Top 5 Best Baby Walking Toys In 2019 Review and Buying Guideline

Today, baby walkers have proven to be very good for toddlers that are still mastering the art of walking. If you require a peaceful moment with your baby, you should get them a good walker. When you pick the ideal Walker, you can concentrate on your other tasks while your baby plays while learning to move about. Buying the ideal products especially for a toddler is complicated! With very many options in the market, the word of mouth appears to be among the most common ways parents arrive at decisions concerning what new products and brands they ought to bring home. After you buy the best one, your baby is going to be on his way to making new milestones and faster. Below, check out for the top 5 best baby walking toys to buy in 2019.

#1. VTech-Sit-to-Stand-Learning-Walker

This is a very interactive learning toddler walker that has a detachable play panel and a hustle-free packaging which means that it comes within a plain brown case. The early learning center comes with five piano keys which play music while encouraging creativity. Its wheels function on both hard and carpeted floors. The baby walker includes two colorful rotating rollers, three shape sorters, and three light-up buttons which encourage motor skills. It’s made of plastic material. The included pretending phone handset and the mechanical elements improve role-play fun. It also comes with 2 AA batteries. Featured also are the over seventy sing-along songs, sound effects, music, and fun phrases. The walker is meant for toddlers and babies nine-months to three-years-old.

#2. Bright-Starts-Giggling-Gourmet

This is another baby walker that is worth considering. It comes with 4 play modes that help to develop with the baby. It actually features a sit and play detachable cooktop, stand and play activity board, pushes and walk behind plus a remove cooktop to shopping cart. Its popcorn actually pops when the baby walks or even pushes the button. It comes with light-up keys that cause sizzling cookery sounds and a sunny-side-up egg roller not forgetting shape sorter for put & take fun. The manufacturer suggests that this walker is good for age 6 to 36 months old babies.

#3. Melissa-And-Doug-Rattle-Rumble

This walker for baby gives a rattle & rumbling sound with each step which the kid takes. It comes with canisters which possess colorful toys which tumble about while the walker is moving backward and forward. Additionally, the walker for baby is sanded revealing a soft finish. So, you don’t need to mind about splinters piercing your baby’s small hands. Therefore, go for this walker today to promote the child’s walking development and motor abilities. It’s one of the outstanding baby walking toys out there in the market due to its colorful pieces in a transparent canister which generates rumbling sounds while it’s being pushed along. Also, it has a powerful and stable construction that promotes motor growth when pulled back and pushed forward.

#4. Fisher-Price-Bright-Beginnings-Activity-Walker

This baby Walker is a handy toy which lets your baby explore the fun activities while learning how to properly walk. The Walking Toy for baby features flipping doors, a rotating ball and sliding rotation beads. These features are meant to keep your little one keep busy while you’re busy with other activities. To help your baby master the art of walking, simply stand it up and it’s going to transform into a baby walker which will help the baby to strengthen his initial steps. After the baby has done utilizing the walker, it can easily be folded up well for portability and storage. It comes with fun activities like turning gears, spinning beads, flipping doors and panels

#5. Melissa-And-Doug-Chomp

This Chomp and Clack Push Toy is good in making understanding how to walk be a pleasant event. It includes a strong handcrafted wooden structure. Moreover, it features Gators and multi-colored fish which seem to swim while the walker is moving. This lets the baby grow motor abilities eye and hand coordination. This Baby Walker possesses a wooden holder which stretches from the rear of the bottom with decorative details. The support comes with butterfly beads and ladybug which will allow the baby to slide and also spin. Each time your baby makes a step these Gators smash their mouths. The walker is wonderful at keeping your baby busy as they learn how to do the walking.


Generally, learning how the art of working is a progressive step that begins with the initial wobbly steps. A toddler walking toy is usually very effective in giving you a calm time when they are trying to walk. Having numerous exciting characteristics, it won’t just grow their motor abilities but also enhance imagination and creativity by interesting games and songs. The above are the best baby walkers you’ll find in the market this year. Hopefully, this brief review has eliminated any guesswork which may come with picking the ideal one.