Top 5 best Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats & Dogs of 2019 review Feeding

Top 5 best Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats & Dogs of 2019 review
Feeding your dog or cat can be a challenge at times. How do you feed them when you are away from home? You also don’t want to overfeed or underfeed them because you are in too much of a hurry. Another concern is creating a mess by spilling the food.

The good news is that you can save yourself the trouble. All you need is to rely on an automatic feeder. It will deliver just the right amount and at the right time. In this, top 5 best Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats & Dogs of 2019 reviews, we will walk you through the best options.

#1. WOpet Automatic 7-Liter Pet Feeder for Dogs and Cats

This feeder will automatically dispense food for your dog or cat. You can schedule up to 4 feeding sessions to suit the pet. It has a capacity of 7 liters, which is adequate for most needs and has a simple design for quick easy operation.

To help select the correct portion, it features a portion control while the LCD screen shows you the available and selected option. It is made hygienic materials to keep the food as well as pet safe.

Cleaning the unit is easy thanks to the smooth finish while the large size gives the dog or cat easy access to the food. You also get a voice recorder and distribution alarms for added convenience.

#2. WESTLINK Automatic Pet Food Dispenser for Dog and Cat with Programmable Timer and Voice Recorder, 6 Liter

WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cat Dog with Voice Recorder and Timer Programmable

With a capacity of 6 liters, this automatic food dispenser will ensure your kitten; cat, puppy, or dog never gets hungry while you are busy or away. It also allows you to select the correct portions to prevent overfeeding or underfeeding the animal.

The WESTLINK piece offers up to 4 feeding schedules of between 10-12grams each. It is well made for quick and safe operation and has a decent weight for easy movement. Food dispenser runs via USB Power of 3D batteries and ranks as one of the most energy efficient.

For added convenience, the unit lets you record your choice to alert the pet. It also has infrared detection that automatically detects an empty tray and will replenish it in the correct portions. This helps to reduce spills or wastage.

#3. SureFeed Microchip MPF001 Automatic Pet Feeder for Dry and Wet

Automatic Pet Feeder - SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

This automatic food dispenser targets pet owners who want convenience and to follow a healthy feeding habit. The accessory is okay for dogs, cats, and other animals and is suitable for both dry and wet food.

It has a decent capacity to ensure your pet is well fed throughout the day. Choosing the schedule and timing is simple thanks to the basic design and good technology. The highly sensitive sensors ensure the bowl/tray does not overfill or underfill.

To keep the food fresh, stop flies and prevent a mess, this dispenser features sealed bowls. The energy efficient unit runs via 4 C cell batteries, which can last for as many as 6 months.

#4. 3 Liter Automatic Cat Feeder Pet Food Dispenser for Cat and Dog by Iseebiz, Portion Control, Voice Recorder, and Timer Programmable

Automatic Cat Feeder Pet Food Dispenser Feeder Medium Large Cat Dog

Coming in white color, this food dispenser will make feeding your pets easy. It has a capacity of 3 liters and can be programmed to offer as many as 39 portions. In total, you get up to 4 feeding schedules which can be spaced as per your desires or pets requirements.

The infrared induction sensor ensures the feeder fills correctly to minimize overfeeding, underfeeding, or spillage. It also ensures the timing is perfect for a healthy feeding habit. To run the unit, you can choose either a power adapter or batteries.

It comes in a simple and hygienic design to ensure the food isn’t contaminated. The voice Recorder supports 10-second recording while the safe materials and smooth finish make maintenance of the dispenser easy.

#5. Arf Pets Automatic Food Dispenser for Pets (Cats, Dogs, & Small Animals) with Portion Control, Distribution Alarms, & Voice Recording

Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser Dogs, Cats & Small Animals – Features Distribution Alarms

This food dispenser is ideal for dogs, cats, and other animals. It can be customized to suit different needs and can deliver as many as 4 meals per day. Each portion will be 24ml and this volume according to consumers and research is perfect for most animals.

Like other automatic feeders, its timing is easy to program for easy dispensation. It has Voice Recording to alert the pet of the feeding time. Like other types, it as comes with portion control and distribution alarm.

The Arf Pets Automatic food dispenser has an easy-to-read display for easy operation, Blue Light up the clock for quick and convenient programming, and a magnetic lock lid for better hygiene and to prevent spillage.

Our Last word about this review

Feeding your “furry” friend does not mean you using lots of effort pouring the feed in their dish. You do not have to worry about starving or overfeeding them. Also, they shouldn’t go hungry because the dish became empty while you are/were away. What you need is an automatic pet feeder. And in this review, we have shown you the best types for your cat or dog.