6 Best Cat Foods in Philippines

As a pet owner, you know that choosing the right cat food is essential to keep your feline friend healthy and happy. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to pick the best one for your furry companion. In this guide, we will explore the different types of cat food available in the Philippines and help you make an informed decision on what to feed your cat.

Types of Cat Food:

  1. Dry Cat Food: Also known as kibble, dry cat food is a popular option among pet owners as it is convenient and affordable. However, not all dry cat food is created equal, and it’s crucial to pick a high-quality brand that provides your cat with the necessary nutrients.
  2. Wet Cat Food: Wet cat food is an excellent option for cats who struggle to drink enough water or have dental issues. This type of cat food has a higher moisture content, which helps keep your cat hydrated and healthy.
  3. Semi-Moist Cat Food: Semi-moist cat food is a middle ground between dry and wet cat food. It has a higher moisture content than dry food and is more convenient to store than wet food. However, it may contain more preservatives than other types of cat food.
  4. Raw Cat Food: Raw cat food is a controversial option that involves feeding your cat a diet of uncooked meat, bones, and organs. While some pet owners swear by this type of diet, it’s important to note that it comes with risks such as bacterial infections and nutritional imbalances.

Choosing the Best Cat Food: When selecting the best cat food for your pet, there are a few factors to consider, including:

  1. Your Cat’s Age and Health: Kittens, adult cats, and senior cats have different nutritional requirements, and it’s essential to choose a cat food that meets your pet’s specific needs.
  2. Ingredients: Look for high-quality, whole-food ingredients and avoid artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.
  3. Brand Reputation: Opt for cat food brands that have a good reputation and have undergone rigorous testing.
  4. Price: While high-quality cat food can be expensive, it’s an investment in your cat’s health and well-being.

6 Best Cat Foods in the Philippines

Whiskas – Healthiest Cat Food Brand

Whiskas cat food philippines

Whiskas is one of the best cat food brands for your active cats to support their activity level while also keeping them slender and healthy. Your cat will surely love this quality wet food that is created specifically to meet the nutritional demands of cats aged one year old with an appetite that can be picky at times.

This wet cat food helps nourish the coat and skin of your cats regularly. It does not contain any preservatives or artificial ingredients, which makes it perfect for most cats. It also contains taurine that helps preserve good eyesight while giving essential nutrients such as omega fatty acids 3 & 6 to provide a healthy and shiny coat, and vitamin E to support the immune system.

Whiskas’ affordable price is a great option for cat owners who want to save money and still care about the health of their active cats. The price ranges from P155 (1 kilogram) to P1,085 (7 kilograms).

It is available in a variety of flavors for those who have picky eaters at home. Ocean Fish and Mackerel are the two of the most popular flavors that your feline friends would love. There are even kitten variations available, so your younger feline companion can enjoy some too.


  • It provides complete and balanced nutrition for both young and adult cats.
  • One of the popular cat food brands in the Philippines because of its affordability and essential nutrients that will support the immune system of your cats.
  • Has an easy-to-eat texture that even cats with the pickiest tongue would love
  • It is available anywhere in the Philippines.


  • It contains artificial dyes and preservatives that may have a negative impact on your cat’s health
  • Made with soy, corn, and wheat ingredients

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Royal Canin Care – The Cat Food Most Vets Recommend

Royal Canin Care - The Cat Food Most Vets Recommend

If your cat has kidney problems that make it difficult for them to urinate then this could be the best cat food to choose. The Royal Canin’s Care Line is a premium cat food that is a cross between a non-therapeutic diet and a prescription veterinarian nutrition. Its main purpose is to help the kidney problems of your fur baby by promoting mineral balance in urine. It also encourages your older cats to drink more water than usual.

You can get this cat food without a prescription but it will be similarly priced to veterinarian diets. So if you are on a budget for premium cat food, then this is the best food choice for older cats. The price ranges from P215 (400 grams) to P3,850 (10 kilograms).


  • Royal Canin has all the vitamins and minerals proven to enhance the urinary tract health of your fur baby in just ten days
  • Its balanced diet formula is best not just for younger and adult cats but for aging cats as well
  • It reduces your cat’s stool odor and the risk of having cat hairballs
  • It helps to keep their bones and teeth stronger


  • Some cats might not love its flavor
  • A bit pricey for some cat owners who are on a tight budget

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Orijen Six Fish – The Highest Quality Cat Food

Orijen Six Fish - The Highest Quality Cat Food Philippines

Cats have always been a bit more particular when it comes to their food, but if your indoor cat loves fish flavor then Orijin Six Fish is the best cat food. It has the highest quality cat dry food as it delivers a concentrated amount of omega fatty acids and protein from fresh fish that your feline companion loves.

Orijen Six Fish contains six different quality species of fish such as Acadian Redfish, Atlantic Mackerel, and Silver Hake. All are high-quality species, which contain a lot of omega fatty acids to make them tasty for most cats. It also includes a healthy balance of sustainable fish, vegetables, and fruits for peak health.

Additionally, Orijen Six Food is a grain-free meal that uses pumpkin seeds, apples, carrots, pears, and high-quality ingredients. A great alternative for cats who have sensitive stomachs or allergies.

Orijen Six Fish dry cat food is P1,600 for 1.8 kilograms, though quite pricey it is one of the highest quality pet food with all the nutrients your cat needs. It has won many awards and pleased cat owners around the world who know how important it can be to provide their feline companion with quality nutrition.


  • It provides the right balanced nutrition of six varieties of fish with healthy vegetables and fruits
  • Made from high-quality ingredients and rich in omega fatty acids and protein, which are essential for your cat’s health and growth


  • Too expensive
  • Hard to find in physical pet shops in the Philippines
  • It does not offer wet food choices

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Acana Wilde Prairie – Another Highest Quality Cat Food

Acana Wilde Prairie cat food philippines

Acana is devoted to providing high-quality ingredients and meat proteins that meet the needs of your feline friends. They have been one of the market’s most recommended cat food brands in the Philippines because they focus on your cat’s health.

It is loaded with 75 percent of meat and offers a grain-free and low-calorie formulation to complement your cat’s healthy lifestyle while helping prevent obesity. Furthermore, this food will keep your feline friends happy and healthy. The best part is that it is appropriate for all life stages, from kitten to aging cats or older cats.

You can get a 4.5 kilogram of Acana Wild Praire cat dry food for P2,449. If you are looking for pet food that is rich in meat proteins to promote optimum growth and conditioning in most cats and life stages, then give this one a try.


  • Contains gluten and grain-free formulation
  • Packed with meat proteins to support growth that is suitable for all ages and breeds of cats
  • One of the best cat food choices for picky eaters as it is incredibly appetizing due to its raw and fresh ingredients


  • Your cat will likely have diarrhea for the first few days after eating this food
  • Too expensiv

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Royal Canin Indoor – Healthiest Brand Cat Food and Great Choice for Older Cats

Royal Canin Indoor cat food philippines

Your older cats need more care and attention, that is why you must provide them with recipes tailored for senior cats so their internal systems stay functioning properly.

The Royal Canin Indoor 7+ remains one of the best cat foods in the Philippines because it contains specific nutrients that help nourish your feline friends’ coats as well as offer support for their aging joints. It also includes vitamins C and vitamin E, green tea extract, omega fatty acids to maintain healthy joints from inside and out.

 The Royal Canin Indoor Dry Cat Food is available at P800 for 1.5 kilograms. A great choice for indoor cats aged seven and above as it gives sufficient nourishment and provides support for your senior cats’ aging joints.


  • Its tailor-made soft square-shaped kibbles are designed to make it easier for older cats to chew them
  • It helps to reduce the stool odor while supporting their renal and urinary health


  • It has plant-based proteins, not perfect for kittens who need at least 19 percent of animal protein in their diet
  • It is low in moisture

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Kit Cat Chicken Cuisine – Healthiest Cat Food in the Philippines

Kit Cat Chicken Cuisine cat food philippines

Hairballs are the bane of cats’ existence. They cause all sorts of health problems, from intestinal blockages to diarrhea and even loss of appetite. And when your cat is experiencing the worst of hairball symptoms, it can be hard to find relief. Luckily we found a recipe that is both effective and deliciously tasty.

Kit Cat Food provides the perfect balanced nutrition that is essential for your cat’s health. The high-grade meat contains important vitamins and minerals, plus it has an appropriate proportion of omega fatty acids which support healthy your cat’s heart, skin, and coat.

The great thing about this product is that it provides a balanced diet with pH-adjusted nutrition to maintain a cat’s healthy lifestyle. Overall, you find this an effective method to lessen cat hairballs.

Kit Cat is a premium cat food created with goodness and contains no artificial coloring or preservatives, so you can feel good about giving your feline companion something safe for them. Its price ranges from P430 to P480 for 1.2 kilograms.


  • Made from all-natural ingredients with selected high-quality and healthy meat
  • The diet also contains fiber and prebiotics to promote a healthier digestive tract
  • It contains taurine to help your cat’s vision


  • Some cats may not like the chicken flavor
  • A bit expensive
  • You can only find these items in limited quantities online, so if you want to get your hands on some be sure and order right away

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Choosing the right cat food is crucial to your pet’s health and happiness. By following the tips and recommendations in this guide, you can make an informed decision on what to feed your cat. Remember to prioritize quality ingredients and opt for a brand that meets your pet’s specific nutritional needs. Your cat will thank you for it.


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