Top 3 Battery Powered Leaf Blowers 

If leaves have taken over your yard and raking isn’t for you, why not just blow them away. With leaf blowers, you can whoosh away leaves, dirt, and debris in significantly less time as compared to sweeping.

What is a battery powered Leaf blower and why do you need one?

A leaf blower is an excellent gardening tool to get rid of debris, fallen leaves, dirt, etc. from your yard, deck or driveway without wasting a lot of time. A battery powered Leaf blower keeps the hassle of wires away. Unlike gasoline blowers, they don’t make too much noise, and that’s how they keep your neighbors happy too. You need a battery powered leaf blower because they save you a lot of time while assisting you in keeping your garden and other areas clean. Battery powered leaf blowers are quieter, convenient and easy to use.

How to pick the best battery powered Leaf blower?

– Nozzles – Pay special attention to the nozzles. Flatter nozzles are better for sweeping leaves. Rounded nozzles, however, loosen up dirt and debris a little better. – Adjustable Speeds – Blowers with adjustable speeds allow you to reduce power in delicate areas. – Air Intake – Look for the bottom mounted air intake as side-intake models can pull in your clothes. – Battery Life – Make sure that the blower’s battery lasts long enough to complete the cleaning job before dying out.

Top3 Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

1. GreenWorks Pro GBL80300 80V 125MPH

GreenWorks Pro GBL80300 gives 70 minutes of run time with a fully charged 2AH battery. It offers plenty of power to clear up dry and wet leaves. You only need to push the start button to turn the blower on. It operates quietly at 60 decibels without disturbing your neighbor. The DigiPro brushless motor inside the blower is extremely reliable and offers great power. It does not need any maintenance, winterization, etc. With 500CFM and 125MPH, it can handle most cleaning jobs easily. It weighs under 9 lbs, and its ergonomic design makes it easy to use. There are no vibrations, so it is easy to handle for a long time.

2. EGO Power+ LB4803 56-Volt

You can control the speed of the blower. You have three different speed options to choose from. You can use the 250CFM mode for high efficiency. At Turbo Boost, you can use the blower at 480CFM. The high power mode of 385CFM gives you good enough power and consumes far less power as compared to the Turbo Boost Mode. You can expect a maximum run time of 75 minutes. Recharging the battery takes around 30 minutes. It weighs little over 10 lbs and not too heavy to handle. Its weather-resistant design allows you to use it even while it is raining.

3. DEWALT DCBL790H1 40V MAX6.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR

With 400CFM and 120MPH, it is more than capable of handling large amounts of debris and leaves. You can control the speed by pulling its trigger, and once you find the right setting, you can lock it. To start the blower, you just need to pull the trigger, and you are ready to go. This battery powered leaf blower weighs a little under 16 lbs. It can clean your yard very quietly at 67 decibels. Curved tube design reduces arm fatigue and controls rotation. To Sum Up, Battery powered leaf blowers are perfect for blowing away the leaves and clearing debris.


They are environment-friendly as they don’t produce air and noise pollution. You can run them quietly without disturbing your neighbors. Though quiet, they are still powerful enough to complete every job without an issue.