Top 5 Best ATV Waterproof Phone Holder

One of the most popular recreation activities that most people love is riding the ATV. This is one of the activities that people will love to record using their phones so that they keep remembering the experience or share it with friends and families later. But it is very hard to drive an ATV while recording it at the same time. Hence a person requires the ATV waterproof phone holder. An ATV phone holder that is waterproof helps in protecting one`s phone from getting damaged while one is enjoying the activity.

Purchasing the ATV waterproof phone holder is one challenge that most people face. This is because of the many ATV waterproof phone holders that exist in the market. This makes it hard for a person to decide which the best when trying to purchase one is. Hence one will always need help to get the best ATC waterproof phone holder. This article can be of great help since it has a list of the best ATV waterproof phone holders in the market. These best ATV waterproof phone holders in the market are discussed below.

#1. 5-Inch Screen-Motorcycle-Waterproof-Phone /GPS Bag/ATV/Samsung Galaxy S3/ S4 Great for motorcycles, Bicycles

5 Screen Motorcycle Waterproof PhoneGPS BagSumsung Galaxy S3s4. Great for Motorcyles, ATV, Bicycles

This is an ATV waterproof phone holder that has the ability to keep one`s phone dry when he or she goes for wheeling. This is because it has a waterproof case that keeps water from reaching the phone. Also, this case has the ability to keep the phone protected from dust. The phone holder has a touchscreen front panel that allows one to touch the phone and use all the features of the phone while it is still in the case. This is one of the ATV waterproof phone holders that allow easy removal of the case when the case is not needed. The easy removal of the case is due to the quick detach dual T adapter that is located on the back of the ATV waterproof phone holder. It can also mount easily to one`s ATV, motorcycle or a bicycle without the use of any tools. This ATV waterproof phone holder is recommended for anyone who wants to purchase an ATV waterproof phone holder.

#2. Motorcycle-GPS-Mount-Bike-Handler-Waterproof-Touch-Case

Motorcycle GPS Mount Bike Handlebar Waterproof Touch Case w 360 Degree Viewing (Fits 4.5-6.75 Inch Units) for Garmin nüvi 42LM  40LM  Zumo 660LM, Magellan eXplorist, TomTom RIDER & Phones

This ATV Waterproof phone holder has the ability to mount to any bicycle, motorcycle, ATV and any vehicle which has the handlebars. It is made in a unique design that allows one to dismount the waterproof case faster when he or she needs the phone for other uses or for storage. It as 360 degrees rotating head that allows one to view it at any angle he or she is comfortable with. The amazing part of this ATV phone holder is that it has a custom fit design. This means that one can fit any device that is of up to 6.75 inches. This is possible with the help of adjustable foam inserts. This is a quality that most ATV waterproof holders lack hence one should try going for it.

#3. Ibera-Bicycle-Top-Phone-Bag

Ibera Bicycle Top Tube Phone Bag, Water-resistant Touch Screen Bike Handlebar front phone bag for iPhone XSXS Max 88 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 Note, Cellphone Below 6.0 Inch

The ATV phone holders have a case that is made of nylon water-resistant material that helps keep water and dust from the phone during bad weather. Also, this waterproof ATV phone holder has a design that is innovative that allows quick access to the earphone plug. This means that one can listen to music while he or she is wheeling and this makes the ATV waterproof phone holder a perfect one. The phone holder has adjustable straps that make attaching and releasing it easier and faster. The ATV phone holder is also very durable. This is because it is made of the most durable materials that can help it last longer. This ATV waterproof phone holder has a large storage capacity. This means that it can hold smartphones that are even 5- 6 Inch. One can also store things like a wallet in it.

#4. RockBros-Bike Phone-Bag Waterproof-Handler-Bicycle Phone-Case

RockBros Bike Phone Bag Waterproof Handlebar Bicycle Phone Case Sensitive Phone Mount Bag Holder Compatible with iPhone X 8 7 Plus 6s Below 6.0

This ATV waterproof phone holder is made of water-resistant carbon material that makes it the best. Also, It has waterproof bike bags that close the phone including the earphone plug to ensure that there is no water or dust that reaches a person`s phone. The straps of the holder are easy to mount on and off the handler. The case of this phone holder has the ability to carry other things such as the keys, warrant and other small things that can get lost easily while wheeling. These waterproof handlers have reflective strips and this makes them unique. These reflective strips make it easier to see at night while cycling. Hence they are the best.

#5. RockBros-Bike-Front-Frame-Bag-Cycling-Waterproof

RockBros Bike Front Frame Bag Cycling Waterproof Top Tube Frame Pannier Mobile Phone Touch Screen Holder Bike Bag Fits Phones Below 6.0 Inches

This is among the best ATV phone holders that have been rated highly. This is because it is of reasonable size and can allow one to carry out a lot of things with the phone. It also has reflective straps that increase visibility at night. On top of that, these ATV phone holders have a high sensitive TPU film window that helps a person use his or her cellphone easily. It has a big space that can allow one to use it to store other extra things in it. This is one of the ATV phone handers that one should try since it is amazing.


These are the best ATV waterproof phone holders that are known to be the best in the market today. They have also been rated the best because of their amazing traits. They have the ability to protect ones phone not only from water but dust too while one is wheeling. Hence they are worth trying.