Top 10 Best Clothes Drying Racks In 2019 Reviews

Laundry is part and parcel of every household. Standard laundry procedure involves washing and drying of clothes. At times drying of clothes can be a more irksome and difficult chore than actual washing. This can happen particularly when drying space is scarce.

While using outdoor clothing lines is practical and fine, it’s difficult to dry clothes during the rainy climate or even during winter. Moreover, direct exposure to sunlight can cause your clothes to shrink and fade.

Another drawback of clothing lines is that it exposes your clothes to a lot of allergens and pollution from the surrounding environment and can pose a threat if you`re highly allergic.

For these and other reasons, it`s only prudent that you consider investing in a drying rack. Not only do they offer a simple solution to drying your clothes indoors without making them damp, but they also are highly portable, handy, can be folded and consume little space.

Drying racks are available in many sizes and designs to fulfill your specific needs. The racks range from flat, expandable to folding racks to ones that come with the traditional drying bars. Whether large or small, all drying rack allows you to save on your available space.

Guide on Picking the Best Drying Rack

Buying of a drying rack might seem to be an easy task on the face value. Wait until you Google go to the stores and you`re bombarded with different designs, sizes, colors, brands, varying costs, and models.

Below is a blueprint that will guide you in making a wise purchase that will ensure that you maximize on your limited budget while making a quality purchase that serves you best. I believe it will also help in saving your time and energy.

Below are some pointers that you should consider for a successful purchase;

  • Space: For people with small houses, a voluminous rack is an inconvenience. Source for a small rack and better still if you find the foldable options
  • Usage: This depends on the volume of clothes washed per session. Heavy washers require different dryers compared to light washers. A heavy washer might want to consider an umbrella model, on the other hand, a light washer might consider retractable or mobile clothes airier.
  • Mobility: If you think that you`re not leaving your place any soon, you might consider a permanent dryer installed such as an umbrella or rotary which are immobile. On the other hand, many concertinas are light, handy and easy to move.
  • Budget: This, obviously is the most important consideration. How much have you budgeted and are you willing to spend on a rack? The higher the amount you`re willing to spend, the greater the chances that you`ll find a quality dryer.

Top 10 Drying Racks

Below, I shall give a preview of some of the quality drying racks that do not need you to necessarily rob a bank to purchase them.

#1. AmazonBasics Foldable Drying Rack – White


This product is not here by sheer luck. It the number one bestseller on Amazon, it has an array of awesome features, energy-saving abilities, and provides gentle drying so that your clothes can last longer.

It has been crafted from the durable yet lightweight stainless steel that enhances its portability. The accordion design allows the dryer to fold flat for compact storage. Other auxiliary features include waterproof nature, mildew resistant, and epoxy. It`s available only in color white.

#2. Heavy-Duty Drying Rack – Honey-Can-Do

This is the best one for a budget and among the most spacious dryers. It comes in five different variants; folding Gullwing, Hanging Clip Dryer, Tabletop drying rack, Folding X-frame, Hanging Sweater Dryer.

Armed with 6 position wing sheets of steel support arms, the Gullwing dryer can comfortably support heavy garments. It also includes mesh netting on the bottom of the rack and a double pair of shoe holders. Its ability to fold down up to 3.5” provide leaves the users with ample storage space.

#3. Household Essentials 5009-1 Collapsible Indoor Tripod Rack

What I like most about this dryer is the “The original indoor folding tripod laundry hanging frame”(a patented sturdy tripod stand that will offer the best quality services you need) for drying all of your clothes. Also, the dryer can easily be folded and disassembled when in rest mode. In a similar way, it has added stability and strength, thanks to its newly re-designed arms.

When it comes to the hangers, they fit snugly, and on the same hangers, there`re slots for wrinkle-free air-drying.

#4. Premium Quality Folding Clothes Drying Rack – Whitmor

This is a rustproof clothes-drying rack manufactured from durable epoxy-coated steel, which is responsible for the resilient, anti-corrosion and durability. In addition, the waterproof epoxy coating on the help in eliminating mildew and stains.

Just like the other racks in the list, it`s also extremely lightweight, and if you have a constricted space, you`ll love how it drops into position for use and folds flat for storage.

#5. CRESNEL Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Clothes Drying

This is a superb fix that will handle whatever tasks you throw at it. The rustproof steel will not rust even under the harshest outdoor climatic conditions. And if you`re conscious of your space or live in a dorm, no need to worry, the rack comes in a foldable design that allows easy storage.

The versatility of the rack is unparalleled it`s suitable for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

#6. Home-it Bamboo Wooden Clothes Drying Rack

Measuring 29 x 19.8 x 3.5 inches, Home-it is a spacious, super-quality drying rack built using environment-friendly bamboo. With a voluminous and an ergonomic design, it fits batches of clothing conveniently.

Even though cheaper compared to the metallic racks in its category, it has well-designed and sturdy joints and rails that can support a lot of weight. A folding mechanism ensures it easily stored and greatly benefits campers.

#7. Household Essentials Collapsible Folding Wooden Rack

A product of Household, this drying rack features among the best drying racks, thanks to its pragmatism and overall functionality that users enjoy owning the product. The pre-assembled rack is easy to set-up, folds down easily and is a can be used as a household aesthetic.

The rack is built from treated wood, which makes it even lighter, thus suitable for traveling or home use. Offering up to 27 ft of storage space, you`ll never run out of storage space. You`ll also love the architecture and the stability of the bars and joints that go a long way in offering the much-needed support and optimal storage space.

#8. High Capacity Premium Clothes Drying Rack

If you`re looking for a heavy-duty dry rack, then this one is an excellent shot. With the ability to handle up to 4 loads of laundry and 72 clips for minor laundry such as socks and undergarments, you can never go wrong with this one regarding power and strength.

The swing-out arms for hangers constitute the impressive 70 linear feet of space. The hangers can be used as an apparel rack, extra closet. The inclusion of caster wheels makes the portability of your clothes much easier.

#9. Clothes Drying Rack by Royal ♛ Shop 

What is spectacular about this rack is its simple, minimalistic and practical design. It built using quality stainless steel coupled with superior quality plastic joints. It comes with a pretty standard dimension, so you`ll not have to worry whether it`s too big or small for your compartment.

Another feature that contributed to its inclusion on the list is it’s easy to set up nature, adjustability of the wings, flat-folding up to 3.9” and the inclusion of auxiliary double shoe pair and 3 twig clips.

#10. Metaltex USA Vulcano Drying Rack

With the Vulcan, be sure to have plenty of room for drying your clothes. The rack offers a generous easy-to-access space of up to 92”, making it ideal to use nearly anywhere in your compartment. Constructed using epoxy-coated steel, the dryer will neither rust nor chip.

Just like the other racks, it`s easy to set up and fold. It also a child-safe locking device to protect your kid`s fingers. This is a great way to save money and energy.