Top 5 Best Camping Air Conditioner Detail Guideline and Reviews

Camping upon hot, summer holidays is a beloved activity for a lot of people. Nevertheless, if the camping holiday is too hot, any camping tent is going to be suffocating. After an entire-day-long outdoor experience of trekking and hiking, your weary body requires a sound night’s sleep. In this case, a hot and stuffy tent won’t allow you to sleep at night. It will also limit you from fully enjoying outdoor pursuits the following day. The vigorous exercises of a forest similarly influence body temperature. Your body demands to cool off during the night to recover energy for the subsequent morning. Staying fresh inside the tent is essential for the body and decent sleep.

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There are numerous means to have air circulation inside your tent, for example, your tent fan or even installing the tent under a shady place in order to cool down the interior surface of your tent. But, nothing ensures a great night’s sleep such as a compact air conditioner (AC) unit. In this case, this article will provide you with the best 5 camping AC in 2019 to help you when you go shopping for one. However, before you make the ultimate decision to buy, you need to consider some factors like portability, power, size and room or window type of air conditioners. After you have made these considerations, you will be ready for purchase. And now, check through this review of the best 5 camping ACs in 2019 review.

#1. EdgeStar-AP14003W-Portable-AC

The EdgeStar is a multi-purpose unit having a dehumidifier alternative. This unit is very convenient to carry. It can simply be utilized in the home as well when you aren’t out camping.
It’s created using self-evaporative technology and comes with remote control not forgetting a 24-hr timer. Its body is constructed including the LED display and with electronic controls. Apart from the cooling mode, this Ac also comes with fan-only and dehumidify modes as well. In addition, the temperature limits and levels of noises could be modified.

#2. Tripp-Lite-SRCOOL12K

This dehumidifying and air-filtering portable window air conditioner is an ideal fit to buying for your tent cooling needs. It possesses an automatic restart if there are any outages. The Ac has 120 Volts AC input and is very lightweight with a weight of 35 lbs. It can be run by a remote and has a conventional 15-amp outlet. Its design and featured closed cooling conserve energy in case you’re utilizing a generator.
It possesses a rating of 2000 BTU, making it outstanding for a 5 or 6 individual sleeping tent. Additionally, it can be “installed” through luggage door or tent windows by resting it on a sturdy box or a case. However, there has been much news of a short lifespan and that the replacement components aren’t available.

#3. Frigidaire-Window-Unit 5, 000 BTU

This portable window air conditioner is sufficiently small and lightweight weighing only 35lbs making it the perfect pick when you need actual AC comfort inside your tent. The Ac has been a steady best-seller because it’s both pocket-friendly and a great performer. It’s designed to conserve power because it requires low voltage for it to start. It possesses a rating of 5000 BTU and utilizes a 115 Volts electrical outlet. It can be conveniently fixed through baggage slot or the window of the tent. The air conditioner is extremely quiet and comes with 2-way air rotation and 2-cooling & fan speeds. This unit operates on electricity while doesn’t require the hassle of coolants or water. However, because it’s designed actually for a home, it’s somewhat heavy although it’s yet manageable.

#4. GO-COOL-Portable-AC

This compact cooling unit cools enclosed places by the use of ice water. The Ac requires to be loaded with ice water while working on batteries. This unit possesses space to carry bottles of ice containers and water. The unit has its individual fuel storage not to forget that it further dehumidifies the air.

The air conditioner utilizes a 12V of power and its batteries can be recharged. It comes with 2 coolness settings, that is, low and high. It could hold up to 40lbs ice and about 18L of water. It also features a 6-feet drainage pipe. However, though the unit is not heavy, the makes it heavy. The water may also be very messy, particularly in the tent.

#5. Lasko-7050-Misto-Outdoor-Misting-Fan

This is a great unit that comes with three refreshing speeds. This makes it a strong blower fan best for your outdoors. The robust blower offers a cold breeze anywhere you require it. The unit is created with a similar concept of huge industrial blowers. It offers high power air from a little frame. It features a pivoting head for directing the air flow and the circulation. This allows you to focus high-velocity air & mist wherever you want it.

It includes a broad pivot angle that allows you to concentrate the air down, up, and everywhere in between which makes this fan perfect for the porch, patio, picnic or everywhere else out of your home. On top of that, it’s able to reduce the air temperature to 25 degrees using its strong blower and three misters. This is the best portable private cooler. It includes a UV, weather and rust resistant which implies that the fan will serve you for long. Having no disclosed metal elements and specifically designed plastics it’s created to endure the weather.


A reliable tent AC requires to cool your tent area effectively and possess over one mode; that is, an ideal Ac should at least come with a fan, cooling and a dehumidifier. It further must be portable and lightweight for it to be carried conveniently to and from your campsite. All the Air Conditioners units listed above are among the ideal air conditioning systems for tents as they have the needed features for camping. In relation to the power amount you require and the cost you’re willing to meet, there’s an AC unit accessible to fit your camping requirements that will suit your budget. A great air conditioning system for camping can cause a significant difference as far as your camping trip enjoy ability is concerned.