Top 5 Lest Desk Lamps Of 2019 Review

Do you wish to own a good desk lamp? Of course, YES! I mean, who doesn’t want proper illumination while reading a book, working on a project, or to simply enhance the desk’s appearance. It is true that you will easily find a lamp on the market. However, not every product will serve your needs. It may have poor lighting, may be too bright, too dim or is a power hog. Additionally, the wrong accessory may be hard to fit, shakes too much, isn’t stylish or and does not last very long.

In these reviews, we have listed the top 5 best desk lamps that are worth buying. Our focus was on light quality, reliability, easy operation, energy efficiency, elegance, quality construction, and quality lighting. Read on to know the top products on the market.

#1. Lampat Dimmable LED Desk/table Lamp, Black

Lampat LED Desk Lamp, Dimmable LED Table Lamp Black, 4 Lighting Modes, 5-Level Dimmer,

This Led lamp is ideal for your table or desk. It fits easily and stays firm thanks to the good base. The item can be adjusted in different angles and position to match your need at hand. The black color also goes well with most surroundings and desks while the lightweight improves its usage.

It has 4 different lighting modes ranging from fairy dim to super bright. Selecting your preferred option is straightforward and you also get a 5-level dimmer. The Touch-Sensitive Panel makes controlling the settings or brightness simple.

The unit runs via a 5V/2A USB charger and has good light distribution for maximum efficiency. It consumes little power to prevent high power costs and does not get too hot even after long usage.

#2. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with 4 lighting Modes, USB Charging Port, and 5 Brightness Levels

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, 4 Lighting Modes with 5 Brightness Levels,

Next on our reviews is this trendy looking desk lamp from TaoTronics. Although it isn’t very new in the market, it continues to draw positive comments and reviews. The unit is among the lightest in its class and among the most energy-efficient.

The 14-watt lamp emits quality lighting without consuming lots of power. The illumination remains constant throughout and the built-in Led bulbs last for a long period. It features a 1-hour timer for extra convenience and to conserve power as well.

The black lamp is fully rotatable to offer the best illumination. Since you can adjust it at various points (arm, head, base), finding the perfect lighting angle should not be a problem.
And like most top lamps, it has touch-sensitive control and is powered via a USB output.

#3. LEPOWER Dimmable Desk Lamp with5 Adjustable Brightness Levels and 3 Color Modes, Black

LEPOWER Desk Lamp, Eye-Caring Touch Control LED Study Lamps, Dimmable Office Lamp,

Holding the third position on this review list is the LEPOWER desk lamp. The unit, like the others, is suitable for both desks and tables. Its versatility is improved by the simple design and adjustable nature. You also get 5 levels of brightness to suit your desires.

It features 3 color modes to match different moods and ambiances and a touch-sensitive control for best performance. The unit comes Ready-to-Use, right from the box and you just need to hook it up to a power outlet via the USB point.

The 8-watt lamp, although small, provides quality lighting for good visibility. The distribution is also okay to prevent wastage. It is portable and has superior technology to protect your eyes.

#4. TW Lighting IVY-40BK LED Desk Lamp with 3-Way Touch Switch and USB Port, Black

TW Lighting IVY-40BK The IVY LED Desk Lamp with USB Port, 3-Way Touch Switch, Black

With this desk lamp by TW Lighting, not only will you enjoy good lighting but also conserve power. The energy efficient unit is Energy Star rated and uses as little as 3 watts. It will save you as much as 65% power.

The IVY-40BK uses advanced technology and superior LEDs to offer good light distribution, brightness and will last for a long period. The lamp stays cool-to-touch even after using it nonstop for a long period. It works using a USB power port and operates via a 3-Way Touch Switch.

A majority of consumers love the space-efficient design that utilizes the space in the bedroom, others like how easy it sets up and adjusts, while some give it thumbs up for the simplicity, flexibility, and reliability.

#5. Simple Designs Home Basic Metal Desk Lamp (LD1003-BLK) with Flexible Hose Neck, Black

Simple Designs Home LD1003-BLK Basic Metal Desk Lamp with Flexible Hose Neck,

The last item on our list is this modern looking desk/ table lamp. It is suitable for the bedroom, kid’s room, office, college room, dorm room and other situations. The versatile unit has a nice size and is adjustable to cater for varied applications.

The metal construction assures the user of longevity, resistance to breakage or warping, and effectiveness. It provides good lighting for most needs and you can vary the output depending on your desires.

It uses a Type a 60-watt bulb and has a painted metal shade for good light distribution. It stays firm thanks to the sturdy metal base and has a conveniently placed ON/OFF switch.

Our Last word about this review

You should not struggle to find a good lamp for your desk. Simply pick one from these top 5 best desk lamps of 2019 reviews. And as you can see, they are backed by lots of amazing reviews and 5-star ratings. Choose the best desk lamp for maximum satisfaction.