Shampoo gives a promising solution at a very affordable price and is an easy-to-handle bottle. As fur parents, we always want the best for our dogs specifically for their coats. This product comes with premium natural ingredients that won’t just kill the existing problem of your dog’s but as well as preventing it from coming back. Aside from being a solution for your dog’s pests, it also makes your dog’s fur shiny, and smooth, and leaves a long-lasting fragrance.

This brand is made affordable for just 350 pesos in every bottle of 400 ml. It is also convenient as it has a long-lasting scent that lasts up to weeks, you’ll be able to save money for a long time before purchasing again.




Choosing the best dog shampoo in the Philippines for your furry friend is essential for their overall health and hygiene. Consider the factors we discussed when making your selection, including your dog’s skin type, purpose, ingredients, fragrance, and price. With the right shampoo, you can keep your dog’s coat healthy, clean, and free from fleas and ticks.

Remember to always read the label and instructions carefully before using any dog shampoo. If your dog experiences any adverse reactions after using a shampoo, stop using it immediately and consult your veterinarian.

Investing in the best dog shampoo in the Philippines is an investment in your furry friend’s health and happiness. With the right shampoo, you can keep your dog clean, healthy, and comfortable, ensuring a long and happy life together.

Dr Jake Barakat

Dr. Jake Barakat is a renowned dermatologist and a leading authority in the skincare and beauty product industry.