Top 10 best bluetooth projector 2019 review

Bluetooth projectors are superb for enjoying big projections from your devices regardless of the operating system. From tablets and smartphones to computers and laptops. Bluetooth compatibility is powerful. Some support wireless pairing with speakers to enhance sound production in terms of quality. Convenience is guaranteed by the wireless mouse or keyboard that some projectors come with. Here are the top 10 best Bluetooth projectors in 2019:

#1. WIKISH Pocket Bluetooth WiFi Wireless Mini Projector

Pocket Bluetooth Wifi Wireless Mini Projector 1500lumen, HDMI Built-in Speaker Support 1080p HD Airplay Screen Mirror, Multimedia Digital Portable Video

This projector is excellent and needs no external speakers. Fitting is done with additional vibrating plates that make the bass performance upbeat. Convenience starts from its weight. It is very light and makes it portable to any location. You can enjoy a bigger projection from your Windows, Android r iOS. Enjoy stress-free operation with the wireless keyboard and Bluetooth mouse that this projector supports. The projected images are dense clear and with excellent details.


  • Light in weight
  • Quick installation


  • i-Fi signal experiences fail
  • Optical glass lens needs frequent cleaning

#2. Tradinno Mini-Smart Portable Projector

Compact devices are a great deal because you can carry them anywhere and the Tradinno Bluetooth projector isn’t an exception. With a wide application, it can be used to run files that have to be presented in business, play games, and enjoy watching movies online. The visual experience is incomparable because of DLP technology. This one uses Android 7.1 operating system that has very powerful features to ensure all visual details are on point.


  • Extended memory
  • Wide application


  • Low brightness
  • Limited project ratio

#3. PTVDISPLAY Pico Pocket Mini Projector

The brightness of this PTVDISPLAY projector is higher than other LED projectors and made even better with the multi-color processing. The inbuilt lamps are durable and have a lifespan of 30,000 hours. You can enjoy your movies while in full HD. The operation is entirely wireless and this offers convenience and incredible viewing experience. The projector supports both Android and iPhone devices. Its aesthetics indicate modernity and adds to class and style.


  • Battery with the large capacity
  • Portable


  • Batteries may fail after frequent overcharging
  • There are hitches running movies on USB

#4. EUG 2019 Home Wireless Bluetooth Projector

If you want to enjoy clear images free from flickers and glares, this 2019 projector is the best device to give you a perfect experience. While supporting three different projection projections- rear, front and ceiling projections your movie sessions will be something to long for. The projector quickly connects wirelessly with a range of devices like tablets, iPhones, iPads, iPods, laptops, Nexus and Samsung smartphones and operation is smart and of convenience.


  • Bigger storage
  • Inbuilt speakers
  • Cons
  • Not recommended for school, office and business use
  • Problems connecting to Bluetooth

#5. EUG 3900 Lumen LED LCD Bluetooth Projector

Stability is guaranteed when running and is compatible with a variety of apps. You can comfortably download apps and install them. The features gear towards giving you a perfect entertainment experience and you can stream wirelessly from your projector to speakers with Bluetooth or an enabled headset. There is an option to use an external speaker for the best sound production. Count on it to deliver bright pictures that are very clear and detailed.


  • Durable LED lighting
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


  • Speaker has been noted to have sound defects
  • Picture quality needs improvement

#6. EUG 2019 LED LCD WXGA Bluetooth Projector

Lovers of big screens should consider getting this projector for their entertainment times. The HD quality of images is great. With the wireless technology, you can get bigger projections from devices with Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. The ability to pair with Bluetooth speakers enables you to have the best sound while playing games, watching music videos or movies. Forget about unnecessary cables that are unsightly, adapters and dongles that take up to much space.


  • No lag or buffering
  • Powerful connectivity


  • Not recommended for office, business or school use
  • The mirror cast app has problems connecting

#7. ExquizOn DLP Smart Projector

Downloading entertainment apps like Netflix, YouTube and other music videos, games and pictures become easy with the help of this smart Bluetooth projector. With the bigger storage space, you can store as many files as possible. The ability to connect to multiple screens wirelessly using WIFI is incredible. However, the projector and the phone you are using need to be connected to the same WIFI. Advancement in technology gives it a good resolution power for the perfect viewing experience.


  • Large battery capacity
  • Bigger storage space


  • For the projector to work, your phone and the projector have to be connected to the same WIFI
  • Smaller room capacity

#8. CAIWEI WiFi Wireless Video Projector with Bluetooth

Bluetooth functions in projectors offer convenience and that is it for this CAIWEI projector. It is small in size and the fact that it is portable gives you the freedom to move it to any room. The image quality is great. There are no blurs that are irritating. You can connect the projector wirelessly to your devices through DLNA, Mira cast and Airplay. Both devices have to be connected to the same WIFI for functionality. It is compatible with all devices with HDMI ports.


  • Energy saving
  • Environmental friendly


  • Both devices have to be connected to the same WIFI to function
  • Irregular size makes your screen trapezoid instead of being rectangular

#9. ERISAN Projector Video Home TV Theater

ERISAN Bluetooth projector is brighter and clearer because it is fitted with the LED technology that illuminates your space while giving you the best entertainment of a lifetime. Its compact size adds to its portability and you can use it anywhere in the house. You can run your apps wirelessly by pairing it to your devices using Bluetooth. Convenience is guaranteed because it has a remote to operate from a distance.


  • Reduced noise from speakers
  • Portable


  • Projector goes off on its own
  • Only recommended for home use

#10. Aero Snail Android 6.0 LED Portable Projector 3.6

Feel free to download as many apps from the Google store to keep your entertainment sessions merrier and fun. There is no need to use cables to get connectivity. You can pair with your Bluetooth speakers or touchpads. The design is unique and its portability allows you to carry it t anywhere. The projector supports a wall or ceiling mount, front, and rear projection to allow you to enjoy watching your videos and movies.


  • Has a fan system for cooling
  • Portable design


  • Doesn’t work perfectly during daytime
  • Should be used for home use only


Your entertainment sessions have to be great by investing in the best Bluetooth projector. In this guide are 10 of the best in 2019 that you can select from to enjoy bigger projections and convert your home into a theater.

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