Top 5 Best Baby Boy Waterproof Mittens In 2019 Review

One of the most important thing that every caring parent should add to the baby`s checklist is the baby mittens. It is also the thing that is mostly forgotten by most parents but this doesn’t lower its importance. The baby mittens are meant to protect the baby`s fingers from cold and also keep the baby from scratching up the storm. Selecting the best baby mittens has never been an easy task. This is because the purchasing of aby mittens have to consider so many things. But with this article, one can easily get the best baby mittens. This is because the article gives a list of the most amazing baby mittens in the market today. These amazing mittens are as follows.

#1. N’Ice Caps-Kids-&-Baby-Easy-On-Waterproof-Thinsulate-Winter-Snow-Mitten

N'Ice Caps Kids and Baby Easy On Wrap Waterproof Thinsulate Winter Snow Mitten

These baby mittens are among the best mittens that have been rated highly. This is due to their ability to keep the baby`s hands warm and extra protected. The mittens are made of 3M Thinsulate insulation and a waterproof lining that make them the best for your baby. This means that the baby can play in cold and wet conditions without being affected. Also, these baby mittens are specifically designed with large hook and loop wrap which helps in ensuring that they fit the baby`s hands securely. Also, a secure fit is enhanced with the help of the elastic under the wrists. The large hook and loop wrap and elastic under the mittens wrists make wearing the mittens much easier. The mittens for very young babies normally lack thumbs and those for older kids have thumbs.

#2. Thinsulate-Waterproof-Reflector-Winter-Snow-Ski-Mittens

N'Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Waterproof Reflector Winter Snow Ski Mittens

Thinsulate-waterproof-Reflector-winter-snow-Ski-Mittens are the mittens with high demand in 2019. This is because of the added safety that they come with. The added safety is due to the existence of the reflector trim. The reflector trim in these mittens lights up when the light shines on them when the kids are out in dark places or at night. This helps in keeping the kids safe at night or in the dark. Also, these mittens have Thinsulate insulation and a membrane that is waterproof to keep the kids warm and dry during the wet seasons and in wet conditions. These kids’ mittens are the best for keeping the kids warm during winter for sure. The mittens come in a wide range of colours and one can easily get the preferred colour. Also, reflectors have different print styles which include heart shape prints and many others.

#3. SnowStoppers-Kids-Waterproof-Stay-On-Winter-Nylon-Mittens

SnowStoppers Kids Waterproof Stay On Winter Nylon Mitten

A good parent is always armed with the winter accessories for kids to keep them safe from cold and wet conditions. These mittens are best and worth including in the list of these accessories. This is because they have the snow stoppers sleeve stops that prevent the snow from getting into the wrists of the kids and babies through the coat. They are specifically designed to be worn under the outer clothing and from there, they extend up the arm to the elbow. These kids’ mittens don’t fall off. They also have Thinsulate insulation and the waterproof drier liner that insulate the kids from cold temperatures and wet conditions. These mittens are available for very young babies and for older kids too. They come in a wide range of colours including very bright colours.

#4. MCTi-Kids-Mittens

MCTi Kids Mittens Waterproof Winter Ski Snow Warm Sherpa Lined Boys Girls Long Cuff Reflector Stray On Gloves with String

One of the common problems that parents face is always purchasing mittens because of the mittens falling off and getting lost from kid’s hands. This problem can be solved by purchasing these mittens. The mittens have the anti-lost strings that keep the mittens together as a pair always and minimizing the chances of them getting lost. The mittens are also more durable since they have the water repellant nylon that is very durable. This water repellant nylon also repels water hence ensuring that water doesn’t penetrate into the wrists of the kids. They are made of thick Sherpa fleece lining that helps insulate the kid’s hands. Also, these mittens have reflectors which make them safe to use when it is foggy, dark and on rainy days. These mittens are easy to wear and take off to making things much easier for the kids. These kittens are also recommended for baby girls too.

#5. Chakka-Snowblokka-Waterproof-Snow-Mittens

Chakka Snowblokka TM Kid's Snow Mittens Waterproof Nylon Great for Ski & Snowboard and Made with 3m Thinsulate and Extra Long Sleeve Foldable Cover Up

If one is looking for the mittens to offer extra protection for kids from cold and wet conditions, he or she should definitely go for these mittens. This is because they have extra-long sleeves which help to protect the kid up to the sleeve. They also have a 3M Thinsulate lining for insulation. The mittens do not fall off due to the existence of the extra-long sleeves that help keep them in place. These mittens are available for older kids.


The mittens that have been discussed above are the best and most popular mittens available in the market today. This is because of the amazing features and qualities that they come with. The features and qualities that the discussed baby mittens have provided the kids with maximum protection from cold temperatures and wet conditions. Also, these mittens have other traits that have not been discussed in this article. These traits are normally discovered after purchasing them. These mittens are recommended for boys though girls can use them too. Hence every caring parent should consider purchasing them for his or her kids before winter.