Top 10 Best Case For Samsung Note 8 2019 Review

Samsung galaxy note 8, which is one of the most impressive smartphones in the market, has just been launched by Samsung. It is fully packed with handy features, and it is big and beautiful.

The phone comes with a combination of metal and glass, with a stunning screen of 6.3 inches. Wrapping such a phone in a case may feel a little bit wrong, but it could help reduce a great deal of a headaches. Below is a review of top 10 best Samsung Galaxy Cases.

#1. Olixar FlexiShield

Olixar FlexiShield is one of the cheapest covers in the market. It has minimum details to ensure it shows off all the notes finest bits.

It ensures that the phone’s buttons are easily accessible and also has a grip. It’s super slim, which means the phone might fall off the hand easily.

#2. Tech21 Impact Shield

Tech21 Impact Shield with Anti-Glare for iPhone 7 Plus

This is technically not a case. The Tech21 Impact Shield is a cover that sticks on the Note8 edge to edge screen which is scratch resistant. The main problem is that the back of the phone is not covered.

#3. Olixar Armourdillo

This is probably the most rugged phone case in the market. The case has a bumpy polycarbonate case, which is definitely divisive, bold and chunky.

The major disadvantage is that it does not protect the Note8 from falls, so you should keep your phone safe. The buttons are also relatively straineous to press which is a problem. It has a stand though for the phones massive screen.

#4. Plyo Tough Protective Case

The most rugged looking options out there is the Plyo Note8 cover. It has reinforced corners which are meant to keep the phone safe from up to 4ft drop despite the relatively thin profile.

The UAG has a grip coating. Keeping hold of it is easy. The cover also protects all the buttons on the phones.

#5. Note8 Alcantara Cover Case

The major difference of the Alcantara Cover case from the rest of the rest is that it does not have a flip cover. The Note8 is kept clean and slim, but this comes at the price of protection of the screen.

The touch of the case is nice and soft. Phone buttons remain on display where they are easily accessible and the screen curved bits are not obstructed by the cover.

#6. Tech21 Evo Tactical

Compared to the wallet, Evo Tactical is slightly better looking. This case can also keep the Note8 safe from a 3-meter drop. Its grip surface is textured, making it hard for it to slide from your fingers.

The case is also scratch resistant. Just as the phone beneath it, it should look good as new. Its both scratch resistant and stain resistant.

#7. Note8 LED View Cover

This Note8 cover is just like the sibling of the previous case. Despite a slot for the credit card which is squeezing, the case design has managed to be made to be slim.

It has also a pleasingly soft-touch and simple, low key synthetic leather design. The front cover led displays important information like calls, notifications, time and battery status. The fingerprint sensor is also easy to find because of the cut-out back.

#8. Tech21 Evo Wallet

This case has pride in its toughness. The Tech21 Evo Wall can impressively protect Note 8 from a 3m fall. It also has a very fine grip which ensures that you cannot drop the phone.

Unfortunately, this is not the most attractive of note 8 cases.

#9. Clear View Standing Cover Case

The Clear view Standing cover is one of the flashiest covers on Samsung galaxy note 8. It is part of the Samsung launch which as meant to consider the note 8 release.

You can view battery life, notifications, incoming calls and time on the cover because the cover is very shiny. It has a built-in viewing feature which is very advantageous when it comes to watching movies and makes note’s button accessible easily. It is thin fairly which means that fingerprint marks are easily noticeable on the phone.

#10. Note8 Clear Cover Case

behind the tech 21’s impact shield lies the clear cover case in subtle terms. The case is built strategically to display the galaxy note’s 8 looks. It has a nice grip surface which makes it easy to hold and it’s reassuringly rigid although it is light and thin.

The case picks up fingerprint marks easily. It is also far cheaper than all the other options.