Top 5 Best Automatic Litter Box Detail Guideline and Reviews

Sometimes, scooping a litter box is usually a very irritating and tiresome task. After you had had a busy day away from the home, the smell can be unbearable. This is even when you try to mask the litter box smell in the quest to keep your house smelling fresh. At this instance, an automatic and self-cleaning litter box can be very advantageous to you. The automatic litter boxes are going to solve your troubles because they will need less scooping and cleaning. However, picking the bad litter box can bring you more problems than solutions. That’s why this article has been tailored to help you make the right decision before buying. Below, find a list of the top 5 best automatic litter boxes which aren’t only economically and environmentally friendly but are also going to make the cleaning of your cat trash to be so easy.

#1. Pet Zone Litter Box

This is a reliable and rugged with strong metal equipment in the drive train plus more sturdy motor system to facilitate smooth operation. This litter box is more than four times quieter compared to other leading designs having no household disturbance for a consumer or a cat. It features one month’s supply of six no touch plastic cases, which is replaceable at a part of the price of plastic waste containers or crystal cartridges. On top of that, the liter comes is easy to disassemble for cleaning with the modular components.

#2. CatGenie Self-Cleaning

This automatic litter box washes waste away while flushing itself clean. It utilizes litter-like granules that are washable to meet cats requirements to dig and then cover. This automatic litter box is great for 1 to 3 cats of medium size and six months or more. This litter box will require attachment to an electrical outlet and cold water. It features a recyclable Sani-Solution cartridge and one box of granules that are washable. Cat Genie is precisely 19.25-inch of width in front, 16-inch wide base back, 17.5-inch top back, 21-inch high, 24.5-inch deep providing for hoses. It also includes a water supplying hose that’s 8-feet long and drains hose that’s 10-feet long.

#3. PetSafe Self-Cleaning

PetSafe Self-Cleaning is an automatic litter box which reduces smell without any scooping or any mess. With nothing to worry about when you buy this item, as it’s very easy when it comes to setting it up, utilizing it, or even cleaning it. Additionally, it has quite a low electric consumption. It also utilizes limited clumping litter compared to the conventional litter boxes. With this litter box, a waste bin may be placed with recycled bags to facilitate a simple cleanup. It comes with a one-year warranty and a 6-foot cordage plugs into a standard wall socket. This Automatic Litter Box requires to be washed at least once in two weeks in case of a one-cat household and it’s created for cats with a weight of just 15 pounds at maximum.

#4. Omega Paw Litter Box

Just like the others in this list, this is also a self-cleaning and automatic litter box that is so easy to use. It requires no electricity, filters or even liners. The litter box comes with includes a patented grill that separates the waste from the clean litter. Another good news is that this is very easy to assembly device. It too comes with a user manual to help you with the needed instructions and the troubleshooting steps.

It’s a huge litter box that cleans itself by rolling towards the right then back again. Here, the waste accumulates within the pullout plate for fast and easy disposal. Moreover, it effectively controls the dust while at the same time containing the smell. It’s best for adult cats or many-cat households and will ship in approved hassle-free packaging.

#5. Catit Jumbo Litter Box

Catit Jumbo Litter Box offers your cat the privacy while preserving their litter within the pan. It has a huge hood that lifts up to provide easy access to the cleaning. It includes a carbon filter that functions to remove the smell. This automatic litter box is ideal for many-cat households as it’s large enough with dimensions 22.4-inch long by 18.3-inch high by 20-inch wide. It’s door opening dimensions are 10.4-inch by 9.6-inch. The dimension when set up is 22-inch L by 20-inch W by 18-inch H. You’ll need to hand wash it using mild soap and water.


Actually, owning an automatic litter box is very important. This is especially because cleaning these boxes every moment your cat utilizes them is quite a daunting task. Furthermore, it’s even troublesome to get what is ideal for the cat and the one that’s going to be most proper for them. In addition, your cat’s size, the convenience in the cleaning, hygiene, smell free and the comfort for the cat ought to be the main considerations when buying an automatic litter box. Generally, don’t need to scoop the cat poop daily any more. With the help of the above-mentioned products, you’ll be in a position to find the best litter box for your cat.