Top 5 Best Bike Panniers Waterproof In 2019 Review

A backpack isn’t a convenient and a practical alternative for bike commuting and touring. You usually find yourself having painful shoulders and sweating back following long hours of traveling. This is why you should think about buying the most ideal bicycle panniers for your cycling needs.

The ideal bike panniers are going to serve both the fun and comfort of your bicycles rides. Rear bicycle panniers hold your accessories for you, spread the weight equally across the bicycle rack and don’t conflict with the comfort of your riding experience.

Below, find 5 top best bike panniers in the 2019 review.

#1. Kolo Sports Bicycle Pannier Bag

UPGRADE OCT '18 Bike Pannier Bag  Durable & Waterproof Nylon With Extra Padded Foam Bottom & 3 Side Reflectors  Shoulder Strap Rack Rear Trunk Tote Bag  Strong Velcro, Zipper Pockets & Bottle Case

The pannier bag helps both as a shoulder bag or a tote bag. It’s a handy bicycle pannier bag which adjusts to any bicycle rack. Its multi-functional construction permits you to utilize it for hiking, picnicking, grocery shopping and much more. The bag is long-lasting. This Kolo-Sports pannier includes top-quality 600D Nylon material structure which keeps your equipment safely. The bag has a waterproof make and double cushioning stuffed foam on the base offers firm comfort and security to your things.

Other highlights of the bag incorporate a spacious chamber and openings for various sized belongings for comfortably keeping your staff. Still, after you’ve put everything in it, this bag still maintains its powerful shape. Additionally, there are reflectors on 3 sides. But, one disadvantage with this pannier bag is that the Zippers happen to be of lesser quality.

#2. Femor Waterproof Bicycle Bag

femor Bike Pannier Bags Waterproof Bicycle Grocery Panniers, 40L Double Bike Saddle Bag with Adjustable Straps, Best Mountain Road Bike Trunk Bag, Black

Created from top-quality and Reflective Material (3M Scotchlite), that is long-lasting and coated with a waterproof finish. This bag kind of matches 2 briefcases created by transparent plastic having blacktop covers.

Both chambers come with an in-built hardback for simple assembly. The accommodation capacity is big enough and this design would perform well for traveling cyclists who expect they’ll be riding into some rain. This bag’s square chambers would enable the packing simpler compared to an unattached backpack formed saddlebag. But, a few of the drawbacks of this bag are that it can become caught in spokes, it’s weak and can hit when pedaling.

#3. 2-Wheel Gear

Two Wheel Gear - Pannier Backpack Convertible - 2 in 1 Commuting and Travel Bike Bag

This pannier looks like a backpack very likely as it can function as one of such as well. It is made to go from the bicycle rack to the back with convenience. It’s created by 600D TPE covered polyester, that’s a waterproof element.

There’re protected zippers, a stuffed laptop pocket, and another pouch to keep your sunglasses or smartphone. This model arrives with reflective features for night riders, 2 water bottle pouches, key leash, a U-lock pouch, and several internal pockets.

Urban riders can fare nicely using this saddleback as it possesses so numerous pockets. Having said that, the long-distance traveling cyclist ought to also think about these panniers in order for them not to have to go via a big compartment each time they require something.

#4. Ibera Panniers

Ibera Bike Pannier Bag - PakRak Clip-On Quick-Release Waterproof Bicycle Panniers (Pair)

The panniers are a lighter color compared to what you can be used to getting for this kind of merchandise. Waterproof just like other bags in this review these bags arrive with a fast release functionality and clip-on mode which makes detaching and attaching a breeze. It ought to fit most of the racks and offers your bicycle a fashionable look.

There’re added huge reinforced sections, one waterproof outer zippered pouch, and 1 inner zippered pouch. The 3-point contact this pair of bag arrives with happens to be one more safety measure to bypass any side swing or flapping with these bag panniers. It’s created by waterproof 500DTarpaulin and 600D Polyester having ultrasonically joined seams.

#5. TOURBON Canvas

TOURBON Canvas Cycling Bicycle Bike Pannier Rear Seat Bag Rack Trunk (Waterproof, Roll-Up)

TOURBON Canvas is created by high-quality and waxed water-resistant canvas this bag is distinct from the rest because of its artistic appeal. Though a great number of saddlebags appear to be dark, this model has a great khaki color having brown handles. The bag would function well when you’re traveling to the farmer’s store or in case you were searching for a safari glance on your bicycle.

There are 2 spacious compartments in this pannier bag and also shoulder strap in order for you to carry it about while you take it from your bicycle. As far as keeping this storage bag is concerned, this bay rolls up properly. Therefore, you can ride your bike minus this pannier taking up much of the space in your garage.


Depending on the kind of biking you’ll be undertaking, you’ll have various necessities from a bicycle pannier. Having myriads of alternative accessible on the market presently, it can become daunting to choose one.

Whether for touring, commuting or grocery shopping, ensure you pick a model which incorporates important features, has quality architecture and is sufficiently spacious. Luckily, the above list of the top 5 best panniers in 2019 review, will assist you to pick the most ideal for you.